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19.3.1 (Ongoing)
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Apr 24, 2023
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Oct 2, 2022
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A young, orphaned warrior lives as the sole male in a village of monster girls. The local deity, the goddess of fertility, tasks him to breed with 1,000 monster girls to help leverage the population. He's joined by an elf girl and a demon girl as he ventures out into a new, mysterious world full of monster girls to build his harem.

2DCG, Big Tits, Creampie, Harem, Male Protagonist, Mobile Game, Monster Girl, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, RPG, Turn Based Combat, Vaginal Sex
1. Extract and run.
19.3.1: (24th April)


Added a character viewer in the gallery, allowing people to freely see the nude art of characters.
Blackjack now appears in Hayakawa post-game.
Swiftstroke is now much stronger in her first encounter. Losing to her still progresses the story.
Swiftstroke vs Blackjack outcome changed. Swiftstroke vs Deathclaw is changed for consistency.
Fixed agility not having an impact on battles. This makes the last few battles a lot harder.
Turn order influencing abilities now work again.

Added Quistis’ Blessing available after her scene.
Nerfed and changed the fight in the No Man’s Land Post Game intro.
Furnace Knight’s flame aura now does reduced damage.
Buffed Holy Tome’s HP regen to 5%. Increased price to 2,000 G.
Increased Machina’s price to 2,000 G.
Juliet Battle: Simplified the meteor section to avoid bugs.
Added Molly to the character viewer.
Greater Sphere: Remorph now changes what the enemy is strong against instead of weak against.
Calamity Overlook: Added an acknowledgement and reward for beating the
Garden of Eden. You can now replay the battle from the quests menu.
Blue Fire: Now deals mixed Fire/Physical Damage. Sleep hit rate reduced from 100% to 70%, This should prevent softlocks.
Dobbi: Checking your relationship status will remind you to have unprotected sex with her to forward her pregnancy.
The Legendary Cupid’s Crossbow can no longer be disenchanted.
Added “Check Relationship” info to Wendy.
Adjusted the final boss to help underlevelled players.
Replaced Boss 1’s track.
RPGMaster difficulty no longer gives 10% bonus experience.
Alraune’s Luster: Now gives Poison Strike and Sleepy Strike. Poison and Sleep Immunity.
Ultima Blessing: Buff 10% -> 30% chance for Ultima second hit.
Added a Greater Gemstone reward to the Lionshead advancement for players that skip the tournaments.
Expanded and updated the cheats menu. You can now replay area intros and the game’s prologue.
Heavy Bolt now knocks back the enemy’s turn by two places.
False Promise new effect: Now nullifies both damage and healing for its duration. Incoming healing is still doubled, but damage is ignored. Now only lasts three turns, and has a three turn cooldown.
Meteor changed from hitting all enemies 3 times to hitting one enemy 3 times.
Meteor Shower changed from hitting 1 enemy 7 times to all enemies 5 times.
Ray, when using equipment that gives her a new counter, won’t have it overwritten by Flare.
Added Bessie and Ray’s pregnancy timelapse to the “Hangouts” section of the gallery.
Added an emergency failsafe to Juliet’s battle; if her second phase doesn’t start, the battle will end in 10 turns.
Mary & Keke’s hangout: You must now complete Magic Weavers to play and Sofi/Gabbi won’t appear if she isn’t in the harem yet.
Removed the three highest Village Quality achievements and buffed the rewards for the others.

Mistral Village Hangout Board’s notification bubble now disappears if you haven’t unlocked the last three hangouts.
Francesca’s dialogue about the postgame show match no longer repeats.
Hayakawa no longer unmarks itself as complete after completing Bessie & Ray’s hangout.
Life Titan’s “Health Drain” now correctly drains HP.
Added a missing track to the credits.
One Punch Ma’am Passive is no longer usable.
Attempted to prevent a bug where it was possible to lose a party member after game overing in Ulti’s first contract.
Fixed Hestia’s Blessing Level 2 not providing flame immunity.
Fixed a bug where going to the Character Viewer would complete Lionshead.
Fixed Kesia’s eyes sticking around in the Character Viewer.
Fixed several sources of HP Regen resetting your HP to its original Max.
Fixed Mistral Shop levels appearing as 1 when at level 4.
Liada: No longer automatically gets pregnant again after the timeskip.
Elsie: No longer automatically gets pregnant again after the timeskip. She and
Yamato now correctly add onto the no. of children stat.
Ulti: Can no longer say/do multiple things to her early.
Olivia EX: fixed her never attacking due to her attacks requiring TP to cast.
Blackjack in Hayakawa: improvements to her menus and the townsfolk menu.
Big F***ing Gun: Fixed it having 4 attacks instead of 3. 6x multiattack now procs correctly.
Lightning Sword: No longer has Lightning Bolt’s description.
Moona: Now correctly appears pregnant in “Yulia’s Lament” contract.
Fixed the impregnation cheat menu not having a back button.
Removed the “No” that appears randomly in the Nursery menu.
No Man’s Land: Fixed the post game intro’s battle having incorrect events on loss.
Adjusted placement of enemies in the Snow Wildness to avoid a bug.
Liada, Opal and Isis can no longer talk about the final battle before it happens.
Burning Blade of Ruin now correctly applies Poison, Toxic and Burn.
Added Roch Head Shield (Rare) to the Upgrade Shop
Replaying “Let’s Get Outta Here!” no longer makes you an outlaw again.
Sword Saint Juggernaut no longer appears in the Hunter’s Tavern before you beat Little Shroom City. (Clicking the option did nothing anyway)
You can now repeat Gabbi’s sex scene as soon as you unlock it, instead of having to wait until you beat Little Shroom City.
Fixed Polly’s Polished Spear applying its benefits to enemies instead of allies.
Fixed Isadora’s Blessing level 2 being unequippable
Fixed Fiona’s shop in the Training Arena not working at level 3 or 4 shop level.
Fixed Pumq giving you her blessing every time you sleep with her
Fixed “Triple Trouble Trophy Gemstone” not being equippable.
Fixed achievmenet for completing all Diamond tournaments (may not work on existing saves).
Fixed some inconsistent dialogue when Alraune gets pregnant.
A few typo fixes, but not many

