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The game tells the erotic adventures of a guy in his final year of high school. His life, so far lacking in sexual experiences, will undergo a big change.
The game is an open-world populated by women and girls who are just waiting for you. You will find girls looking for a more romantic relationship or nymphomaniacs ready to have sex at the first opportunity. Each character you meet will have its own specific personality and dozens of scenes to unlock.
The game is inspired by Girl Life but from the point of view of a male character.

Anal Sex, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, Female Domination, Group Sex, Handjob, Incest, Lesbian, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, MILF, Oral Sex, Real Porn, School Setting, Teasing, Titfuck, Vaginal Sex, Voyeurism
1. Extract and run.


Completed all characters for the Speed Run. You will now be able to fully play the quest of each character in the game sequentially. (You must start a new game to access the SpeedRun).

Eva – New Quest and Scenes (Final part) – this month there will be the final part of the quest started last month related to Eva, Cory, Mandy and Gina.
These are the last few weeks that Eva will be staying in your house before she goes back to campus to resume classes, so don’t waste any time and enjoy her presence as much as you can until the last day.
You will also see how her presence will affect the other women in your house, who will begin to interact with her in increasingly explicit and uninhibited ways.
Finally, don’t be distracted in the last scene when Eva returns to campus, because there will be two important previews of something that will happen in the next versions. The entry of a new character into the game and a major twist that will have big future repercussions on the relationship between you and the other women in your house.
Cory – New Scenes – New scenes with Cory during Eva’s quest.
Mandy – New Scenes – New scenes with Mandy during Eva’s quest.
Gina – New Scenes – New scenes with Gina during Eva’s quest.



New characters available in Speed Run mode: Lucy, Mrs. Ivy, Mandy.

Eva – New Quest and Scenes (Part One) – It is exam period on campus and there will be a suspension of classes for a few weeks, so Eva will take advantage of it to come home to stay with you. Unlike the previous time, however, when you were still in the early stages of your approach, you now have a much more advanced sexual relationship. So this will lead to a lot of fun and many very exciting situations in her company during these weeks of living together.
Also with Cory, Mandy and Gina the relationships are also much more advanced than last time Eva stayed at your home. This will lead to many exciting new situations and dynamics with them as well–and with each other.
The amount of content I have come up with for this release is such that I have not been able to fit it all in this month, so I have divided the quest into two parts, with the second concluding part to be released next month.
Cory – New Scenes – New scenes with Cory during Eva’s quest.
Mandy – New Scenes – New scenes with Mandy during Eva’s quest.
Gina – New Scenes – New scenes with Gina during Eva’s quest.



From this version, there will be a new game mode, exclusive to subscribers, the Speed Run. With this mode, which you can access by starting a new game, you will be able to choose one of all the female characters in the game and sequentially start the entire flow of scenes related to that specific character. No wasted time related to the passing of days, increasing stats or money, going to sleep, etc. You will have the ability to view a character’s entire storyline as if it were a movie. The first five characters available as of this release will be: Mrs. Addams, Asa, Brandi, Caprice and Cory. The others are still in the works and will be gradually released within the next 3-4 releases.

Mrs. Addams – New Quest and Scenes – After Sean has discovered the relationship between you and her and has begun to witness your sexual sessions, he will begin to push harder and harder to join your ‘game’. It will be up to you to decide whether to accept his plan and push Mrs. Addams down a path of perdition and total lust, or to exclude him from your relationship and keep Mrs. Addams just for you. Whichever you choose, you will need to regain control of the situation, putting yourself in an advantageous position over Sean. And to do this you will need the support of Principal Ann.
Principal Ann – New Scenes – New scenes with Principal Ann during Mrs. Addams’s quest.



Riley – New Quest and Scenes – As naughty and shameless as ever, Riley will again miss no opportunity to get you into trouble or embarrassment. But since her relationship with Todd has ended, your attitude toward her has changed. Now you too are beginning to look for her to tease and have fun with her. Although neither you nor she wants to admit it yet, the more time you spend together, the more dependent you become on each other. You begin to feel a chemistry that you have never felt before with anyone else. Is something deeper coming underneath between you?
Veronica – New Scenes – New scenes with Veronica during Riley’s quest.
Dakota – New Scenes – New scenes with Dakota during Riley’s quest.
Principal Ann – New Scenes – New scenes with Principal Ann during Riley’s quest.
Mrs Summer – New Scenes – New scenes with Mrs Summer during Riley’s quest.



Mrs. Jackson – New Quest and Scenes – In the warehouse where you work part-time there will be a progression in your relationship with Mrs. Jackson, your fearsome and authoritarian boss. The intimidating Mrs. Jackson will continue with her bullying of you. Will you be strong enough to stand up to her and begin to impose your dominant personality on her?
Cory, Mandy and Gina – New Scenes – New scenes with Cory, Mandy and Gina during weekends at Eric’s mansion
Lena – New Scenes – Your most perverse and shameless schoolmate, Lena, will propel you on new extravagant and exhibitionist adventures downtown under the stunned eyes of your fellow citizens.



