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Apr 23, 2022
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Lust Harem is a free visual novel game (18+) in which you play as a novice wizard trying to make his way up the ladder, achieve independence from his family and most importantly, score girls. Struggling with tuition fees, being overworked for little to no pay and being average in magics you have a lot to work with. Fortunately things take a turn for the better when you manage to capture a succubus and use her power for your benefit.

3DCG, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, Combat, Dating Sim, Drugs, Fantasy, Harem, Male Protagonist, Mobile Game, Monster Girl, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Romance, Sandbox, School Setting, Turn Based Combat, Vaginal Sex
1. Extract and run.
A smaller update with focus on main story loose ends and side characters. Also some UI improvements.
  • after-harem event (requires attending party)
  • Anisa & Magda (requires completing Magda's story in China)
  • Asara9a (eggs story)
  • Endemica (story 1, 2 & repeat)
  • Isabella reunion (for people who broke up or had her fooled)
  • Kate (after pregnancy event)
  • Mizuki Christmas special (purchase present to start)
This update you get to sleep with: Anisa, Asara, Endemica, Isabella (new scenes added to her repeat), Kate, Magda, Mizuki

  • added missing gallery entries for Asara doggy repeat & Eileen beach sex
  • added spell presets to spellbook
  • added tooltips to equipped items
  • inventory optimization (reduced lag, runs much smoother now), improved selected and hovered item transparency
  • improved character info & settings screen (replaced textbuttons)
  • battle minigame: improved overlay and player selection. Pressing spacebar will now end the player's turn
  • battle minigame: improved status message system
  • improved main menu music definition
  • removed no longer used persistent variables from gallery
  • gallery & glossary transparency improvements. The selected character is now highlighted
  • gallery: unlocked entries number will update on opening the gallery, instead of game start. Also minor unlocking optimization
  • added 1 new song to 1in3 burger minigame. Added music selection screen too
  • updated renpy to 7.6.3
  • fixed android UI issues
  • fixed and updated cheat codes
  • fixed magic missile targeting issues with enemy summons
  • fixed Magda's event trigger issues in China when selecting to see Varess later. This change is not backwards compatible
  • fixed talismans not being useable in the buff screen
  • Christmas wallpaper has been updated (improved animations and looks)
  • story12 necromancer part
EDIT: The android hotfixed version fixes the glossary error.

Asara (8a, orgy strategy meeting)
Asuka (7a)
Burger manager repeats and pregnancy (1, 2,3, regular and pregnancy repeats)
Ichika (Asu's mom)
story20 - minor branching
story21 -giant event with 1247 scenes, the seduction circle party, many animations and it's own free roam mode. It includes most of the game's characters
story22 -after event for story 21 (optional, depending on your choices)
Varess (story 5)

new skills: bleeding love, mindless love, stone prison
new event hint and trigger system. Glossary hints should give better info about what story you need to proceed with and how many days one needs to wait
it is now possible to break an event loop and jump back home
added new items to Adult Tadpole: sacrifical set, hp/mp potions, scrolls of healing
new talismans for enemy mages
added Asara sleepover
new location: school (any content is to come)
added naming to saves and option to delete them
updated Renpy to 7.6.0
learning spells that the player already knew and unlearnt will now cost 0€
added potion cheat code for supporters
added black outlines to location, time and money stats in free roam mode for better visibility in bright locations
added option to change the player's name
added 'last event' information to main character's glossary
added a few visual effects to spells
redone how conditions are applied and removed
added 'lesbiant content' setting to fetishes

fixed a few typos in dialogue
fixed inventory tooltip not disappearing when inventory is closed by changing location
added sfx to katana item
fixed Susan gallery error
fixed Henry Goldswindle not fighting Anisa in battle wargame if the hero is fighting Anisa because of Mia-Bella spat
fixed shrink and enlarge spells vfx errors
Kraepelin clones fixes (losing inventory, minions being unable to attack)
tail strike (used by manticore) is now missable

burger manager first time event
redone first wallpaper
updated Iroha "Locker heat" gallery entry image
Eileen story2


added missing Matilda gallery entry
added Susan and Eliz quickie gallery entries
Henry will now reteach titus exposus should the player unlearn it
gallery fixes. The gallery should refresh better and have less issues with missing entries
minor glossary improvements (throwing away pointless code)
added cheat codes for supporters
fixed grammar and spelling
gallery: updated Eliz handjob image
fixed Eliz repeat triggers
slightly tweaked Isabella's wallpaper and added an animated version
fixed gallery slideshow errors
fixed Eileen yoga repeat trigger





Pretty much fixes only. If you're playing the PC 0.20 version, you can simply download the 0.20 to 0.21 7mb file and extract it to your main game directory (where the exe file is located), make sure to overwrite any files.


