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Immerse yourself in the heart-pounding world of Heroine Rumble 2, an exhilarating versus battle game that will awaken your primal instincts. Prepare to engage in thrilling combat as you customize your character with a vast selection of outfits, and delve into over 70 unique grab positions. Conquer your foes through sheer force or employ cunning strategies like bondage and restraints to weaken and dominate them. Utilize the dynamic environment to your advantage, setting traps and ensnaring opponents with devious devices. Share your creative prowess with import and export character cards, showcasing your unique creations. Embark on epic battles, ranging from intense 1v1 encounters to exhilarating multiplayer showdowns against AI opponents of varying levels. Unleash your competitive spirit by challenging your significant other in local multiplayer, or explore endless possibilities through modding support.

3d game, 3dcg, animated, Bdsm, Big ass, Big Tits, Character creation, Combat, female domination, Female protagonist, Fighting, furry, Futa Protagonist, Futa/trans, Groping, Group sex, lesbian, male domination, Masturbation, Monster Girl, Multiple protagonist, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, sexual harastment, Teasing, Vaginal Sex, Wrestling
1. Extract and run.

Added pp_futa_w_balls
Added voice customization
Added graphics option for amount of active light sources
Fixed some lighting problems
Fixed sweat effect not applying to certain skin parts
Fixed item swap grid incorrectly appearing during restraint-breakout attempts
Outfit clothing material customization now supports more than 8 different materials (might be buggy – had to replace much of the old code)
The default grab climax animation will no longer play for PUNISH and singleLoop type grabs; damage still applies
Grab targets are now eligible for making grab escape progress if the grab attacker havn’t picked a grab for more than 3 secs
During grabs, players can hold down any of the escape buttons to continuing escaping rather than having to press button every 0.5s
“End Fight” button now no longer appear when a battle is decided to prevent users from exiting the match before receiving rewards
Blocking stamina cost scaling to 10% of adjusted incoming damage from 25%
Grappler Focus: now -40% melee attack modifier instead of -1000% stagger resistance
Added new fame rank “Notable” that gives +4 recruit slots and chance of higher level exhibition opponents
Added new Exhibition opponent level: “Advanced” that uses level 4 AI and higher character level
Added new level 4 AI setting, currently same behavior as level 3 AI but no longer have the 15% “do nothing” idle chance
Reduced fame reward of exhibition missions because players are hitting the fame cap too quickly
Players can now hold down block button to continuous block
Fixed some player input issues that sometimes caused thing like unable to dash or unwanted dashes



Added 2 new a$$ targeted grabs
Added new suplex PUNISH throw
Added new super meter (red) starts at 0%, deal damage and taking damage to gain super meter, or reduce opponent's super meter via climax
Added new super ability charge super meter to 100% to unleash these powerful attacks
Currently only signature grab super is available fully invulnerable during cast, deals increased damage (x2.5) and is not interruptible by other unit attacks
Added signature finisher grab selection under H-lab
Added new ability "Low Kick" "A strong kick towards opponent's legs. Deals decent damage and has high stagger power. Can transition into other abilities early."
Added new ability "Headbutt" "Headbutts an opponent. Deals high damage."
Added new ability "Low Power Kick" "A strong kick towards opponent's legs. Deals decent damage and has high stagger power. Can transition into other abilities early."
Added new ability "Shoulder Slam" "Charges at opponent with a quick shoulder slam. Has high stagger resistance."
Added new mini-tournament story matches after Newbie Killer match, with a rare item reward at the end
The ask user to select file window (e.g. dresser import/export) *should* be on top of game window now
Added text scaling to the numbers in the unit bars
Fixed the UI toggles not working properly for P2
Escape Progress now no longer resets when switching grabs while placed on a device
Fixed a bug that caused stamina to start regenerating faster than intended
Added additional clean ups for outfit texture and portrait texture generation
Every character now has a$$ for purpose of grab requirement determination instead of only females and futa have em
Added a rotation limit to how far the head model can turn away from the body mode
Fixed a bug caused throw grab attackers to be off by some frames at the end
Dash now has a 0.5 sec cooldown
Tweaked a bunch of abilities
When using abilities with bonus flinchResist, take less stamina damage from attacks
Parry action now checks for the ATTACK key down while holding GUARD key this should help eliminate unwanted parry attempts
PUNISH grabs now inflict max HP damage to recovering units
PUNISH grab max HP damage reduced by 25% to compensate for above change
Fixed a bug that caused trying to use ability via holding DIR + SPECIAL key to be ignored
UI: added ability descriptions for unparryable attacks and hit downed attacks (no functionality change)
AI: may now use hit downed abilties on downed enemies instead of only grabs
AI should now needs a dash before they start running, just like player controlled
AI should interrupt allied under grabs more much eagerly
Fixed characters able to air drift while using jumping abilities such as "Jumping Uppercut"
Fixed story missions always show "Push over" difficulty level
In grab selection and clothing selection, selecting an item no longer resets the scrollbar to the top
Fixed a bug in not correctly removing all meshes in certain outfit meshes (such as bunnysuit)


