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Aug 6, 2022
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This product is an add-on for the Growing Up for Genesis 8 Female morph product.

Included are several shapes presets and morph control dials to get several different shapes from preteen aged girls to older teen girls.

Separate body and face control dials enable you to control those body regions individually and also mix them for completely new results.

6 ready-to-go presets (2 preteens, 2 young teen and 2 older teen girls) for the whole figure, 6 body presets and 6 face presets are included as well.

In addition to that there is also dial and presets to adjust the shape even more: muscular, slim and chubby body, different nipple presets/dials and dials and presets for the navel.

You can adjust everything as you like and also save your own shape presets for later use of course.

The dials and presets can be used without Growing Up installed as well. You will get some handsome young adult sized shapes then.

Girls for Growing Up for Genesis 8 Female (.DUF)
G4GU 00 Reset All
G4GU 01 Preteen Girl
G4GU 02 Preteen Girl
G4GU 03 Young Teen Girl
G4GU 04 Young Teen Girl
G4GU 05 Teen Girl
G4GU 06 Teen Girl
G4GU Body 00 Reset
G4GU Body 01 Preteen
G4GU Body 02 Preteen
G4GU Body 03 Young Teen
G4GU Body 04 Young Teen
G4GU Body 05 Teen
G4GU Body 06 Teen
G4GU Face 00 Reset
06 G4GU Face Shape Options
G4GU Body Chubby 00 Reset
03 G4GU Body Chubby Options
G4GU Body Defined 00 Reset
03 G4GU Body Defined Options
G4GU Body Thin 00 Reset
03 G4GU Body Thin Options
G4GU Navel 00 Reset
05 G4GU Navel Options
G4GU Nipples 00 Reset
G4GU Nipples 01 Preteen
G4GU Nipples 02 Young Teen
G4GU Nipples 03 Teen
Morph Dials:
06 Body Dials
06 Face Dials
Chubby Body Dial
Slim Body Dial
Body Definition Dial
01 Nipple Adjust Dial to match the age range
01 Breast Shape Adjust Dial
02 Navel Dials (Outie and Innie)
01 Neck Length Adjustment Dial
01 Head Size Adjustment Dial
User Manual (.PDF)
SF-Design Store Script
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