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Sep 14, 2022
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0.7.3 (Ongoing)
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Feb 19, 2024
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Oct 4, 2022
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Lust's Cupid, a 2D sex simulation game

2DCG, Animated, Big Tits, Character Creation, Futa/trans, Gay, Lesbian, Mobile Game, Oral Sex, Simulator
1. Extract and run.

New Features
WAIFU WARS winner, Albedo!
HUBBY WARS winner, Spike!


HUBBY WARS winner, Astolfo!
WAIFU WARS winner, Delta!


New Features
WAIFU WARS winner, Yoruichi!
HUBBY WARS winner, Solid Snake!
CHARACTER WARS winner, Ancel!

New Features

WAIFU WARS winner, Esdeath
HUBBY WARS winner, Vergil
Character Wars winner, Leah


WAIFU WARS winner, Shantae!
CHARACTER WARS winner, Neytiri by Blood Fang!
Slime characters!
New tattoos
Updated backgrounds
Bald hair options


New Features
August's WAIFU WARS winner, Mirko!
August's Character Wars winner, Guu by SamboDaHambo!


Seme improvements (animations, sprites, fixes)!
New male and female voice acting!

Bug Fixes
Fixed hair back desync
Improved Aqua hair gradient
Fixed story mode new saves softlock
Fixed moaning on vibrators
Ball sprite improved with more details
Added knees to BJ (seme)
Increased shoulder and bicepses sizes on larger scales
Improved resting hand sprite with better angle (seme)
Improved head grab hand on BJ (seme)
Fixed eye targeting on all scenes
Added orgasm expressions (seme)
Improved idle animation (seme)
Fixed butt sprite on all scenes (seme)
Fixed arm thickness sync when changing arm position on BJ (seme)
Fixed tattoo sync when changing arm position
Fixed hair length resetting on position changes/character loading


New Features
July's WAIFU WARS winner, Aqua!


Anal! (With experimental All-The-Way-Through)
Experimental penis length 5x (type new size manually into field)

Bug Fixes

Added option to disable tears
Solved an issue where cum particles would be stuck on throat
Cumshots don't go out through the mouth when ATWT is not active
Prevented certain physics artifacts from penetration
Adjusted cum color in xray
Make cum follow breathing when stuck to body
Fixed breast size always starting at 0 after loading characters
Fixed display issue with small breasts


New Features
June's Waifu Wars winner!


Cum and Milk improvements and customization options!
Improvements to scene animations.

Bug Fixes (v0.5.10 and v0.5.9)

Fixed an issue where fluids would not follow uke's breathing in bj
Fixed color for shirts
Fixed issue with arms behind the back and gloves in BJ
Fixed mesh issue with sports panties
Fixed head jittering in BJ
Fixed seme structure in Reverse CG
Fixed dresses breast area clipping with camera movement
Improved lipstick placement
Brought x-ray to the forefront of everything in CG and Reverse CG
Fixed issue with nipples not appearing behind bunny suit
Fixed artifact on sports bra
Fixed dress bra area disappearing
Improved reaction time of characters to cum hits


New Features

Bug Fixes

Improved skirts mechanics
Fixed tongues with mismatching names
Fixed head shapes with mismatching names
Adjusted standard characters nipples and areolas
Improved lip sprites, removing a rogue shadow
Changed tattoos default color to black
Fixed wrist accessories placement during pass out
Fixed uke shoes offset on bj scene
Improved bunnygirl ears preview
Fixed seme eyeshadows on doggystyle
Fixed shibari and bondage harnesses meshes
Fixed pubic sprite for furry body types
Fixed breathing desync on doggystyle
Improved nipple piercing placement on uke

Thank you so much for your support, we hope you enjoy this update!


New Features
Reverse Cowgirl
New sliders for customization, including eyebrows, head and arms sizes
Regular and muscular variants for all body types
12 new tattoos
Tattoo color system

Bug Fixes

Fixed autovomit not working properly
Fixed mouth desync during blowjob
Fixed tear sprite appearing outside of eyes
Fixed bras on male torso
Improved many previews on Character Creation
Fixed butt sprite on doggystyle moving on its own
Fixed tattoos being duplicated on belly
Fixed cheek cosmetics not working on the blowjob scene
Fixed some vibrators interacting at the wrong angle
Merged scenery and ambience menus
Fixed coloring on beast noses
Added a "none" vagina option for male characters
Fixed seme's neck position on doggystyle
Fixed hat rear sprites appearing behind curtain
Added hats for seme characters
Fixed seme tail not moving during blowjob
Many small visual fixes




New Features

(Look for her save in the Community Character Saves tab)
Bug Fixes

Fixed knee sprites on cowgirl
Fixed sorting order on cowgirl
Fixed hair physics on cowgirl


New Features


Bug Fixes

Fixed butt position
Fixed pants sorting for bj seme
Fixed pants and leggings on bj seme sprites and sorting
Fixed blowjob seme short hair sorting
Fixed Sakura’s eye color
Fixed blowjob seme neck position
Fixed cuffs sorting on bj
Fixed hands jittering in some arm positions
Fixed black background on fresh save
Fixed mouth bugged in bj
Swapped story / sandbox positions
Fixed spacing icons on the left
Fixed hands floating seme bj
Fixed hair collision overall & with shoulder in bj
Fixed tears on loading characters
Fixed iris vertical / horizontal line stretch
Fixed iris changing when equipping new eyes
Fixed loading seme in autopilot


New Features

Sex toys! Vibrator, nipple vibrators and anal vibrator
Grab tool, experimental, currently grabs largest boobs
BDSM and Shibari harnesses
New title screen


Holiday Clothing
Contact lenses (graphic iris options)
Town Map preview!
Shirts updated with arm piece


Lipstick smearing on penis
Goblin assets
Torn shirt and leggings


- - - -​


- - - -​


- - - -​


- - - -​



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