18.4.0 Changelog


Mistral Village: Added Mimi & Fiona hangout, includes a sex scene.
Scarlett Chamber (Abandoned City): New contract, includes a sex scene.
Colosseum: Added Francesca content that activates upon arrival, features two new characters and a sex scene.
Colosseum: Added Area Conquest Abyssal Ocean and Maine’s Strongest.
Colosseum: Added Ladder Tournament L84, L87 and L90.
Colosseum: Added Diamond Tournament 3: Royal Rumble

Added 3 New Accessories, and 2 New Blessings.
Graveyard Bash: You can now lose the fight. Removed the choice between Sybil/Nana/Olivia but kept the dialogue for all three choices in.
Mistral Village: Added dialogue for Mimi and Fiona.
Colosseum: Added way too much dialogue to Francesca
Acrila: Anubis returns to the Blood Desert postgame. Added additional postgame dialogue to Anubis and Isis.
Ancient Pyramid: Added postgame dialogue to Sphinx and Hunit.
Quiet Mountains: Added and updated postgame dialogue for Helena and Yasmin.
Scarlett Chamber: Added and updated postgame dialogue for Scarlett, Kesia, Juliet, and Mammon.
Calamity Overlook: Added postgame dialogue for Erika and Rosaria.
Lowered Furnace Knight Illusion’s HP from 359,999,999 to 50,999,999.
Feeling Lucky nerfed from +30% to +20%.
Deathclaw’s Blessing: Halved the proc chance, doubled the damage.
Ray’s furnishing, “Mana Pool”, now grants +5% EXP gain
Gallery updated to always take you back to the sex select screen after a scene instead of the first menu.
Main title theme has been changed.

Fixed Opal’s warehouse having a black background.
Updated Molly’s dialogue at the Hunter’s Office.
Tali no longer says “Hi” in the gallery after the first time.
Fixed Alchemist Armor’s Mighty Guard targeting enemy party.
Fixed several physical attacks using magic defense in their damage formula.



Mistral Village: Alice & Eris hangout added, includes a sex scene.
Lionshead: New Contract added, includes a sex scene and a new character.
Eldar: New Contract added, includes a sex scene and a new harem character.
Eris can now get pregnant. She gains a new outfit and her standing sex scene has been adjusted.
Colosseum: Area Conquest: Calamity Overlook and No Man’s Land added.
Colosseum: Ladder Matches: L72, 75, 78 and 81 added.
Colosseum: Tournaments: Diamond 2 added.
Final Shop Tier: After unlocking the Diamond tournaments, a final tier of shop is unlocked featuring ultimate armours, weapons and accessories. Affects both Mistral Village and Colosseum blacksmiths


6 new Tier 7 armors. 3 new weapons, 3 new accessories, and 1 new Blessing.
Magic Weavers: Added dialogue to the Accessory Shopkeeper and Guinevere & Automatron. The island is now floating again postgame.
Elven Kingdom: Added dialogue to Fae and Emilia.
Slipstreams: Added dialogue to Froggy.
Capital City: Post game: You can now visit the Hunter’s Association office where you can visit Luna, L, Molly, and ZAP. All have dialogue.
Little Shroom City: Added dialogue to Gemma and Dimple.
Lionshead: Added dialogue to Liada the Light. New post story backgrounds.
Underdark: Added dialogue to Sugar and Opal.
Eldar: Added dialogue to Gabriella
Gabbi: Added several dialogue topics that update over the course of the game.
Quick-Hit: +50% -> +35% Faster CTB, since it was possible to get infinite turns.
Timewarp Ring: +40% -> +30% faster CTB. +8% -> +15% Attack.
Improved some of the older backgrounds: Hunters Arena, Hunters Tavern, Wendy’s Bedroom, Tali’s Bedroom, Mimi’s House, Keke’s House, Hunter’s Center, Hunter’s Office, Grove, Graveyard, Isadora’s House, Barrels’ house, Davy’s house, Cave 1, Basement 1, Basement 2, Moona’s Shop, Dobbi’s Shop, Mary’s Blacksmith, Mistral Cathedral, Arcade 1, Fiona’s House, Outside Mistral 1 and Outside Mistral 2, Shores of Easy, Slipstreams Marsh, Slipstreams Swamp, Manor Entrance. Mistral Mines, Mistral Village Alchemist, Waiting Room, Grassy Terrain, Forest 2,
Vial of Aphrodisiac can now be thrown to inflict charm on all opponents. Cost reduced to 200 G.


