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Sep 14, 2022
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Feb 15, 2024
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Dec 8, 2022
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The game is an Adult DateSim/Visual Novel made by with Ren'Py, it follows the story of “Andy”, a young student who has to make the best of a family crisis.
Having to move with here grandmother while his parents sort things out, in this new city, he will be reunited with friendly faces and meet new people, some which will be friends, and other not so much.

2DCG, Animated, Blackmail, Creampie, Female Domination, Handjob, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, Mobile Game, Oral Sex, Sandbox, School Setting, Teasing, Vaginal Sex
1. Extract and run.

New event for Chloe
New event for Frida
Added 1 new outfit for Frida
Added 1 new outfit for Ginger
New Minigame: Painting
New Minigame: Darts
Added 18 new images
Added 8 new videos
Error in the sex scene
Some of Jessie’s items are left on the to-do list
Ginger’s sprite adjustments
Old variable was removed from the game
Variable not defined properly
Background not showing while texting with Latisha and Sophie
Cat girl, Wolf girl and Fox girl not defined
Checking the phone error


In this release we adding a new feature in which the MC can go on a trip with a girl, these will be special events where, if the player completes the necessary requirements, he can spend a weekend with one or two girls in some new place.
Expanded the Airport Location: Front and Terminal
Expanded the Gym location: Gym area, Locker (you can change clothes here), Hallway and Sauna
Added 3 new outfits for the MC
Added 2 new outfits for Felicia
Added a new outfit for Ms. Principal
Added a new outfit for Stella
Added whole new map for Winter Vacations:
Hotel: Front, Hallway, Room and Backyard Jacuzzi
Skiing minigame
Skating minigame
Snowboarding minigame
Added 15 new images
Added 9 new videos
Added new panties sniffing scenes for Ginger
Tickets missing after replaying the Gala Event
The HINT pop up shows not in the correct order
Stella not showing at the Sex Shop sometimes
Some questions don’t appear in Willy’s options
Monster ritual doesn’t end correctly if time runs out
Fix the MC sprite since it looked like his back was hunch
Some galleries links where broken
Some galleries items remain closed even after been unlocked
You need to have sex with Ginger twice before starting the Gala event
Fix Stella sprite, made her more natural
Felicia not showing at the club sometimes
Error with Ms. Principal if leaving the school
Can’t ask Chloe for a job
Bug after getting new panties for the briefcase and going to your room
Ashley not showing correctly in the last update


Bug buy panties briefcase and go you room
Felicia not showing at the club after working more than 5 times…
The game will force require to had sex twice with Ginger before starting the Gala event to avoid overlapping with the dating event.
When you press “Replay Gala event”, the tickets are no longer in the inventory.
If game not play in the proper order, it could trigger the “Breaking the internet” event before the “Every action has consequences”. So, a new layer of protection has been added to avoid this.
The option to ask Chloe for a job doesn’t appear in her menu at her room.
Some items in the gallery remain closed even when the scene or picture has been unlocked…
When pressing on Amy’s or the new girls gallery item, it takes you to an Ashley scene.


Our Halloween 2013 event will see our MC involved with strange disappearances within the city, so our hero will need to get to the bottom of all this.
Added system to force open the galleries already seen.
Fix bug that causes not been able to ask Willy about Frida or Ginger.
Fix bug while leaving school after been summon to the Principal office.
Fix bug of missing Principal’s poses.
Fix talking to Ashley during latest event.
Added new character…
Added a new event for Darkness.
Added a new event for Tara.
Added one new outfit for Darkness.
Added one new outfit for Tara.
Added a new minigame: Crawler.
Added a new feature to the game: Image viewer
Replace the Gala ending so the player can replay it without having to load a saved game.
Remade the navigation in the School
Added a new feature to the game: Delivery tracker app.
Added 10 new videos.
Added 14 new images.
Added new expressions to Stella.
Added new expressions to Darkness.
Added new poses to Darkness.
Gallery images are now in 4K (Patreon version only).
Fix Stella chat dialog.
Remove all the unicode characters from the English dialog (its more compatible).
Fix a small bug when you sell fishes to Brad.
Fix variables for the background images (sometimes a image was left under another making the game consume more memory).
Fix few english typos left from previous versions.
Fix some japanese wording from Ashley and Kana’s dialog, changing them for more common used words. (Thanks to the player who pointed this to us).
Optimized some word styling.


In this update, continue with an event started in the previous release, after you defeated Kana, and will add a new feature so the player can “collect” some items.
Fix inventory error after getting a pantie
Fix having Ashley’s panties still after the event ends
Added and introduce new character: Brianne.
Added a new event for Ashley.
Added two new outfits for Ashley.
Added a new outfit the MC (if you can call it an outfit).
Added a new feature to the game: Collecting Panties.
Added a new feature to the game: Masturbating .
Added 10 new videos.
Added 14 new images.
Added To-Do info to help even more with some passed events.
Force starting the gala event with Sophie, Chloe or Ginger.
Force triggering Latisha convincing scene after the pool.
Sometimes Jessie doesn’t appear to give you the tickets for the gala.
Remove “To-Do” items from the gala event once is done.
Force open the Pub when is required.
Force open the Mall’s back area when is required.
Force open Ginger’s house area when is required.
Added more lines to the Debug screen.
Fix error when ending a date with Ashley.
Fix an error in the Phone while been in the mall.
Fix an error with Sophies variables.
Fix triggering Stella scene before it should.
Fix Ashley event triggering before the rave.
Fixed several English typos.
Fixed several Spanish typos.

New in 0.101v

In this update, continue with two events started in the previous release:

Jessie’s story continues at school 3 days after having gone in a joy right with her.
Ginger’s story continues after you patch things with her, then go on a night date with her that ends up correctly.
Frida’s story continues after you break up with her, and patch things with Ginger, then go for a run in the beach.
New in version 0.09v
In this update, we finished several events which didn’t had a proper ending:

Violet’s story starts 5 days after the rave.
Jessie’s story starts after the Gala event.
Chloe’s story starts after the Principal’s last event.

New in 0.09v

Added and Introduce new character Elizabeth
Added new outfit for Stella
Added new outfit for Jessie
Added new outfit for Violet
Updated the “About Us” screen
Stella now is at the club on weekends
Added new minigame DRIVING
Added new event for Jessie
Added new event for Violet
Added new event for Chloe
Added 8 new videos
Added 22 new images
Added To-Do info to help player trigger Jessie’s events
New in version 0.082v
Quick fix update

New in 0.07v

Added a new event “The Gala Party”
Added new cloths for Chloe
Added new cloths for Ginger
Added new cloths for Sophie
Added new cloths for Amy
Added new cloths for ?
Added new cloths for Jessica
Added the Business Center with 4 locations
Added 7 new videos
Added 13 new images
Added 10 new lines to the “To-Do” system
Added a button to skip time until night
Lower the number of dates require to start working with Amy

New in version 0.06v

A helping hand
In this release we swift our focus to a character whom we haven’t done anything and few players requested for her to take center stage, so we delivered.

New in 0.06v

Increased the amount of money earn working in the Coffee Shop
Added new clothing for Felicia
Added new Carrying minigame
Added new Bartender minigame
Added 7 new videos
Added 15 new images
Added the Felicia’s Apartment area with 3 locations
Added the Green Apartment Building area with 3 locations
Added 11 lines to the “To-Do” system to the guide it even more clear
Added a small pop up to show which scenes or characters were commissioned by patreons


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- - -​


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