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Sep 14, 2022
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Feb 8, 2024
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Oct 6, 2022
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You, the protagonist of all this, with a big heart (and something else..) because of your past, are someone with a boring and lonely life. But one day, given by your personality to help others no matter what, you decide to give your life for another, which attracts the attention of a certain goddess. Now, with the opportunity to return to live in another world given by the capricious goddesses that you will meet on your way, you have the chance to start over.

All goddesses seek not to be bored, and you will soon discover that some can be more capricious than others. What awaits you? What kind of people will you meet? And obviously, how many girls will be madly in love with you?​

3dcg, ahegao, anal sex, animated, big ass, big tits, creampie, dating sim, fantasy, footjob, group sex, hand job, harem, male protagonist, masturbation, oral sex, point & click, romance, sandbox, sleep sex, stripping, teasing, titfuck, urination, vaginal sex, virgin, voyeurism
1. Extract and run.

4 New events for Akane!
1 New H-Event for Akane.
4 New events for Charlotte!
1 New H-Event for Charlotte.
Charlotte’s ladder and her repeatable event were added.
New arrows in the relationship interface to quickly change girls.( :) )
The halloween button has been added for those who want to repeat it.(It will charge them again for the gold but after that it will be free.)
Now in some areas it is no longer necessary to change the time and then go to activate an event. (Yes, I changed it, and I will do it for all the next events/versions. )
Fixed typos, bugs, etc.
Some re-done renders, a few, I don’t think you will notice them.
More memes and references.


The new Halloween event What does this event bring?:
8 new H-Events! One for each girl in the village!!
Ryoko – Charlotte – Hana – Shika – Yui – Akane – Tomoe – Mayu!
-Just go to Tomoe’s store and click on the new pumpkin icon at the top.
It will give you a mission, hopefully it will be easy to follow. (You will need a lot of gold)-
Fix in the fish inventory (I hope it will be solved)
Typos/Bugs Fixed
For the Android version, some of you may know that I have already reached the size limit of the application.
In order to port (for the moment) this new version, the Christmas events have been removed.(It will only be momentary and everything will be added back to normal.) Sorry for the inconvenience.


4 New events for Shika!
1 New H-Event fot Shika. (With double option! Congratulations to those who like both!)
4 New events for Hana!
1 New H-Event for Hana.(Two times? Wow.)
Ryoko's first time has been completely remade!(Her animations along with all the renders!)
Some small missions, follow Shika's Hints!
Some new dialogues, not so important.
Fixed typos, bugs, etc.
And other re-done renderings, which are parts of some missions.
Tomoe's store was beautified.(Whenever I saw it, it reminded me of the first versions, so I changed it a little.)


What will you find?

The “Good news?” mission can be completed! (How to play it? Complete all the content of the game.)
New H event for Ryoko and Charlotte!(Unlocked by finishing the mission.)
For people who don’t read, now the mission will give the hints on how to unlock Keiko’s events.
More fishing and logging fixes!(Code cleanup and preparation for the future.)
Tutorial screens!(Now when you finish the prologue, the game will directly show you where the gallery is.)(A little tutorial of how to fish for new people.)
Something I didn’t mention but not so important, now activating any event in the gallery, will not automatically take you to your room at the end of the event.


4 New events to spend time with Sayori.
1 New H-Event for Sayori!
3 New events to spend time with Natsuki(and “Ryoko”).
1 New H-Event for Natsuki!
New Ryoko Quick Event!(Give her a visit to her room at night~) (+20 affection)
Visual changes in Sakura Town map!
Visual changes in hint icons.
Charlotte’s toilet event, nerfed and optional.(The first part optional)(It will no longer be necessary to do it 30 times, only 3.)
Typos and bugs fixed.
Fish fixed


IMPORTANT! (If you come from a version previous to 0.2.1)Some things were changed in Tomoe’s store, in short, if you had fish in your save, they won’t be seen in your inventory. To fix this you have to “Talk” to Tomoe! The fishing system is working differently depending on the “Hz” of your screen! For now the normal speed should be at 60hz, I’m working on a solution. Thanks for your understanding.

4 New events to spend time with Charlotte.
1 New H-Event for Charlotte! (The icon of what you will buy will appear once for now, then it will be added as an entry to a new place.)
4 New events to spend time with Yui.
1 New H-Event for Yui!
3 New events to spend time with Keiko (And Fumiko)! (If you go to sleep you will get a hint on how to unlock it!) (Of course you have to have her events unlocked first.)
1 New H-Event for Keiko! (At the end of each event there are hints on how to continue to the next.)
A quick event for Ryoko! (In the living room in the morning.)(I wanted to add more but didn’t have time!)
600 Renderings remade from older versions!
Animations of Akane’s first H-event redone!
Hints added to places that were difficult to unlock.
Visual changes in some maps.
Visual changes in some icons.


IMPORTANT!(If you come from a version previous to 0.2.1)Some things were changed in Tomoe’s store, in short, if you had fish in your save, they won’t be seen in your inventory. To fix this you have to “Talk” to Tomoe!

Mission “Unexpected Reunion” can now be completed.
(History mission, the renderings are equivalent to a normal update.)
New fishing system. (Too difficult? Too easy? Let me know!
(The bug should be fixed now / The difficulty was reduced.)
Akane now appears in her room in the morning.
(You can repeat the bath scene.)
No H scenes for the 1st time.(Sorry to those who are here just for the H but it was necessary.)


4 New events to spend time with Akane.
1 New H-Event for akane!
4 New events to spend time with Hana.
1 New H-Event for Hana!
Translation of the Christmas event.
Now it is easier to sell fish in Tomoe’s shop!
Now you can sell wood to Mayu!
Small changes in the mechanics of wood harvesting.(It will change again in the future.)
All the renders of the “Securing the forest” event were re-done! (Less ugly renderings! Yay!)
The game is now 97% translatable!(If you are wondering what 3% is – the name of the rooms in the house.)
Typos fixes, small bugs, petting Ryoko, the usual!


I hope you read the “Important” above!
New Christmas event!✨
Click on the Christmas icon that now appears in the main menu!
Contains an H-Event for: Hana, Yui, Shika, Akane!
And a “3some” with Ryoko and Charlotte!
Typo fixes. (Old ones get fixed, but knowing me, new ones arrive.)
New “Spanish” option! (It’s still incomplete but if you don’t mind some buttons and the Time icon, no problem!)
Visual change in Tomoe’s store and other small things.
As always, small bugs fixed.
Have you read the Important above?
What will you find?

4 new events to spend time with Shika.
1 new H-Event for Shika. (With double animation)
The mission “Need of a trainer” can now be completed.(I couldn’t finish this mission because I was doing too many things at once. But finally it is ready.)(Contains 3 small H-events.)
Changes in the “Quest” interface. (Now it’s accessible from the main UI.)(And other small details that you may notice.)
I re-drew some icons. Now they are nicer lol.
Added the option to change your name. (In the main room.)
Small bug fixes.(Thanks to those who hang around my Discord. <3)
What will it have?:

The most important thing, a lot of girls who will fall in love with the personality of the main character (that's you).
]Affection system.
Ranks (Adventurer).
All kinds of fetishes.
Never in life will have NTR.


- - -​


- - -​


- - -​



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Nov 15, 2022
This is a good game. Want to add their itch to the dev links? You can download the game directly from itch too. Fast and free.

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Aug 6, 2022
You can download it from here just as fast and just as free as you can there.
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Sep 8, 2023
Goddesses' Whim [v0.3.0 Public] [Ncrow]

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