Fixed custom body ReactivePart not working
Added AbilityTransition.onAnyAbilityUse transition type
Added a warning for when duplicated skeleton animation is detected
Added new Consumeable item effect: PermanentStatBonus


Added outfitDurability in combat tweak cheat menu
Added superMeterGain in combat tweak cheat menu



Added the first batch of story/progression events (triggered in this order):
intro + char customization event at start of game, including new possibly to start as a male
a intro match immediately
a slightly harder intro match, requires highest char lvl >= 2 to trigger
a “free” recruit, requires highest char lvl >= 3 to trigger
a “Newbie Killer” match, requires 5 turns (battles) has passed
Note: new saves no longer starts with 3 random characters in your roster
Add a maybe-fix for a certain black-and-red strip display bug
Fixed a bug with some character cards containing invalid mod dependency data
Added text scaling when resolution is changed
Added new window resolution options in Options – Graphics
Added new window mode options in Options – Graphics (new: Fullscreen)
Added Female/Futa/Male indicator in the recruit window
Sweat effect is not based on max HP (red) rather than current HP (green)
Renamed “Roster option” to “Loadout” with a more descriptive caption
Random outfit colors now keeps original material alpha (transparency) value
Added new Fame rank “Recognition” that requires 1000 Fame to reach
Added new Match difficulty 4 “Skill Level: Skilled”, requires some Fame rank level ups to reach
Added experimental 2v2 exhibition matches
Upgraded win condition checking for group fights (first team to have one member pinned loses)
Changed level up exp requirements use an exponential scaling rather than linear scaling
New exp to level: (75 / (2^0.25)) * (2^0.25)^level + 25 * level
Old exp to level: 50 + 50 * level
total exp from level 1->10: 3321 (new), 3240 (old)
total exp from level 1->20: 17538 (new), 11500 (old)
total exp from level 1->30: 82983 (new), 24750 (old)
Fixed bug that caused random characters to sometimes generate with invalid skin color
Fixed bug that caused random characters to sometimes generate with invalid hair material
Fixed bug that cause you to gain Fame when losing matches
Fixed bug that cause removing restraints like mouth gag has priority over removing handcuff restraints
Fixed bug when reapplying the same restraint does not reset that restraint’s durability to full
Fixed certain grabs targeting pp not leaving stains behind when target climaxes
Fixed head stain invalid json data causing it to not appear
Fixed faceride and similar grabs not leaving stains behind on face when target climaxes
Added some additional cleanup checks for mannequins in grab customization
Fixed female characters generated using random_char_card with PPs misidentifies as futa
Fixed body requirements not observed by random_char_cards (causing males to generate with a female set)
Added new random_char_cards, thanks to One.Inch.Man on discord for making them!
Updated expression “expr_endure_high”
End of Mission Rewards Grid now shows “Victory!” if you win and “Defeat…” if you fail to win a match
Fixed shadows light pos not setup correctly
Fixed an incorrect check on whether opponent has surrendered and is pin-able for the player
Fixed oddities with finisher climax transition animations when it’s the attacker climaxing
Combat & AI Tweaks:

