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You play as a character called ‘Ted'. Together with you assistant ‘Luna', you visit haunted places to capture ghosts.
Your last investigation went terribly wrong which lead you to a hospital.
Now after discharge, you are home to continue your dangerous adventures.​

2d game, 2dcg, adventure, animated, big ass, big tits, fantasy, horror, male protagonist, monster girl, netorare, oral sex, paranormal, parody, point & click, side-scroller, vaginal sex
1. Extract and run.

Current Ghost:-
1) Wendy (Tutorial Ghost, Doesn't spawn during a case)
2) Powerghost
3) Kupper
4) Shy
5) Countlanak
6) Bloody Mariam
7) Bansheep
8) Weseen
9) Tall Lady
10) Willy Wisp
11) Conjurer
12) You-Rei?
13) Thunger Girl
14) Suck-ass-bee

Current Contracts:-

1) Abandoned Shed (Tutorial Level)
2) Luna's Home
3) Croydon Home
4) Hillford Asylum
5) Sunflower City Streets
6) Evergreen University
7) Shepherd Family Residence

Current Content:-

1) Luna's Cloths:-

Demonic Lust

1) Wendy's Vessel:-

Tall Lady - T-Shirt/RKU
Faith - T-Shirt/RKU
Judy's doll - T-Shirt/RKU

3) TV Channels:-

Kara Loft - Final Episode
50 Days Anal Sex

4) Flash Drives

Luna's Flash Drive
Mac's Flash Drive
Olivia's Flash Drive

5) Recruits

Tess/Tess's Robot
Lust (Gloria formerly)


Bug Fix


1) Contracts:-
Evergreen University

2) Ghosts:-
You Rei?

3) Wendy Vessel & Cloths:-
White T-Shirt
Reiko CB cloths

4) Recruits:-
Tess/ Tess's Robot

5) Others:-

Olivia's Pendrive.
An urban legend.
Jennifer in Poker game.
Secret NPC Animations.
Haunted doll animations update.
Sabrina gives you a video maker software (gallery).
Some site's prices are updated.

6) Bug Fixes/ Changes:-

Negative consumable after consuming them in HQ or tutorial level.
Some levels now give 20 % to 80% more reward money.
Ghost dialogues are now available in gallery.
New TV glitch fixed.
Stuck on ghost fail animation if playing on Nightmare difficulty or health is below 20.
Location name appears on screen for sometime.
Lust not appearing in some levels.
Tess's ghostpedia.
Delivery girls dialogues popping up.
Laser projector working even if not activated.
Missing collider in Tess's room.

Change poker hand checking code. Now losing hand on a flush or straight may not happened.
Ted glitched after Irene rescues.
Missing animations in video maker gallery now unlocks.
Incorrect sprite and scaling fixed for gallery.
Gallery sprites are now 35% bigger.
Evergreen University name correction.
Conjurer and You-Rei incorrect names.
Stuck on Bansheep's secret animation.
Gina dialogue box issue.
Ghost sound for some animations in video maker.
50% faster climax speed with Luna.
Background images unlocked even if no passes to those stages.
Lunch box and Milk max number increased to 6.
Tall Lady special animation glitch.
Conjurer now will not teleport to locked door like storage room or class 3-2.
Willy wisp and conjurer overlapping.


There is a hint on where to find safe code in the university.
Wrong journal entry for vessel's second outfit set.
Ghost stuck in wandering state in Evergreen University.


1 new contract/map - Sunflower City
2 new ghosts - Tall Lady and Willy-o-Wisp
1 new costume for Luna - Demonic Lust
1 new recruit - Nina
TV got a revamp and has 2 new movies
Some qol changes


Current Ghost:-

1) Wendy (Tutorial Ghost, Doesn't spawn during a case)
2) Powerghost
3) Kupper
4) Shy
5) Countlanak
6) Bloody Mariam
7) Bansheep
8) Weseen

Cheats :-
Type in these code while you are on a site.

whatareyou - Reveals ghost name without affecting objective.
whereareyou - Reveals ghost room
runner - Infinite running stamina (Toggle)
lovemaker - 3x Climax Speed (Toggle)
fuckyou - Enrages ghost to hunt even though fear meter is low.

