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You thought it was a miracle that you landed a job at ██████. Boarding, food, and all the ██████ you could ever ███. It was just too good to be true!

Unfortunately for you, It was.

Every night you will need to protect yourself from a dozen █████████.
Maybe if you survive, you might just get that ██████.
Due to advancements in DNA splicing, we have been able to produce animal-human hybrids.
Unfortunately, they have a habit of exhibiting strange behavior at night.
Their typical actions involve damage both to the property and our associates, so security is essential.
During your shift you will be operating the doors on either side of
you to prevent these creatures from getting access to your office.
You will be provided with a company approved squeaky toy on your desk to assist in decreasing your stress levels.
Breaking down on the job is game over.
During your time here, you may be stationed at one of our four properties.
For example you may be asked to control access to our Casino, Bar, Warehouse,
or Administration office. Each of these locations have different mechanics that you will need to quickly adapt to.
Acclimation is the key to success!
Don't worry about the vents.

3d game, 3dcg, adventure, animated, big ass, big tits, fantasy, furry, group sex, horror, lesbian, male protagonist, monster girl, oral sex, pov, vaginal sex
1 - Extract and run.



- Tweaked overall difficulty.
- replicated previous version's camera angles.
- removed old placeholder barriers.
- iterated menu visuals.
- placed sanity overlay on all in-game menus.
- heavily altered lighting (again).
- made the funny t-pose rarer.
- added a temporary porn gallery.
- swapped videos over to bink.

v0.8 alpha
TBH its not the same backend anymore?
1. Reimplemented misty's door mechanics (with tweaks),
2. Changed lighting and camera positions,
3. Fixed camera rotation bugs,
4. Added basic quality presets,
5. Added basic volume sliders,
6. Altered sound attenuation settings,
7. Changed main menu background,
8. Added ambient sound,
9. Added and altered some of the jumpscares,
10. Fixed some sounds,
11. And many many bugfixes.

Directions for 0.8 Testing

During a night, the girls will move towards you in a pre-determined path then attempt to get into your room. At the same time, certain mechanisms in the map will be broken which you'll need to click on to fix. The amount of mechanisms currently broken is displayed in the color bar above your desk and range from green to yellow, to red then to purple.

In the meantime, a video can play at random moments during the night. Both the video playing and squeezing the plushie too often risks causing a character to attack immediately if their door is open in your left hallway. Survive their attack by repeatedly pressing the red button that appears.

Fix all minigames while closing the doors before the girls get in, click on the plushie in the desk to regain sanity spent having the doors closed. Losing all your sanity will result in an immediate gameover, so will letting all mechanisms in the room break down. Survive until 6AM.

The same as above, now with 5 Poppis roaming the world much faster. The level only ends once you get all 20 eggs scattered around the map.

Experimental Patch 0.7.5
* Changes videos to electra plugin for better streaming performance
* Changes clear night button behavior and location, to avoid the scripted night 0 prologue
* Fixes several video unlock criteria to actually be possible
* Moves nightclub onto its own (hidden) night counter, and ties AI levels to it
* Several small changes
Known Issues: Watermark hasn't been updated, Will get that adjusted with some more stuff very soon!

Experimental Patch 0.7.4
* Implement a temporary prologue sequence.
* Implement draft 2 of the tutorial sequence.
* Moves nightclub to its own night tracker (not reflect on UI yet)
* Changes main menu layout to allow proper selection of which map
* Implements the 'staring at Nile' mechanic in its first iteration.

Funny Known Issues
*Misty is able to dunk on you still in the tutorial, She is too strong for cages and thus will obliterate you. Diamond Straits will get a new cage in the next build*

Known Issues
*Problems with HD resolutions with the unlock board
*Minigames sometimes trigger on the nightclub and Admin incorrectly
*Unlock Criteria for lights video is bugged
*Staring at nile while she is at her starting position will not effect her movement* (potential feature)
*Borderless Fullscreen can break some widgets*
*You can cause yourself tinnitus by clicking on Ari rapidly*
*Kass's end screen will loop*
*Camera will still play sounds if not moving if your mouse pointer is in a specific position*
*Porn blocker is broken*

* Fixed Credits
* Balance changes to Misty mini-game
* Made small engine tweaks to improve performance.
* Made changes to help alleviate white screen issue

* Added Maddie to the admin room
* Added Maddie minigame
* Added visual effects to the cameras for gameplay purposes
* Restricted number of Admin Room nights to 12 (Pending new content)

* Temporarily disabled Nightclub
* Rewrote Admin Room AI
* Changed how metagames are triggered for some characters
* Changed lighting and environment in the admin room
* Repositioned some camera angles
* Many misc changes to how the AI functions
* Replaced the pens with a closet
* Lots of other small things I've probably forgotten

In Heat v0.7.2 Update: BLOODHOUND RISES
**Admin Room**
* Sweeping optimization changes for Admin Room.
* Changes the robot so that they stop asking to be let in if the door is already open.
* A secret prop now spawns sometimes in the admin room.
* The vents will now actually gameover you if you fail it, as opposed to simply sitting there forever in limbo.
* Changes several camera angles and lighting in the admin room to make the atmosphere more oppressive.
* Adds particle effects to the Admin room to add some A E S T H E T I C .
* Transitions most of the lighting in Admin to baked lighting for further optimization.
* Fixes\* loss of control in the admin room.
**Night Club**
* Sweeping optimization changes for Nightclub.
* Performing some actions in the nightclub now rewards tickets.
* Finalizes the look of the Vault.
* Adds Prinny. (oh boy a secret character? wow I didn't even talk about this one)
* Adds a drink shaker.
* Makes the lights minigame look correct on lower graphics settings.

