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Aug 6, 2022
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Introducing Jessica, a new character for the ND3D Teen series.

She is compatible with both Genesis 8 and 8.1 Females and comes complete with full IRAY UBER skin textures (built on G8 but do work with G8.1)
Included are 5 Eye color presets and 4 lip presets. Also included are the options to use textured brows and some subtle freckles.

She has the added bonus of a Fairy ears shaping preset.

Copy the folders (drag and drop)
into your "My Library" folder

load up a Genesis 8/8.1 base figure and search the parameters tab for the morphs
ND Jessica Teen Body
ND Jessica Teen Head
ND Jessica Teen (master slider that applies the above at 100%)

Alternatively go to your characters tab and locate Jessica
from here you can select the character !Jessica Full Shape Apply

Hair used in Promo shots is Arwen Hair for G8 female (with custom morph to get it to lay over the left shoulder)

The materials folder contains a full character material preset for IRAY ONLY!
**NOTE** you can adjust the eye shadow color,Lip tint and eye color in the surfaces tab.

Included presets are

ND Jessica Full Skin Apply
ND Jessica Brown Eyes
ND Jessica Green Eyes
ND Jessica gray Eyes
ND Jessica Light Blue Eyes
ND Jessica Defauly Eyes (light brown)
ND Jessica Eyeliner Apply
ND Jessica Face Texture Brows Default
ND Jessica Face Texture Brows Freckles
ND Jessica Face Freckles
ND Jessica Lips Dark Pink
ND Jessica lips Default
ND Jessica Lips High Gloss
ND Jessica Lips Natural Darker

Character folder contains the following Shaping Presets.

Jessica Body Apply
Jessica Body Remove
Jessica Head Apply
Jessica Head Remove
!Jessica Full Shape Apply
!Jessica Full Shape Remove
Jessica Fairy Ears Apply
Jessica Fairy Ears Remove
Jessica Teeth Apply
Jessica Teeth Remove

NOTE the full Body Apply preset will apply scaling to the Head and Body Morphs, if you wish to mix and match with other morphs please use the Jessica Full Shape remove preset first and then manual apply whichever morphs you chose.


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