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Sep 14, 2022
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You are a pathetic goblin slave, owned by the beautiful but cruel Witch-Queen Az’ea. That is until a spell of hers goes wrong and your roles are reversed! Now you're giving the orders to Az’ea and the staff of lovely maids that work at Greenwood Manor.

You’ll need to govern your lands, renovate your castle and train up your naïve maids! The game features beautiful illustrations and animations, talented voice actors and a harem of sexy girls who are going to slowly learn to love having a goblin as their master...

2dcg, adventure, animated, big ass, big tits, fantasy, handjob, male protagonist, management, monster, spanking, voiced
1. Extract and run.

WARNING OPTIONAL NTR IN CURRENT UPDATE(Personally don’t care but wanted to let it be known)
Since it’s been a while since someone uploaded I’ll list a quick rundown of all the changelogs since v15
Major changes:

Two new Beth masturbation scenes – one on her own, (but not hidden by the covers this time) and one in which she teaches Delia “what not to do”. ;)
An animated character sprite for Beth! At the moment this is primarily used in places like the job screen and interacting with her on the castle screen.
Five new scenes about room upgrades: the disarming room, the barracks, the lord’s bedroom, the lobby and the armoury. These help explain some details about how the castle works, and/or develop the story of rebuilding the castle.
Three new holding court events.
Bug fixes and the addition of voice acting to the Beth boob sex scene from last month.
76 new voice lines for Az’ea, Beth, Cliona and Delia distributed across the game in various scenes and on the castle screen for many interactions such as praise & instruct, exhaustion and sexy lust potions.
Three new scenes of Delia being happy about the upgrades to her lab, featuring a new CG by RDuke.
7 new holding court events that can occur in response to building certain upgrades.
Balance changes in preparation for the upcoming releases that will introduce the Earl and the town screen; the most noticeable will be a boost to all the castle upgrade costs.
New scenes in which the Earl gets “service” from a maid, for Beth, Cliona and Delia! These are three new variations on animations used for the portal rituals, now featuring the Earl. More will come in the future, too!
A new gameplay system in which the Earl demands tribute in gold each week. If you don’t pay up then you will risk his anger, and his armies! (Sieges will be implemented in an upcoming update.)
A new system in which the Earl demands a maid be assigned to cooking on his visits and the tribute amount changes based on the maid’s cooking skill.
New story scenes introducing the Earl and the new gameplay systems.




We've finally finished the game's introduction! Or at least got it story-complete. I might want to go back and make some improvements here and there later, but for now it's playable with a huge batch of new Az'ea voice acting and two new CGs! You'll be able to see the newly extended intro simply by starting a new game.

Major changes:

The full, detailed change log is attached below, and in the game by clicking the version number on the menu screen.

The introduction has been completed, featuring:
A sex scene between Az'ea and Lord Goblin (including a CG),
an introductory sequence about how the portal was opened (including a CG),
and a huge batch of new Az'ea voice acting.
Four new holding court events that follow up from the events in the introduction.
Various small bug fixes.

Full Change Log:
Manor' screen
Az'ea summoning the Leviathan' part of the introduction added
Az'ea & Goblin perform the 1st Ritual' sex scene added

Holding Court' screen
The Leviathan' Event added as part of an event chain (1 of 2)
The Leviathan Az'ea's report' Event added as part of an event chain (2 of 2)
The Leviathan the Guards report' Event added as part of an event chain (2 of 2)
The Leviathan rumours' Event added as part of an event chain (2 of 2)

Cast A Spell' screen
Spell book can now also be closed by clicking outside its bounds

Brew A Potion' screen
Recipe book can now also be closed by clicking outside its bounds

Bug Fixes/Miscellaneous:

Manor' screen
Fixed an issue where the Manor HUD would sometime not re-appear after a dialogue

Holding Court' screen
Fixed an issue with 'The Leviathan' event chain where selecting "Ask for advice" would not properly trigger the dialogue

Manor' screen
Fixed the incorrect starting day after the introduction
Fixed the day/night transition


Major changes:
The full, detailed change log is attached below, and in the game by clicking the version number on the menu screen.

Added spanking animations (and sounds) for when you choose "discipline maid" on the manor screen!
Added short animated scenes for the first time you spank each of the four ladies; Az'ea, Beth, Cliona and Delia.
Added four new holding court events, each connected directly to one of the girls.

Gameplay & UI related changes:
Maid Interaction' screen
Added long scenes(first time)/short scenes(repeat) when choosing to 'Discipline' a Maid

Holding Court' screen
Delia the Disgrace' Random event added
Beth the Book Basher' Random event added
Which Witch?' Random event added
Dora Milaje' Random event added

Bug fixes / Miscellaneous:
Fixed Max 'Villeins/Soldiers/Artisans' cap not updating properly
Fixed 'Lobby' level 2 upgrade 'Legitimacy' bonus not updating properly
Fixed 'Study' level 5 upgrade requirements

Version 0.9.0 change log:

Gameplay & UI related changes:

Main Menu’ screen
After the big leap forward in the game design last month, this month we had to tie up a lot of loose ends and get the schedule back on track for early-month releases. Az’ea’s romance story continues, with a flashback and a new conversation in the game, but we’ve also been putting in some effort to polish up a lot of the recent additions to the game.

Major changes:

The full, detailed change log is attached below, and in the game by clicking the version number on the menu screen.

A new flashback scene about Az’ea’s past with Lord Goblin, available if you build up her love score.
A new conversation with Az’ea, available if you upgrade her study a second time.
8 new holding court events.
Further tooltip improvements to make them look better and contain more useful information.
Developed and improved the weather graphics significantly, building on the system introduced last release.
General tweaking, rebalancing and bug fixing.




Day 2 story scenes:

“Giving orders second time”
“Az’ea calls Lord Goblin to the bedroom”
Day 3 story scenes:
“They don’t want to call him “lord””
Day 4 story scenes:
“This is a shit hole”
“Imps break out in the night”
Day 5 story scenes:
“They notice the crystals”
“Imp attack events”
“Introducing ritual sex”
“Flashback to how the maids got here”
New holding court events related to the portal’s power.
New voice lines in the Az’ea hand job scenes.


- - - -​

Mac (0.14.0)

- - - -​

Linux (0.14.0)

- - - -​



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