**Videos & Unlocks**
* Updates one of nile's videos.
* Forces the unlock board to recompile each time the game is built, preventing orphaned unlocks.
* Alters the unlock board to have some props and spawn the info pane on the viewport instead of in the game world.
* Ari replaces Cassidy as the shopkeep.
* Fixes the customize desk UI.
* Adds a video related to Ari.

* Fixes audio slider issues with some sounds.
* Partially fixes the gamma slider to not allow complete eye searing levels.
* Alters the lighting in the main menu and changes some props.
* Removes references to world war 2.
* Removes the numpad 5 unlock secret.
* Adds another secret.
* Implements save version tracking. This will wipe your save file, but moving forward, save file wiping will not be required.
* Fixes some strange depth of field issues on the main menu.

(significant) issues:
* Some users cannot accept Maddie's pie
* Borderless fullscreen breaks some widgets
* Tapes in general are needing more tlc
* Loading new maps causes significant freezing due to a lack of transition
* Ari can be clicked rapidly in a single location to spam her cute sounds
* In some 'game over' scenes, it is possible to wait out the night and still win
* If the night ends with the ad playing on your PC, it will continue playing indefinitely without draining sanity.
* You can hover over shop elements while the camera is transitioning from one area to the next.
* Main menu widgets are not flush with their meshes.
* When the lights go out in admin room, the girls can no longer enter your room.
* Gamma controls are backwards with brightest being the lowest value.
* Sound controls are borked and do not initialize properly.
*White Screen Issue persists, looking into ways to cache videos better. Will likely switch to in engine animations once the models are reworked.

v0.7 Preview

Improves lighting and materials in various areas.
Nerfs Misty.
Disables Cass's metagame. (Going to be completely reworked)
Introduces experimental new vent minigame.
Adds Maddie's icon to the tape menu.
Slightly fixes the white screen issue. (Video system was completely remade)
Changes the intro video.
Makes the lighting worse in the staff room. (had to do it to em)
Changes the map view for the Nightclub.
Fixes the hole in the ceiling of the tunnel of love.
Gives poggerino a glowstick.
Removes the not-so-secret poggerino.


Update Notes:
This is a pretty simple update that adjusts the values of Misty and some of the RNG.
Players should have an easier time with Misty's minigame!

Bug Fixes
Removed Custom Radio system due to Linux bug.
Watermark version number was incorrect.
Fixed Misty door needed to be closed after Poggerino save.
Fixed the ability to click on multiple switches on the screen in the tape room.
Cassidy’s cams shake too strong, decreased screen shake.
Fixed intro screen repeating.
Fixed right clicking on the map screen will lock the player view from clicking on buttons but can return to the map then hit return to fix bug.
Fixed using Map button while on Misty’s view to exit her camera bug.
Fixed error associated with using vorpal blade and radio at same time.
Fixed Poppi's 2nd video freeze.
Adjusted door sounds, because they got stuck.
Adjusted collision on tapes.
Fixed tapes duplicating. Fixed Poggerino saving you from situations that he shouldn’t be able to save you from.
Fixed Poppi Video count.
Fixed Megaphone buff.
Fixed a situation where the game would no longer be able to Fullscreen after being set to windowed mode.
Radio should now keep track of where you are at between nights. Fixed cartoon looping.
Investigated game breaking bug which would crash the game upon first radio cache load.
Added delay to switching tapes, to prevent duplication of tapes.
Fixed audio playback persisting after video close.
Fixed Debug systems.
Collected Tapes are still spawning bug.
Investigating texture bugs for older gpu. Investigating Character movement bug that has a 0.3% chance of happening.
Fixed Poppibox was not playing pop up animation on win.
Investigating some of the items bricking during this update.
Fixed Sammy notification bug.
Fixed Phone and hand interactions.
Investigating rare issue with Roombah bot breaking inside your room . Fixed various exploits with Misty’s metagame. Investigating tab-out crash.
Adjusted splash screen audio to fix lag. Fixed Global time tick issue with ending a night.
Fixed girls no longer playing a sound or posing at a window.
Adjusted girls’ positions after player death.
Investigating dynamic shadows rendering a texture bug.
Adjusted interactions with Misty and Nile to prevent a rare glitch.
Fixed the statue’s legs. Adjusted Nile Metagame to optimize fps. Fixed black screen error on vehicle crash minigame.
Optimized Misty’s cam metagame. Door buttons were slightly still visible on front camera enhancement.
Fix lever on breaker clipping visual bug.
Added extra radio song.
Fixed various figures. Removed figure detail text.
Fixed some of the typos!
Made desk night counter update nights on clear save.
View instead of View on figure view (help me what).
Disabled collection on enter screen of the figure viewer.
Repositioned right camera to not see the inside of the security room.
"Caution" sprite in the Sammy minigame is stretched vertically.
Adjusted difficulty on Misty’s metagame.
Improved model rotation on figure view.
New Game over Screen UI Polish.
Implemented brightness slider for new players enhancement
Adjusted lights out mode for even more scary horror stuff.
A fish is out of the tank bug!
Nile Metagame switched to flipbook for more optimization!
Slot machine made more *Wacky*.
Added return button to map view.
Integrated new gallery to menu.
Implement segmented map system for more efficiency.
Camera sound adjustment.
Adjusted compatibility with ultrawide Chad monitors.
Add LOD to models to reduce GPU use.
Adjusted Sanity Max and made Sammy’s meta game cover up the heat and sanity bar until the player finds their toy.
Added a check for shadow casters for fps optimizations.
Made more clickable objects like Sammy poster.
Adjusted Samantha’s boot so it no longer clips.
Moai statue nerfed. Like hella nerfed. Misty’s boobs have been buffed. Desk is now center.
Nile’s restaurant got buffed.
Added fireworks to Poppi’s jacknthebox. Improved Night 0.
Misty’s cam visual improvements.
*Admin Room Polished and Bug free as much as possible*
Revamped the Audio system.
Improved the Ai to be more aggressive over time during runs.

