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Sep 14, 2022
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F18 Studios
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0.5.0b (Ongoing)
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Mar 22, 2023
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Jul 1, 2022
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What I wanted in a game is you can go out into the world, chat and have some fun with intelligent characters.
Full physics touch machanics, a smart NPC chat system and advance play mechanics are a few main mechanics I wanted in this project.
I also envision having random generated NPC.
I can successfully say I hit the mechanics I wanted to see in this game.
This game is still in pre-alpha so there are still some issues in the game and also is in need of more content.

3D Game, Adventure, Dating Sim, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Prostitution, RPG, Sandbox
1. Extract and run.
0.5.0 beta

Added new sex animation.
Eye and Look at movement with NPC.
Added expression for NPC.
NPC have a emotion system now.
two new characters added.
Lenn (Step Mom).
Kate (Step Sister).
New Vehicle added.
Box Car.
New Pick Up were added.
Clothes with three tiers.
Credits (In-Game Currency).
New Outfits for characters and NPC.
Swimsuit for females.
Beach outfit for males.
New hairstyles were added.
Changes to UI and UI were updated.
Added a flash light.
Night and Day system in all scenes.
Night and Day system carry over scenes.
Date and weekday is displayed on UI.
New Camera System during intercourse.
UI for intercourse mode.
Gift system was added.
Set Character were updated.
New water system added.
New zones were added to main level.
Models shaders or materials have improved.
NPC spawns at new locations.
New Arcade Level.
NPC now are spawn with random eye color.
Skip button and POV or changing camera button has been added.
Fixed :

Player being rocketed out of the map.
Issues with camera system when entering a new level.
Issues with sky and enviroment.
Interaction with NPC and objects have improved.
Fixed issue with spawning.
Improve traffic and spawning traffic.
Car impeding traffic or car that are idle and not moving are now destroyed.
Waypoints for NPC have been rearranged.
Fixed inputs interfereing with Intercourse and NPC Interactions.
Fixed model weight Issues.
Fixed issues with shape blends.
Fix and improve camera system.
Some improvement in performance.
Fixed issues with sound not playing in certain scenes.
Fixed issue with sound not playing during intercourse.
Vehicle clean up system had been added.
Lock On has been disabled.
Fixed errors.
Improve issue when returning back to the main menu.


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