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Lust Doll Plus is set in a post-apocalyptic semi-modern/future world, where you start alone and confused in a dangerous place, with literally nothing (not even clothes on your back), and go on to carve out a piece of the world for yourself. There’ll be a main storyline to follow, but the emphasis is on it being an open-world game where you just screw around and have fun. There’s a large emphasis on body configuration and gender identity.

You choose who you want to be at the beginning, but your body may change over the course of the game, depending on your actions. You’ll also be able to control what kind of content you can see in the game. For example, if you wish for your character to have sex with only males or only females, or if you don’t want to see a particular kink, then you can disable them.

2D Game, 2DCG, Character Creation, Creampie, Female Domination, Female Protagonist, Futa/trans, Futa/Trans Protagonist, Gay, Lesbian, Male Domination, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, Mobile Game, Pregnancy, RPG, Sex Toys, Text Based, Virgin
1. Extract and run.

Added Nymosa’s post-route date
Added Linda’s Ankle Stocks scenes in Private Dungeon
Added secret scene when not able to be sold as a slave in desert
Fixed sleeping in certain sleepwear not restoring originally worn clothes
Fixed no cleavage when wearing a maid dress with large breasts
Fixed being able to give Cless bug venom before he asks for it
Fixed several instances of wrong gender term being used during island fights
Fixed equip preview staying on player when tinkering
Optimized code for PC and NPC portraits


Added Nymph’s post-route events
Added scene for being defeated in underground arena while bound
Fixed Bondage Blindfold disappearing the first time Fawn grows a cock during private dungeon
Fixed NPC BG overlay being offset when NPC portrait is moved
Fixed wrong dialogue when being let out after subbing to Fawn in pillory stocks
Fixed unremovable lower undies being offset when in pillory stocks
Fixed wrong text being displayed when being defeated in underground arena


Added multiple bad ends after being captured by slavers
Changed to allow being captured in slaver house even if defeated slaver caravan
Added Bedroom and Bunny Slippers to underground mall shop
Added Desert Tiara, Laurel Crown, Gold Laurel Crown, Bands and Rippled Bands to Sunshine city shop
Revised map system in Desert
Revised graphics for giant worm and giant flower
Renamed Desert Forehead Gem Band to Desert Diadem
Fixed issues with wearing hoodies with certain hairstyles
Fixed not being able to run after fighting Pixie
Renamed male pregnancy to ass pregnancy
Fixed productive status not working for battles
Fixed to allow doing *** with Gin during third training arc
Fixed Manor encounters not giving frilled gloves if don’t have any
Fixed graphics for Black kimono
Fixed issues when being milked while wearing chastity belt
Fixed Chastity belt graphics issues when pregnant
Fixed slaver tattoo and desert map carrying over on NG+


Added getting captured by slavers
Added barber in Sunshine
Added a buyable desert map in Sunshine
Added a chest in Temple
Added Hair Master to Science Lab Tower shop
Fixed graphical issues with gimp suit
Fixed Harpy Roost positioning in Desert not working properly
Fixed Veil Top not being considered indecent
Fixed held items being behind cloak
Renamed Desert Tiara to Desert Forehead Gem Band
Renamed Forest Boots to Thick Boots
Fixed desert town northern entrance not resetting exhaustion
Fixed wrong identifiers used during brothel scenes


Fixed performance issues when using maps while walking in desert
Fixed auto cocksleeve scene not playing with Cassie
Fixed positioning of auto dildo when you have balls
Fixed wrong text when bedding someone in desert brothel
Changed Veil Bottoms to not block feet undies
Moved Veil Bottoms from lower slot to loweru slot
Fixed complementing Rinny on her bathing suit when she isn’t wearing one
Fixed Fawn not untying shibari after doing an outing
Fixed fingering Kitty not resetting their arousal
Fixed wrong dialogue when asking Fawn about her card
Reduced requirements for stat check when entering Meat Parasite Nest for the first time
Fixed Linda’s special domme scene not being able to be activated on Island
Fixed weird event behaviour when leaving Torture Rack club after inquiring about a certain someone
Fixed being able to get into random encounters while in Harpy Roost
Fixed Harpy Roost not being named
Fixed Harpy Roost cutting ropes repeating immediately after getting caught


Fixed auto cocksleeve and cock growth spell not showing properly on Cassie when pregnant
Fixed using cock growth spell with knotted cock
Fixed getting cock milked with knotted cock
Fixed using cock accessories with knotted cock
Reduced requirements for one of Mistyra’s scenes


Added reverting to before changes when changing character bodily appearance
Fixed missing pink light coloured tails
Fixed removing Fawn futa cock not removing cocksleeve
Fixed bug when taking medical classes in UNA
Fixed Fawn being in UNA when she’s tied up in private dungeon
Fixed changing Cassie’s clothes options


Moved Sleeveless shirts, Flip-flops, Fezs, Visors, all Sandals, Wide brim hats and Aviator sunglasses to desert town
Moved Windbreakers and T-shirts to athletic wear shop
Moved Ninja mask, Fox masks, Wide bowl hat, Forearm guard, Ornamental katana and Straw Cone Hat to Temple
Fixed interactions with Gin on Island
Fixed leaving Rinny in pillory stocks
Fixed Rinny being able to lewd non-lewdable enemies
Fixed Bell losing collar after stripping
Fixed Marin not returning from basement
Fixed graphical glitch when training Gin
Fixed hypersensitive nipples interaction with living bra when playing flute


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