* Note: from now onwards stamina refers to the yellow stagger meter
Added new levelup option: “Auto Grab Defense” – While standing, has a chance to push off against grab attempts as long as you have stamina remaining
Added new levelup option: “Constant Recovery” – fighter class only: increase hit point (green) regeneration by +100%
Added new levelup option: “Fighter Conditioning” – fighter class only: +5% movespeed, +5% cooldown recovery, +5% max HP
Added new levelup option: “Footwork” +5% movespeed
Added new levelup option: “Strength up”: +1 STR
Added new levelup option: “Dexterity up”: +1 DEX
Added new levelup option: “Intellect up”: +1 INT
Added new levelup option: “Charisma up”: +1 CHA
Added new levelup option: “Levelup (Repeatable)”: gain no additional bonuses beyond what’s granted in a normal level up; can be selected multiple times
Durability increase per level to +5% / level (from +10% / level)
Attack increase per level to +5% / level (from +10% / level)
Ground stagger time to air juggle air time conversion ratio to 65% (from 100%)
Reduced dash slide attack stagger damage multiplier to 70% (from 100%)
Reduced Low Sweep Kick stagger damage multiplier to 70% (from 100%)
Block now depletes stamina when blocking attacks that hits harder enough
Blocking now fails against strong hits without stamina
Air drift control is now set to walk-acceleration when jumping or during aerial attacks
Air drift control is now set to 30% of walk-acceleration when being air juggled
Improved following levelups: Melee Focus, Flurry Focus, Slugger Focus
Greatly reduced AI parry chance compared to last patch
AI now use the same movement handling code as the player instead of their own
AI can now use the “Pull Up” option when grabbing downed opponents for more variety
Fixed AI not attempting to dash/evade when downed
Fixed grabbing a already grabbed character with no red HP left will cause the existing grab to end rather than joining in
Fixed multiple AIs having difficulty finishing pin on opponent by keep interrupting each other’s pins
Experimental feature: AI levels 3 and above now prefers to knockdown all foes before going for grabs in a group fight situation
Experimental feature: AI levels 3 and above now prioritize throw-grabs (grabs with new “single_loop” tag) in a group fight situation
(Maybe?) Fixed a rare bug that cause AI to switch to stand-up animation when they should still be in a downed state
Fixed cases where the stamina meter refills instantly when it should refill over time
Fixed cases where AI characters can run in one direction while facing another direction
Added a turning towards target component to ability “Powerthrough Followup”
Ability “Low Sweep Kick” energyCost to 8 (from 5), damageMultiplier to 0.5 (from 0.6). (very strong as a combo enabler)
Ability “Jumping Uppercut” energyCost to 12 (from 10)
AI does not always followup with optional transitional attacks now
Reduced the attack radius of ability PowerFist
Strafing sideways with an animation set without side strafing animations defined (such as handcuffs) now turns the character towards that direction
AI will now attempt to remove restraints when it has no targets or when target is KOed/downed
Units no longer takes climax damage when all opponents are defeated
Added breast-squirt when climaxing under certain conditions
Lust damage over time from attachments now applies when target is placed onto a device in the default HOLD grab
Disabled the Grab rock-paper-scissor mini game that only AI was able to play (so AI no longer has a 1/3 chance to push off grabs by default)
Surrender threshold to <30% of max HP (from <25%)
AI now surrenders at <20% max HP when grabbed
Units are considered finished if they surrendered AND has no max HP left even without pinning
Climaxing while defeated no longer ends the grab
AI now ends grab willingly on 0 HP targets and goes for pins