Adult Toadpole shop now properly restocks store each day
cure poison: player will no longer take damage from poison after curing it. In addition, the potion also reduces damage from poison (used to simply increase resistance to it)
added regeneration stats to character inventory
added name tooltips to glossary
fixed missing scenes in witcher laptop replay. This will need improving in the future
fixed Asara spawning in the library when she's supposed to be in the dorms
sewer dungeon: early on when Asara is still in library at evening, selecting a map and canceling before doing any combat would take the player to the dorms. This is now fixed
fixed crashes/errors saying 'currentplayer' has no name attribute. This was caused by skipping, and in some cases the text under combatlog not changing properly
fixed missing sfx error on conjured skeletons
minor improvements to Willow story4 dialogue
improved enemy counterattack on touch spells
fixed a rare error that may have popped up during damage calculation for monsters
casting titus exposus during arena event will no longer cause issues with music (flies sound effect)
changed locations positioning on map for better clarity
improved character icons positioning on map for better clarity
fixed Helen animation in repeat
equipping an item for the first time could cause an error if this is the first item ever the player used



2 short conversations with shopkeepers
Asuka 5a
Bernadette 1,2,3
guard office award
Helen 5, 6
Mizuki (cat) 3
Mizuki (fox) 6
Willow 5
Varess laptop
Repeats: Asara (Halloween outfit), Asuka, Helen, Isabella (ninja outfit), Susan


Asara (2 + 1 short event)
Asuka (2 + half an event in natalie's route with sex scene)
Eileen (1)
Erika (3 different events with some branching)
Fabiana (1)
Isabella (1)
Natalie (2, one regular and one pregnancy event)
Willow (1, long event with multiple characters)
a few minor conversations and mini events

Repeat events (8):
Asuka (1, yacht)
Eileen (3, morning, noon, afternoon)
Eliz (1)
Isabella (1)
Natalie (2, yacht)

Battle minigame:
Rat dungeon is now fully completed. You also get to fight some mages during combat practice. Mana shield or some defense is highly recommended.
increased companion limit to 5 (that means 4 summons if u have Asara in party). Will increase further in the future
improved various scripts. Pretty much everything has been touched. Biggest changes to: damagetypes, afflictions (conditions), summons and damage calculation
made rats summonable with talismans
improved the buff screen. It didn't look good at all with more than 4 people in the party
added inventory and some basic AI to monsters
new enemies: golem, [redacted] and some mages to fight for you. Mana shield or mirror's image is recommended against mages
added vfx to some spells (fireball, missile storm, bleed, bite, seduction)
new and more sound effects to skills
skills now properly calculate and display mana cost when it's changed by items or spells like earth armor
added tooltips to skills and conditions in buff screen and combat
rats had their defense lowered. Instead they now have higher evasion
1in3 minigame:
changed the way points are gained
added a talisman that changes the game from a timer to a move points system
added a talisman that changes all visible cokes to burgers, just once
added a talisman that copies the first row onto the second, just onc

new talismans and crafting reagents
changed icons of some existing items
healing potions can now stop bleeding
[redacted]. Special item
some new equipment that increases fire dmg, atk, dfn or willpower

improvements to various screens. Mostly inventory. Both looks and code
it's now possible to advance time with the world map open
changed font for world map icons
removed excessive movement arrows on various locations and improved their quality
improved tooltip display. These now look cleaner and use black outline instead of a gray background
you can now change main menu wallpapers in the gallery

new skills: (consume, contagion, ebola, elemental shield, missile storm, osteoporosis, shapeshift, summon demon)
players and monsters can now have only one magic shield at a time. Please note: armor spells are a different kind
phantasmal torment: 50 percent of damage dealt penetrates enemy defenses like mana shield. Also interrupts any spell casting that lasts multiple rounds
drain mana: steals an extra 15 mana
mirror's image: increased evasion to 80% from 50%
earth armor: extra mp cost changed from solid 10mp to extra 35% mp
Sofia now teaches missile storm
fireground: spell has been nerfed. It's condition now deals 10 dmg + 3 percent of target's max hp
spells now split into misseable and unmisseable (in most cases spells with projectiles can now miss but chances are low unless target has evasion). Spells like phantasmal torment or phantasm of pain can't miss

new characters: [redacted] and Fabiana
crafting: added talismans. These require MP to make alongside ingredients
new cheat code to reset Isabella's story: 'BellaRejected'