Fixed Great Gospel, again. Oops.
Fixed Final Mission being unplayable
Fixed Black Chapter’s weapon description



Mistral Village: New Hangout Event: Includes a sex scene.
Davy: Can now get pregnant. Her missionary threesome scene has been updated to reflect this.
Swiftstroke: Can now get pregnant. Her legs-up and doggystyle scene have been updated to reflect this.
Misty Woods: New Contract: “Hidden Lab”, includes a sex scene.
Misty Woods: New Contract: “Meeting Quistis”, includes a sex scene.
Misty Woods: New Contract: “Lab-Grown”, repeatable.
Misty Woods: New townsfolk after “Meeting Quistis”
Misty Woods: New dialogue with Pumq, Historia, Valorie and Lucile.
Historia: Can now get pregnant. Her missionary scene has been updated to reflect this.
Jiangshi: New options if you meet her after the “Hidden Lab” contract.
Colosseum: Two new tournamnets: Platinum 3 and Diamond 1.
Colosseum: Three Ladder Matches: Level 63, 66, and 69.
Colosseum: Three Area Conquest Matches: Ancient Pyramid, Quiet Mountains, and Abandoned Cities.


3 New Weapons, 1 New Blessing
Adjusted agility rubberbanding from a maximum of 4 actions per turn to 3.
Quick-Hit: Now works. Also gives a +6% Agility buff.
Great Gospel: Now works.
Slow: Nerfed from -50% agility to -33%. (Now has the same relative agility change as “Haste”)
New Icons for Aftershock, Toxic and Marked for Death to reduce icon reuse.
Hyper-Mighty Guard nerf TP cost 50 -> 100.
Esuna now heals Death.
Deep God damage cap adjusted from 2.5M to 2M.
Polly’s Polished Spear: +10% -> +15% Outgoing Party Damage
Aerial Bane: Removed Delay, lowered shot count.
Basilisk’s Gaze: Petrify no longer skips the enemy’s turn. Now has a 50% chance to deal Power 2 damage and reduce DEF/MDF by 6%.
Deathclaw’s Blessing New Effect: When attacking/casting: deal an extra 20/30/40% magic damage afterwards. Inflicts Drowning at level 2. Inflicts Electrofied at level 3. (These are Water/Lightning variants of “Burning”)
Sphinx Blessing: Buffed Confuddle I/II/III application to 60/80/100%.
Music Replaced: Lionshead & Blood Desert -> Peritune – Desert 3. Ancient Pyramid -> Peritune – Wonder 2. Conflict 1 -> Ucchii0 – R.I.P.
Buffed ZAP’s zaps


Improved Chloe’s pregnant belly in her missionary sex scene.
Jermultimate’s cutscene no longer plays before the final mission.
Fixed Doppelgun (Legendary) being uncraftable
You can now replay the contract “Uneasy Shores”


One big final mission at Capital City.
50000+ Word Update. Madness throughout.
New Harem Members?
Wearing Protection: You can now choose to wear protection with harem members. You must forgo protection with characters to get them pregnant.
Bessie & Ray Chat: You can now chat and sleep with Bessie and Ray at any location. A total of ~10,000 words of dialogue has been given to the characters about a variety of topics.
New Dante skill: “Scan” at level 1: Target an enemy to view their stats and elemental weaknesses. (To get it on an existing save, revisit the World Map and it’ll be added)

2 New Areas. Calamity Overlook and No Man’s Land.
3 New Characters.
4 Sex Scenes.
Encyclopedia: Check this new book on the world map to keep track of every enemy, item, armor, weapon, skill and state you find in the world! (Note: Will not be filled in retroactively)
Achievements: Use the encyclopedia to complete 130 new achievements and earn rewards! (Note: Not all of them will be gained retroactively)
Puzzle Bosses: A challenge unique to the Calamity Overlook that’ll have everyone busting their brain to earn awesome rewards.
Added tons of unique sprites for armors, accessories and states to avoid overlap. e.g. Red, Blue, White and Yellow Bangles/Bracers are actually their intended colour now!

Ep. 17

72+ Romanceable Girls
90+ Sex Scenes
29+ hours of content
14 Girl Harem that can get pregnant.


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