Added a “X” button to the in-battle cheat menu to close it permanently until the modding command is inputted to re-enable it

Fixed custom climax animation not used if attacker climaxes
Added GrabChange.insertAttach.attachEffects.unitModifiers.limitedActions flag to indicate that restraint is intended to mostly restraint target’s actions (such as handcuffs)

added a new internal dialogue editor (not available for public yet)
added new internal script parser to parse expressions and generate ASTs
added new internal script interpreter to evaluate parsed ASTs
standardized the typename of string types to “Text” during serialization/deserialization
upgraded dialogue system to support playback of nested statement blocks
fixed bug that prevents dialogues of separate events from playing in a row
fixed a problem with text area scroll bar not updating when inputting/pasting new text
added new EventsChain structure for easier authoring of story missions
added TalentTree .levelUpBonuses (auto granted when condition met, no need to pick)
Fixed a potential problem with animation


Added a possible fix for certain intel graphics drivers rendering everything in black
Added animations setting for InsertAttach outfits (to animate the vibrators)
Added dynamic booba n***** erection level (similar to p**** erection)
Added InsertAttach .lustPerSecond effect
Added InsertAttach .motionsOverride effect
Added InsertAttach .randomFlinchChance – may cause target to randomly flinch when getting hit or when trying to do actions
Added new restraint grab: “restraint_b***_vibrator”
Added new restraint grab: “restraint_pu***_vibrator”
Added new pe*** ring vibrator attachment
Added new restraint grab: “restraint_pe***_vibrator”
RandomTripChance of blindfold to 20% (from 10% )
First person view (cheat only) now looks at center of chest rather than center of head
Added teammate and enemy-teammate health bars for battles with >2 combatants
Readjusted background music volume and the Music volume slider should apply its effect more gradually
p****_male now requires male body and p****_futa now requires female body. This fixes randomized males not having balls on their pps
Fixed auto camera not being re-enabled when player 2 inputs a movement key (just like player 1)
Fixed re-target button (default Q) not switching to targeted unit health bars
Fixed bug where grab damage is not scaled with how fast/slow the grab animation is
Fixed bug where >> NEW << recruits could roll monster-only grabs (such as Slime stuff)
Changed so that >> NEW << recruits no longer roll into size-difference grabs
Fixed maid_set erroneous inner.001 material
Added captioning for F3 intermediate render outputs for better debugging
Fixed Escape-Options menu sometimes not closeable

Added AppearanceChange .ReactivePartsChange that can disable things like Jiggle bones temporary
Renamed .tripChance to .randomTripChance
Added FUTA_SMALL/LARGE_BASE base char datas to inherit from


Small patch with new mouthgag restraint and bugfixes.


Added new grab "restraint_mouthgag" to put a mouth gag on opponent
While mouth gagged: character takes 20% increased H damage, voices are muffled, and prevent grabs targetting MOUTH and grabs using MOUTH part
Fixed KOed and Disabled characters being able to grab reversal
Added BREAST tag to Mindcontrol .attacked so the animation with hand and breast should align more properly
Fixed AI trying to input Special key to break restraints rather than Attack key
Surrendering during grabs (Jump key) now only works if below 25% max HP (red)
Fixed swapping weapon causes stats to reset
AI when moving backwards may pick a random direction rather than just a straight line to mitigate some getting stuck in corner problems
Getting staggered, aired or knockdown will now reset the input queue
Fixed device spawned for grab icon generation not cleaned up properly
Added a fix for windows scaling issues in high DPI screens

Fixed a crash when grab attacker climax in a custom grab_loop .transition.onClimx -> grab_climax setup
Fixed grab stop applying effects when GrabChange.transitions fails
Fixed custom climax grab animation causes grab to loop back to original even without transitions.onEnd
Added .dashAttack property to WeaponMoveset
Fixed grab attacker properties not resetting properly when exiting from a grab with device


