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Sep 14, 2022
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0.9.8 (Ongoing)
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Oct 14, 2023
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Oct 10, 2022
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You’re stuck in a virtual world where all the enemies are sexy monster girls and you become whatever defeats you, what could possibly go wrong?

2D Game, 2DCG, Anal Sex, Fantasy, Furry, Futa/trans, Group Sex, Lesbian, Loli, Male Protagonist, Monster Girl, Necrophilia, Oral Sex, Possession, Pregnancy, Prostitution, Tentacles, Transformation, Trap, Turn Based Combat, Vaginal Sex
1. Extract and run.

Fixed a crash during the Library Quest if the player attempted to put “The Bedroom” into the slot for “Scevite and You”.
[Desolate Zone]

Fixed the generators crashing the game.
The Hospital Basement now displays its area name on save files.
Ending D62 is now only accessible if Kim is in the party to fix some continuity issues.
[Desert Zone]

Fixed an issue with the Oasis event if you don’t talk to Robin when they ask.
[Mythic Zone]

Fixed a gap in the Court of Dawn’s wall.
Fixed some issues with Ending F62.
[Other Stuff]

Added Loadout options to the Equipment screen. “Save” will save the current weapons and armour for the selected character into one of three slots. Choosing “Load” and then selecting a slot will then equip those weapons and armour if possible.
Exiting from certain menus (PXE’s for example) can now be done with the back button like all menus.
The new weapons added in 0.9.5 now use the correct basic attack skills for their weapon type.
Fixed an image display issue with the corrupted Lovely Heart Wand. (I still advise against using it, I am 90% certain it will break your game.)
[Known Issues]

An odd bug can occur that causes all enemies to drop the same amount of gold (I have seen values of both 0G and 5G so far).


[Forest Zone]

Reduced the frequency of Holstaurus’ “Docile Milk Mind” effect.
[Demon Zone]

Fixed the resisting succubus random event using the wrong face image.
[Desolate Zone]

Fixed a missing image crash that can occur during Ending D70.
Fixed an issue making Ratfolk Mutamanus and Sallowshank appear.
Fixed an issue that prevented the Pink Jelly from being received.
[Desert Zone]

Fixed an issue which caused the Card Duelist’s summons to appear in the Bestiary.
[Mythic Zone]

It’s time to delve deeper into the woods in search of someone to help PXE.
A certain fox might know how to access the shrine’s courtyard shack.
Someone is building something near downtown Mirane.
Someone from the Ranch is calling out for aid.
Added 38 Endings.
Fixed an issue with the Racoon Bandit event softlocking the game.
Fixed the goblin hunt using an incorrect estimation of the amount of goblins remaining.
Slightly reduced the frequency of stuns during the Garath fight if he was previously given the potion.
Fixed the wrong music playing when reaching the abandoned camp in the Mystic Woods.
Jackie will now recognise when her aid is no longer needed.
You can no longer reenter the tents when escaping the Boot Camp.
[Other Stuff]

Fully updated the PXEPedia, entries for locations and characters have been added. Brief summaries of the main story have also been introduced. Existing save files will need to reach certain points to update these entries (e.g. After a major boss fight or quest).
Enabled Critical Hits on almost all skills.
Removed the “Run Away” option from battles, since it was never usable.
Removed the redundant HP Heal/MP Heal/etc part of item descriptions in the menu.
Fixed Imitation [Blighted Stench] having a wrong icon in its description.
Updated the Compass Needle graphic for clarity.
Kim’s Chant [Oath of Resolve] now correctly replaces [Vow of Resolve]
Accessing the Bestiary page for Bruna should no longer crash the game.
Fixed Weapon Technique [Big Bang] being incorrectly listed as Tenderize when used.
Changed a few older images that were brought to my attention as particularly unsavoury. I apologise for not properly checking such images before including them.
[Known Issues]

Loading/Saving in this patch may take longer due to back-end changes but is necessary for future updates to work.
Some save files may be invisibly corrupted. Triggers not being set may cause events to not function properly. The only solution is loading an earlier, uncorrupted save.
The game can lag badly while being chased by Morgan in the Mystic Woods.


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