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Jul 15, 2023
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Magical Monstergirls Academy is a lighthearted RPG. As the only human student of a monstergirls magic academy, what else to do but enjoy the ride and fuck everyone while also learning magic?

Fight and fuck 35 unique monstergirls as male or female protagonist. Unlock their scenes to view anytime. Fully animated, fully voiced. Fuck your friends and unlock their high resolution scenes.
2dcg, animated, big ass, big tits, combat, creampie, fantasy, female protagonist, furry, male protagonist, mobile game, monster, monster girl, multiple protagonist, romance, rpg, sandbox, turn based combat, vaginal sex
1 - Extract and run.
v0.8.1 + 0.8.2
  • Fixed gallery crash
  • Added a way to redo the tutorial
  • Fixed a display error with locked spells
  • Fixed a crash when failing to cast sun spells
  • fixed a bug where enemies using players spells would do 0 damage
Major changes:
  • 1 New dungeon: the icy peaks!
  • 2 new girls: Deer girl and ice elf
  • New cheat codes
  • All items are now functional in game
  • New CG for the anvil
  • Revamped Juniper's audio
  • You can now upgrade your spells!
QOL and bug fixes:
  • Quest markers on where to go for the main quest
  • Combat now ends a couple seconds after the last enemy is defeated
    iframes have been removed.
  • This also fixed the issue with shield and heals not doing their job
  • Looting new items is now very apparent
  • Cure works even with shield now
  • Slimelings appeared in the slime cave
  • Monsters aggroing you in dungeons are now capped at the number of monsters that can actually go into battle. Beware the hordes!
  • Spell buying is now better
  • You can now upgrade your spells
  • Fixed a couple draw orders
  • Fixed dungeons that were too wide
  • Some tooltips added
  • A lot of shines where added to really tell you about the important stuff. They disappear after the early game
  • Equipping items is nor more consistent with equipping spells
  • Some dialogues were added to clarify the Factory quest, and act as reminders
  • Some old bosses now have boss health bars too
  • Stars added to mark important quest locations
  • Outifts can now be changed via your grimoire, not only your bedroom
  • Julie and Saki are now at their lovely hut (but don't care about you for now)
  • Bug fix
  • Changed MC dialogue sprite
  • You can now unlock Fae's intro costume. It unlocks via the main quest.
  • Unlocking Fae's true form unlocks an additional, stronger, item slot. In ADDITION to all the normal effects, a new effect is added, even if the item is lvl 1.
  • Added Gorgon in cemetary
  • Added ghost bride in cemetary
  • Added outifts on NPCS. Undress them and change their outfit as you see fit. We Baldur's Gate now bitches!
  • Added a new spell in the beginning. This MAY fuck up your current spells.
  • Rebalanced mobs
  • Added quest markers in the early game
  • Dungeons are now beautiful
  • Options (at last)
  • Main quest up to part 3 on 10
FIX 0.5.1
  • Nekoromancer sound
  • Wyvern sound
  • Wyvern AI fix
  • Wyvern animation fix
  • New spell: Cure
  • Balanced mobs
  • Juniper CG sound
  • Added option: show/hide futa
  • Added option: display alternative cursor (useful for very wide screens, as the cursor was not shown at the correct location)
gothound back from her vacation
fix an issue that would make boss monsters disappear

fixed gallery cg crash
fixed vera sequence break
fixed possible monster crash
fixed recurring beach quest loop

Slime dungeon
Jungle dungeon
The item compendium, which describes items, their lore and their effects
Item upgrades. This will unlock additional powerful effects on your items.
Saving will save your current sex and worn items
A mysterious, never seen ever secret JUNGLE BOSS.

The item upgrade anvil is very much wip, but is functional. You can access it in the computer room in the factory.
The jungle monstergirls start to appear after the current end of the Factory quest line (after Ayla went to the beach with you). They appear more and more as time passes, so worry not.

Added sound to all available monsterfuck scenes.
Added some additionnal dialogue and subquests
Added items! Items are powerful magic artefacts that you can wield in battle or in dungeons with different effects. (While you can't directly see the effects of the items right now because the compendium is not done, you will be able to in the near future)
Fighting naked makes enemies more attracted to you, but fighting clothed enhances your defenses.

Added Ayla and Vera in the library. They're not there at all time of day, but Ayla is always there during nighttime, and Vera during daytime.
You can fuck Ayla and Vera freely. Enjoy while you can. Their 4 scenes are also voiced.
Continued the story of the abandoned factory. Yet, it is far from over. CURRENTLY, IT ENDS AFTER YOU ESCAPE THE FACTORY!

Initial release
35 monstergirls to fight and fuck
70 high quality, fully animated, fully voiced scenes
20 high resolution, fully animated and fully voiced CGs
28 unique items to upgrade, equip and mix and match together
20 unique spells
Fight against 3 gigantic bosses

Indulge yourself in our universe, fully hand drawn by the best pixel artists.
Want all the smut right away? Cheat codes are there for you, in the game manual.

Tips that will be clarified in later versions of the game:
-Hold left click (or shift) to make the text go faster
-Holding left click and moving the mouse around allows you to input arrows with the mouse
-Your save is located here: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Magical_Monstergirls_Academy

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Linux: - - -
Android: - - - -



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