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You play as an aspiring, young male tennis player who just left an abusive relationship. After attending your last course in a tennis club, you are ready to unleash your power and your hairy yellow balls.
You can expect the plainest jokes delivered to you in a way that will still make you laugh. Or cringe. As this game is not played in a theme park, you won't experience roller coaster-like emotion rides but hold on tight and let the less than mediocre plot entertain you.
This is a VN style game, so you can forget the grindset for a moment. Just use your racquet as a rocket and whizz into the seductive world of tennis as the next prodigy!

Animated, Big Tits, Blackmail, Cheating, Handjob, Humor, Male Protagonist, MILF, Oral Sex, Real Porn, Text Based, Vaginal Sex
1. Extract and run.

17 (+2 small) new scenes with 9 days of progression (US Open)
100+ new pictures
Plenty of new characters
A new coach
Progressing with existing characters
New temporary game mechanics
More than 100 pages of new text
Typo and small bug fixes (thanks for reporting them!)


16 (+2 small) new scenes with 2 weeks of progression
Progressing with existing characters
Making the REAL decision before the next major


22 new scenes with 3 weeks of progression (+11 smaller scenes supporting the new tournament)
50+ new pictures
New characters (Mostly Ebony and Asian girls)
A new sponsor offer
Almost 100 pages of new text
Fixed video autoplay button (the game won’t forget your setting on the next page)
Finally added the ‘Autowin’ option for those who want even faster matches. Available for Patrons (the code will never change, once you activate it, you’ll have to option forever.)
Small bug and typo fixes


14 new scenes with 1-2 weeks of progression including half of the 3rd Grand Slam tournament
A medium-sized update with 60+ pages of text
A few new characters
More choices/decisions
I am trying a new way to cut videos to increase quality while keeping the same file size
Typo fixes


17 new scenes with 2-3 weeks of progression
100+ new pictures
This update is not about tennis (you will play only two training matches with Sonny)
New characters, and progression with a few existing ones
QoL updates (Ex: Remembering the previous scroll position, especially useful in the gallery.)
Fixed a few typos (medikit instead of medkit, etc.)
Small bugfixes


42 new scenes with 7 weeks of progression including the second Grand Slam tournament
This is a giant update with more than 100 pages of raw text
Lots of new characters
Easier access to the Gallery


16 new scenes with 2 weeks of story progression
Holiday week in Thailand
New sponsor(s)
1 new permanent character and a few temporary ones
This is a shorter update but it’s far from the shortest


29 new scenes with 3 full weeks of progression (14 of them are on the ‘Fuckweek’)
The storyline continues with subtle and blatant hints
A few new characters
78 pages of text added (12px font size) – we are at 703 pages currently for the whole game
Fixed some typos


18 new scenes with 2 full weeks of progression
80+ new pictures
A few new characters
67 pages of story added (12px font size) – we are at 625 pages currently for the whole game
Fixed bugs and typos (Relationships menu, No landing page from a 3-set defeat, etc.)


15 new scenes with 2 full weeks of progression
One new sponsor (you have to choose from 3)
A few new characters (mostly temporary ones)
A new Tennis+ menu with tournament history, roadmap and rankings (available from the 11th tournament)
Reworked match system
Fixed some typos


25 new scenes with 3 full weeks of progression including the first Grand Slam tournament
Included more pictures than ever
A few new characters
Updated match system (for new matches)
Fixed some typos


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