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Sep 14, 2022
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0.2.93 Public (Ongoing)
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Feb 10, 2024
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Dec 9, 2022
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Thrust yourself into the world of Monster Girl Hunt, a world where modesty is a rarely used word and monsters roam the woods. Explore this top down world, battle in high quality turn based encounters where the ultimate goal is to strip your opponent. Help these monsters win and you they will reward you animated erotic encounters.

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1. Extract and run.
v0.2.93 - Released on 2024-02-10

Bunny bar event
Cow world event (Gapers side barn)

v0.2.92 – Released on 2024-01-26

Sheep Milking
Moth dildo machine
Raptor poster

v0.2.91 – Released on 2024-01-06

1 Centaur poster
1 Centaur love level
1 Sheep love level

v0.2.90 – Released on 2023-12-22

New Monster – Draft Centaur (Capture in Gapers)
7 Centaur outfits
2 Centaur love levels
Altered encounter chances in Gapers
Typos/Bug fixes

Fixed 1 centaur event image
Fixed Changelog

v0.2.87- Released on 2023-10-27

2 sheep love levels
Halloween event with Nim (Gapers)
Map changes to Gapers (added pumpkins and carrots)
New Lamia outfit (Gapers)

v0.2.86- Released on 2023-10-06

Fennec love event - penetration event
Fennec barn event - Plentywood
3 posters - Pangolin garden poster, Pangolin lingerie poster, Moth lingerie poster

v0.2.85- Released on 2023-09-15

New girl – The Tiroler Sheep! (Capturable in Gapers area)
7 sheep outfits
2 sheep events

v0.2.84- Released on 2023-08-25

2 Fennec Fox love levels
Small bug fixes/typo corrections

v0.2.83- Released on 2023-07-22

2 Moth love levels
1 Bunny Poster (found in a Plentywood home)

v0.2.82- Released on 2023-06-17

1 Raptor love level event
1 Pangolin love level event
1 Pangolin barn event (Plentywood)

v0.2.80- Released on 2023-05-05

2 Pangolin love level events
1 Pangolin barn event (Bushwood barn)
Fox Mobster outfit (contest winner)

v0.2.79 – Released on 2023-04-14

New monster added, the Thick Tailed Raptor!
Small area added – Magmatic Cave (find the entrance at the bottom of Gapers)
7 Raptor outfits
2 Raptor events
Desert and cave battle backgrounds added
Various small changes, bug fixes and typos

v0.2.78 – Released on 2023-03-24

New monster added, the Sunda Pangolin!
7 Sunda Pangolin outfits
2 Sunda Pangolin events
Various small changes, bug fixes and typos

v0.2.77 – Released on 2023-03-03

2 Spiked Salamander love events (including fuck event)
1 Spiked Salamander barn event (dildo machine)
Gave Lizard abs in previous event (art corrections)
Posters now unlock with cheat menu Memories button
Change starting town name to Bushwood
Misc. Bug Fixes

v0.2.76 – Released on 2023-02-03

1 Fennec Fox love level event
1 Amanita love level event
1 Bunny Event

v0.2.75 – Released on 2022-01-13

2 Moth love level events
1 moth outfit
Fixed cheat menu

v0.2.74 – Released on 2022-12-23

Bunny Bar in Blowingrock is now open!
Bunny ‘Official’ Release
4 new Bunny events (1 Patron only)
1 repurposed Bunny event
3 more Bunny outfits

v0.2.73 – Released on 2022-12-09

New map area – Gapers
Just enough story to get you into Gapers
New Monster – Blue Luna Moth
7 Blue Luna Moth outfits
2 Blue Luna Moth love level events
1 Blue Luna Moth barn event – Milking
1 Cockatiel Harpy outfit
1 New poster
Added all in game monsters to the monster archive
Fixed a handful of typos and bugs


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