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Sep 23, 2023
So, with patreon and subscribestar outed as the crooked corps they are, Fakku!/Nutaku has gone down the same crooked road ages ago, onlyfans/epals are so in bed with org crime, becoming a new user puts you at risk open to corporate extortion. Pixiv Fanbox is both a) Japan only + viscously anti-AI/3d engines b) can't post explicit/taboo junk there anyway. Steam is too "you need to be shipoed title" plus restrictive anyway. DL Site restricts everything to DRM and proprietary content loader that's coin-operated. RedBubble has gone all DMCA license BS, plus never hosted "porn" anyway (adult media filter means R rated nudity only). Diipoo is a bootleg site that aside from stealing artists works and resale as "their" original works, they may be selling carcinogenic toys. Etc... Etc... Etc...

As one who plans to begin work on their first commercial project in 2 weeks with alpha launch by xmass, like wut in the F are we supposed to do? Where do we platform things aside invite only select social media channels?

I have posted many means for alternative options in several threads for opperating an established biz safely from select DIY forum webhosting to BBS solutions. But like what do you do for the innitial "start out phase"? You know, the phase where you have no capital/money and just your project? Putting the alpha on a fileshare encrypted link and manually sharing it places only does so much. While I know a fair bit of what to do once I finally get some base starter capital, what do you do to get that innitial start up pool funding?

This is something I have struggled to find the alternatives to for about a year and a half now.
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