NEW Features
Introduced "HardMode", "Turbo", and "LightsOut" game modes enhancement.
Plushi honk prototype near desk.
Supporter love wall cam!
Separated camera every map support view.
New cameras from 3d menu system much cleaner and more efficient.
Added watermark for build in upper right corner feature.
Poppi Chad animation.
Made more clickable objects like Sammy poster enhancement.
Gambling has been added to the game.
Cassidy added to game. New main menu.
Diamond Straits is watching.
New toy model viewer.

Fix for ERROR 258 and white screen issues

-Adjusted texture sizes of all content to help reduce 258 error.
-Added watermark to game build.
-Updated lighting.
-Added shadow control to setting.
-Added texture control to setting.
-Adjusted camera turning audio.
-Added Turbo mode to gameplay tab.
-Added No lights mode to Gameplay tab.
-Niles meta game will no longer overlap Misty’s.
-Plushie will not glitch out on Sammy meta game.
-Break the Moai Statues Legs. -Removed Dahlia
-Monster girls on Misty cam game will end in death now.
-Black screen no loading on Car arcade game fixed.
-Improve the Ai to be more aggressive over time during runs.
-Ai will now gain even MORE power as the night goes by.
-Misty meta game will now not reset closed door positions.
-Removed Canine-like dildos from Cassidy’s locker. -Pause menu now pauses
-Heat not rising exploit fixed
-Removed Controller experimental support controls
-Misty’s Cam visual overhaul

-When on Death Misty Model will no longer appear on the triggering monster girl
-Language Check is Disabled for users who wanted to keep it English since it will not save the selected language for now.
-Misty's boobs have been nerfed
-Camera panning sound should stop now when the apex is reached
-Poggerino can no longer snap his fingers to stop Time
-Misty can no longer double jumpscare you
-Poppi plush video unlock no longer soft locks and will trigger video unlock
-Camera wipes now have a clear visible effect
-Poppi bomb no longer stops the game
-Camera boxes are no longer visible
NOTE: Due to an issue between 0.3 and 0.4's save compatibility, This version should set you on a clean file when opened.

New character
2 new animations unlockable by picking up VHS tapes you can find through the camera - click on them to pick them up

-Lighting was redone;
-Girls' behavior was adjusted;
-Tank minigame works;
-Computer ad distraction was reintroduced;
-New sound cues for movement were introduced;
-Robot cleaner is now active;
-The night length was adjusted.

- Updated cameras: Moving mouse left and right on screen will move the camera view
- Last resort Minigame added that gives a WIP scene
- Clock at Vent (top of screen) added
- End of Round Shop added, random items that you can purchase for points and put on your desk (only available after successfully finishing a round)
- Desk customization from the shop menu
- Animations now aquired by having plushies from the random shop on desk
- Sammy jumpscares you now, jumpscare scene added
- Sammy gallery scene added
- Nile & Poppi WIP gallery scenes added

Initial Release
Additional Responsibilities:
We have installed an array of security cameras that you may use for keeping track of the creatures roaming around the facility.

Occasionally you may be required to fix various machines in the facility, just think of it as a minigame. Luckily for you, you can do this from the comfort of your camera station. You might even spot secrets through your monitor, like one of those point and click games!

The results of failure:
If you happen to allow one of the experiments into your room, or if you don’t maintain the machines in the facility,
you'll need to be ready for the worst.
Negligence in your work can result in a monstrous attack, which certainly will be game over for you.

Win: - - - -
Linux (v0.7.2): - - - -



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