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Aug 6, 2022
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Lil Pippy is a brand new Character pack for Genesis 3 Female / Genesis 8 Female & Growing Up for G3F/ Growing up for G8F and is part of 3DLoki's new "Lil Darlings" series. She comes with 3 character presets in the following ages: 5, 10 and 15 years old

Just like her adult counterpart (Pippy for G3F) Lil Pippy's magic word is VERSATILITY! with fibermesh eyebrows so you get just the look you need for your renders, to all of her 'extras' that help make her more unique.

And for all of you who have asked for G8 versions of my Lil's here you go!

Lil Pippy comes with 2 custom skin sets (With and without freckles) 8 eyelash presets, 5 Eyebrow color presets, and 5 nail presets!

Don't miss any of my new products or sales! Follow me on Renderosity, and please take a few moments to write up a review if you pick up this product!



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