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Sep 14, 2022
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Oct 31, 2022
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Lewd Maze (former Corrupted Dungeon) is an Isometric dungeon crawler with turn based pixel fighting part, with some nice in-battle sex. You have two main characters for now, tanned neko and elf girl. And some cute NPCs~ Some of them will have their own H-scenes and will be able to temporarily join you party in battle, as story will progress.
Dungeon itself is constantly changing, unstable structure. (randomly generated, yes) It was filled by only dust and old bones for hundred of years, but now tis suddenly exploded with life, filling with awesome treasures – and swarming with various perverted creatures, corrupting minds and setting in heat anyone who dare to set foot inside. It is classic isometric with cute sprites and various awesome objects to explore and to plunder.
Note: The 64-bit version of Java is required to run this game. The game will prompt you to download Java but open the 32-bit download page. Manually download the 64-bit version here.

2D Game, 2DCG, Animated, Combat, Corruption, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Futa/trans, Mind Control, Monster Girl, Multiple protagonist, RPG, Tentacles, Turn Based Combat
1. Extract and run.

Added 2-3 stage and Ant queen boss.
Added Catgirl x Ant Queen gameover CG
Added Elf x Ant Queen gameover CG
Added kaeryn x Ant Queen gameover CG
Added Kaeryn x Ant Queen battle H main loop
Also Ant queen missing most important part which is grapple mechanics and animations, but we’ll add that soon~
Finished Catgirl x Alraune animation, main and cum, colored and shaded, done
Fixed few bugs with Minotaur and Kaeryn and gameover not showing. Should work fine now~
Added voice acting to traps, most traps now should have cute catgirl voice
Added voices to Cat x Ant, duo
Added audio for Cat x Mino, duo. Lemme me know if using two girls at same time (for character and for mob) sounds good.
Fixed few bugs where game would freeze while using Vanish skill
Finished Catgirl x Alraune main loop, now its all shiny and shaded
Added gameover CG for Dullahan x Slug miniboss. May be a bit hard to get this one, but it looks really cool.
New type of skills added, now they can interact with isometric world, objects, monsters is various ways
Added True Sight racial skill for Catgirls – for constant MP drain, she will highlight traps and some other active objects (such as NPCs or Bosses)
Added Vanish racial skill for Elves – for constant MP drain, she will cut mobs aggro range to 1 block around mob, and slightly larger for moving mob vs moving character. This will slow down your movement and will make world look a bit darker, but should allow to grab loot freely, and will make sneaking around looking for staircases easier.
Added Cat x Mushroom Alraune finish loop (colored, needs shading).
Added Dullahan x Redcap finish animation, colored and shaded, done
Added Mushroom Alraune x Elf animation main loop. Probably would still need some tweaks around.
Guild lady received complete rework. She will also get her own scenes eventually (merc option? we’ll see)
Added Dullahan x Ant finish animation, colored and shaded, done
Added Mushroom Alraune miniboss and 2-2 substage.
Added Gameover CG for Elf vs Alraune
Added Gameover CG for Cat vs Alraune


Added dullahan x Yellowcap full animation, finish included, shaded and colored
Added Maid in player mansion and events for her (spoiler – she has scene for each character and each debuff, and likes shiny things like diamonds)
Fixed couple minor bugs like issue with bone armor crafting, should be working now
Couldn’t reproduce bug with mana potions, if anyone gets that again, please provide step by step and save file.
Added Dullahan x Redcap main loop, colored ans shaded.
Added Dullahan x Leeches gameover CG
Fixed few bugs with missing animations, fixed dullahan skills a bit and merged few sprite files together to decrease loading time, should be a bit faster now.
Added skills and skill animations to dullahan both subclasses, now its done
Added Dullahan Hire quest sequence, be careful its currently one-time thing.
Also, she has good CG scene for winning, but there is no Escape / Merchant scenes yet.
Finished mushroom alraune basic animations, probably will add some on Patreon for people to check


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