V0.0.8 (Bug Fixes):

More interior to Teds' house.
All dialogs except Luna's, will stay on the screen until any key is pressed.
Drunk girl sex scene available.
Tess will help you around from start (Will need to unlock her in paid version)
Freezing Temperature text bug in journal.
Ghost animations speed not changing in ghost gallery.
Buy candle uses correct coins.
Up and Down waypoints now working with new keys.

V0.0.6 (Bug Fixes):

How To Play: - Changed a few things and added short videos.
EMF hive mind beeping issue.
Bloody Mariam - Increased audio response chances 0.15 >> 0.2.
EMF Reader collider size increased
Mirror Apparitions chances increase by 3 times for both Counti and Bloody.
Luna's Computer default wallpaper glitch (In non UI mode)
Gallery mouse click bug.
Added option to delete Luna's cloth data in Main Menu -> Options.
Journal glitch if opened after failing a contract.
Kappa superfast energy drain in Normal and Nightmare mode.
Video Camera purchase glitching thermometer numbers.
Video Camera 4 night vision issue.
If failed to catch a Kupper or Countlanak can use an incense stick to try again during a hunt.
Ghost hunt duration decreased. Easy 50 >> 30 , Normal 75 >> 45 , Nightmare 90 >> 60.
Bloody Mariam ambush points during a hunt increased. Any big painting or mirror are ambush point now.
Dark Mirrors usage is changed. Now have to press 'Use Key' near a mirror to activate it.

Demo 2022-12-07
You have to try capture ghost on a investigating site. You must use tool at your disposal to locate a room which is haunted by ghost (changes every time). After locating ghost rooms it's easier for you to gather evidence to determine ghost type. Use your evidence collecting tool to gather 3 evidences (out of 7) and short list ghost type.

Once all three evidences are collected, look for any specific ghost behavior such as puddle on ground, moving heavy furniture, apparition in mirror or TV, etc. Some ghosts have specific behavior when they are on hunt. For example, Shy ghost doesn't have voice during a hunt, Countlanak has no foot steps when on hunt, etc. Once you confirm what ghost type it is mark it in the journal's 'Conclusion' tab by selecting the ghost name.

Good, you know what ghost it is now you have to find a way to capture it. Note that a ghost can only be captured during a hunt. Every ghost have a specific method to catch them (look weakness in 'Ghostpedia' in your journal). You don't have these tools readily available so you have to buy them with Luna.

Once you know how to use those tools, try to capture a ghost when it's about hunt. There are some ghost that can be captured during the hunt if you failed to do so at beginning of a hunt. For those that can't be captured, use incense stick first then try to capture them again until it's effect wears off.

After you have used correct tool it will reveal it's true form and will be bound to ground for few seconds before disappearing again. During that time press 'Hunt' button (Default - X) to try and capture it. Try to fill the climax bar by adjusting speed to a heart icon near speed bar. Once the climax bar is full ghost is captured and you can exit the site by accessing your computer and pressing 'End Investigation'. All captured ghost are available at your home.

1) Voice Acting :-

Haru Luna -

2) Musics & Sound Effects:-

Rupert_Spore -
Kuchiko -
Blocky -

3) Fonts :-

October Crow by Sinister Font.
Pixel Operator by Jayvee Enaguas.
Type in these code like you would do for GTA games.

whatareyou - Reveals ghost name without affecting objective.
whereareyou - Reveals ghost room
runner - Infinite running stamina (Toggle)
lovemaker - 3x Climax Speed (Toggle)
fuckyou - Enrages ghost to hunt even though fear meter is low.
Walkthrough attached to the thread.


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