Mandy – New Quest and Scenes – Mandy’s wedding day is getting closer and closer. And to your misfortune, Mandy, under the advice of her husband-to-be, will decide to appoint you as her best man. You will then have to participate and contribute to all the hassles of the preparations for the upcoming wedding. Your consolation, will be that this will result in you spending a lot of time with Mandy, and neither she nor you can now resist each other. So you will end up getting into the most kinky and risky situations.
Cory – New Scenes – New scenes with Cory during weekends at Eric’s mansion
Gina – New Scenes – New scenes with Gina during weekends at Eric’s mansion



Changed the Quest page to also show characters not yet unlocked with hints on how to unlock them.

Todd – New Quest – After the recent events with Riley, Todd wants your help in finding a girl to have his first time with. As a good friend, you decide to help him, and this will lead you to cross paths with many of your old acquaintances: Milena, Cory, Gina, Lucie, Lena, Mrs. Addams, Mrs. Summer, etc. Unfortunately for Todd, however, this will not be so easy to achieve, especially since much of the time it will be you who will end up having sex with all those women you meet. Will Todd, after so many disappointments, finally get his moment to shine and have his first time?

Various bugfixes



Zoey – New Quest and Scenes – Experience the evolution of your sinful relationship with Zoey, your girlfriend’s mother. As much as you will try to resist her blandishments and remain faithful to Caprice, day after day she will relentlessly seduce you into more and more risky and exciting situations until she brings you to the point of no return.
Caprice – New Quest and Scenes – Caprice will also need your attention, and the more you date her the more you will discover that she is much more kinky than you ever thought. Start playing new naughty games with her to take your relationship to a new level and open up a whole new world of possibilities with her.
Dream Scene (Only Subscriber) – The dream of this version will feature the super buxom Milena and Lucie. Get ready for this surreal dream, set on a farm, where you will find them quivering waiting for you ready to be milked.

Added new audios for Zoey

Various bugfixes



Cory – New Quest and Scenes – Matt, Cory’s new boyfriend, will try to insinuate himself more and more into your life by trying to take your women away from you. You will have to come up with a plan to get rid of him before it is too late. With the help of Mandy and Gina you will have to succeed in exposing Matt’s true intentions and bring Cory back into your arms for good. Prove that you and only you are the only man of the house!
Mandy – New Scenes – Some new scenes with Mandy during Cory’s quest.
Gina – New Scenes – Some new scenes with Gina during Cory’s quest.
From this version, all scenes with prostitutes at school when you skip class, those in the school bathrooms during classes, and those at the movie theater downtown have been made public.

Various bugfixes



From this version there will be a change in the narrator’s dialogues (the boxes with the black background that comment on the scene). Whereas before the narrator pointed to all the characters, including the main character, in the third person, from now he will address you directly. While this causes a change in style from previous scenes, it brings, in my opinion, greater involvement in the story.

Gabbie – New Character – New Quest and Scenes – Gabbie is a quirky college student who has just arrived in town and whom you will meet on campus. You’ll immediately notice how she is amazed and fascinated by everything, but especially how incredibly naive she is about so many things, especially in the sexual field. Of course you will be happy to teach her all that is necessary, although her clumsiness and ingenuity will not make things easy for you. So brace yourself and be prepared for many awkward situations even in public places, because with Gabbie there are no normal days.
Dream Scene (Only Subscriber) – Get ready to celebrate Christmas Eve with many of your sexy acquaintances: Milena, Mrs. Ann, Eva, Caprice, Gina and Mrs. Addams.

Added new audios for Gabbie

Various bugfixes



Mrs. Ann – New Quest and Scenes – Team up with the principal to frame and catch your teachers in the act of having sex. The principal will take advantage of this discovery to push your teachers to attend sex education class, with you as tutor. She will also personally reward you for each teacher you bring, plus a special reward if you bring them all.
Mrs. Ivy – New Quest and Scenes – Continue to explore Mrs. Ivy’s hidden nymphomaniac personality and arrange for her to attend Principal Ann’s sex education class.
Mrs. Summer – New Scenes – New scenes with her at school and at the principal’s sex education class.
Mrs. Addams – New Scenes – New scenes with her at school and at the principal’s sex education class.

Added new audios for Mrs. Ann

Bugfix reconciliation quest Todd
Various bugfixes


Eva – New Quest and Scenes – Keep going to campus to expand your sexual relationship with Eva.
Asa – New Quest and Scenes – Asa will try to seduce both you and Eva to insinuate herself within your relationship.
Claire – New Scenes – Asa will be so resourceful that she will not even leave shy Claire out, engaging her in the kinky games she will have in mind for you.

Added new audios for Asa

Various bugfixes


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Sep 26, 2022
high school? +10 yeas or more
That's the usual effect of using real porn. Trying to pass off a bunch of well-used porn actresses as teenagers doesn't really work too well. :ROFLMAO:
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