Added new AbilityTransition .onCondition transitions
Increased the animation speed of the default grab to 1.1 sec from 1.25 sec
Fixed the expr_endure_low expression playing too fast when standing
Added new BodyTransformationEffect effect category
Added new BodyTransformationEffect .turnIntoFuta to temporarily make the character grow a magical p****
Added new ability "ability_self_grow_p****" to make self grow a temporary p****
Added new GrabType: CORRUPT that is similar to PLEASURE GrabType, but with goal of causing temporary, yet significant statuses to target
Like RESTRAINT grab type, for purpose of "random" grab selection, a CORRUPT grab is only selected if the source grab is a CORRUPT grab
Added new CORRUPT grab: "corrupt_pg_magical" to make target opponent grow a temporary p**** once their lust bar is full
Added new CORRUPT grab: "corrupt_pg_sucking" to have same effect as above
Expanded the attachment (bondage) system support multiple attachments, each can have its own separate debilitating effects
For real-time games, InsertAttach effect can now use .outfitId directly instead of having to go through the cards system with .cardId
Added new "restraint_blindfold" to blindfold the opponent
When blindfolded, character have a random chance to trip when dashing/running/jumping
Added actual fame rank up bonuses - note: fame rank up only granted when entering the main base menu
For flavor: PLEASURE and FINISH grab that uses p**** deals 10% increased damage
For flavor: PLEASURE and FINISH grab that targets p**** deals 10% increased damage
Added GrabData boolean to enable/disable camera change when switching into the grab
Repurposed GrabData .transitions to be more flexible. If you want the same previous behavior, change to "transitions": {"onEnd": "grabId"} from the previous "transitions": ["grabId"]
Fixed generated grab icons to show pose at middle instead of at end of the animation
Swapped the shoulder slam and breakout inputs when handcuffed restrained - to be more consistent with Attack = breakout action when restrained
Fixed Exhibition Requests not loaded properly
Fixed a problem with TextArea not handling large inputs correctly
Fixed downed and recovering characters able to dash cancel and cause animation weirdness
Tweaked the auto camera when P2 is controlled by a player

Game now treats each folder in /data/ folder as a separate mod
Each mod/folder can have a _metafile.json which allows the mod to specify its version and dependencies. The id of each mod is it's folder name
Added warning message piping through the F1 console, which will warn users if mod dependencies is not met, along with other things
>>New<< exported character cards now embed modding information
Importing a character with embedded modding information will now warn the user if that mod is not found
The first Heroine Rumble 2 patch!

Ok, this isn't exactly the first patch. To those that are completely new, this is a rename and continuation of a existing demo called Scuffed Rumble, which has been in development for some months now. This is not your typical first alpha version v0.1 and it has quite a lot of content already!

That being said, this patch is not just a simple renaming either, it also includes a bunch of new additions:

A expansion of the Fame resource added in previous patch and now includes actual bonuses from ranking up:

A new BodyTransformation effect category to magically grow a PP and new Corruption type grabs that grows a PP on your opponent. Preview's up on twitter.

A expansion to the bondage/restraint system to handled multiple restraints and implements, each with their own deliberating effects! Added a new blindfold restraint grab and maybe cause the opponent to hilarious trip on dash/run/jumps.

Last but not least, a expansion to the modding system and finally recognize each mod folder as a mod and not just a bunch of files which allows for things like warnings to user when importing a character that requires missing mod packs:


- - - - -
- - - -​



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Aug 6, 2022

The first Heroine Rumble 2 patch!
Ok, this isn't exactly the first patch. To those that are completely new, this is a rename and continuation of a existing demo called Scuffed Rumble, which has been in development for some months now. This is not your typical first alpha version v0.1 and it has quite a lot of content already!
That being said, this patch is not just a simple renaming either, it also includes a bunch of new additions:
A expansion of the Fame resource added in previous patch and now includes actual bonuses from ranking up:


So Scuffed Rumble is now called Heroine Rumble 2.

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