'all minions attack' command in battle minigame now checks if minions are alive and have acted this turn. Minions will also no longer attack dead monsters
fixed seduction spell not working fixed an issue with not being able to learn titus exposus
fixed an issue with not being able to learn titus exposus
fixed an invalid syntax error in asara's story5
added a rollback block after loading new variables. This should prevent errors if a player rollsback game right after loading an old save after an update

replaced 48 scenes for helen2 story (date with Helen)
replaced 64 scenes for asara sidestory2 (adventure in sewers)
replaced 127 scenes in asara story4 (volleyball game)
replaced 33 scenes in story3 (first visit to the mage guild)
replaced 48 scenes for helen2 story (date with Helen)
replaced 60 scenes for story4 (meeting Asuka)
replaced 31 scenes for asara7b (stalking Erika)
replaced 36 scenes for asara6 (Asara and Mia scheming)
replaced 24 scenes for asuka1 (internal mail)
replaced 28 scenes for helen2a (scenes in the guild)
redone home location scenes and overlays
redone varess counter quickie (13 scenes + 4 animations)
changed main character glossary icons


helen5a event
Willow1 event
story 11 and 12 events
Mia1 event
Asuka4a event
Mizuki7 event
Anisa and Magda event
pregnancy event for a new side character
a few minor conversations and mini events

Repeat events (9):
Mia pool and dorm
Natalie beach night
Asuka daytime and evening
Asara daytime and evening
Willow hotel
Mizuki evening

Battle minigame:
You can now visit Asara to practice in the dungeons. The minigame has been expanded and improved with many different skills, conditions etc. You can unlock rewards by exploring the dungeon (menu wallpapers, slideshows).

harvesting and crafting: added a bunch of plants and other reagents. Collect them and create items
added cheat codes menu, found in the character stats window. These are for Kate's story as some people wanted to help her out but weren't given the option to
new characters: Anisa, Bernie, Magda plus one more (spoilers free)
3 new locations: Mia's dorm, Willow's hotel room and meadow (a forest, countryside area)
old locations: expanded university. There's now 2 wings/sides added to it
skills are now learnable from different characters (Magda, Mia, Sofia, Willow)
Henry Goldswindle has opened up proper shop, selling potions
Susan now offers a discount after 10 blowjobs

changes to main menu
improved map and hints displaying
hints for side characters
inventory and trade screen
buff (preparation) and dungeon screens
skills screen

fixed helen's university event triggers
fixed burger manager's sex scene not triggering
hopefully fixed all issues with persistent data loss on android devices (this will not restore the data. Only prevent it from happening in the future)
Kate no longer reveals she's pregnant in the repeat event. This was happening before she told the hero she's pregnant for the first time

replaced 23 scenes in story1
replaced 37 scenes in story2
replaced 33 scenes in story5
replaced 70 scenes + 2 animations in story6. One new animation (third) added, you can view it in the gallery if already unlocked
replaced 154 scenes + 4 animations in story 7. One new animation (fourth) added, you can view it in the gallery if already unlocked
replaced 78 scenes in Asara story4 (gym event, locker scenes)replaced 55 scenes in Helen story1 (university study time)
replaced 38 scenes in Helen story1a (Helen cleaning university)

some glossaries have been redone or had their quality (frames) improved (asuka, asara, mizuki, varess)
changed some conversation animations: asara, helen, henry, mizuki
NO ntr. Your character will NOT get cucked. Reverse may happen, where you ' accidentally ' cuck someone but only if you so choose.
The game contains over 7500+ scenes, 300 animations, 7 main girls and many side ones that you can pursue. My goal is to make pretty much every girl you see 'scorable'.
Prank your guildmates, date girls, cheat on them, take part in the school life, practice demonology, participate in cults and enjoy the dark comedy.
KateSaint It will alter the story so you helped Kate without taking advantage of her. This cheat will RESET Kate's story (includes pregnancy events).
KateMolestHelp It will alter the story so you helped Kate after taking advantage of her. This cheat will RESET Kate's story (includes pregnancy events).
Download: Sabmod

Extract to the main folder with the game and replace the files
Health points
Mana points
Attack power
Skill points.
Cheats for combat, healing* and mana recovery.

Experience To level up you must win some battle first.
Combat Cheats Renews 500pts, can be used repeatedly.
Important note
Mod from game version 0.27 should work with newer versions, if not remove the file "screens.rpy and rpyc" from LustHarem/game folder and report the problem.


: - - - -
Mac: - - - -
Android: - - - -
Cheat mod 0.27 + Future versions is attached


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Lust Harem [v0.30.0] [Xiongmao]

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