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Sep 23, 2023
So years ago I discovered the BDSM VN Together Again off itch. It surprized me how well of a BDSM plot based game it was even if it was pretty sadistic in some turns and like cringe tier traumatic at points.

In my 10 year almost tenure of delving itch as it has expanded, I've not seen many BDSM games that like actually go beyond vanilla as this one did. By this I don't mean the 1000s of FNaF junk which is jus weird or toony BDSM but like games that focus on the actual interplay rather than some cheesey bimbo-ification with kink tags awarded like discord roles for the "man of culture" apropriation BS.

Like games that actually explore the dom v sub dynamic in a story based relation kinda way. IDK how to explain. It's like, there's a big diff between games with romantic and thought out story vs nukage's that just spray cum all over everything and slap on kink tags due to a sex toy or costume's inclusion, you know what I mean?

Like comparatively, Together Again compares well to the professional JAST VN Tomgirls of the Mountain in almost every way (despite cishetero vs fembois) and its a friggin indie game.

Point being, where are more "sincere" kinky fetish exploring games like Together Again?

Secondarily, another scarcity I have noticed, though a fairly large H doujinshi genre, one thing you don't see much of in AVNs is public exposure exhibitionism to include humiliation kinks, public toilet(urinal) group humiliation and watersports. Some public exhibition games exist but hardly any include much degrees of humiliation(though thats kinda the point of the genre) and there's maybe half a dozen watersports games where it's not like only 1 cg on the piss scenes. So what are/where are the more true to public exhibition genres of the kinky variety on VNs? (humiliation + watersports +/- public toilet prostitution training).

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