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Apr 23, 2022
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Sep 11, 2022
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Sep 11, 2022
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As time goes by, Steven realizes the future isn't what he'd have liked it to be. After traveling around the world, he finds two mysterious gems who promise him another chance, alongside a new mysterious gem power never heard of before. It is up to Steven to decide what to do with his power and rewrite his own story, for better or worse.
Male Protagonist, 2DCG, Trainer Game, Dating Sim, Multiple Routes, Oral Sex, Teasing, Male Domination, Exhibitionism, Public Sex, Corruption, Harem, Big Ass, Parody

  • General:
    • 1 New Scene
    • 4 New Gloryhole Scenes
    • 4 new areas
    • Cheat System
  • Scenes:
    • 1 new scene for Jenny
    • 4 new gloryhole scenes
      • 1 sex scene for Barb
      • 1 sex scene for Martha
      • 1 sex scene for Priyanka
      • 1 sex scene for Vidalia
  • Areas:
    • Martha’s house
      • Livingroom
    • Pizza’s House
      • Livingroom
      • Jenny’s Room
      • Kiki’s Room
  • Cheat System:
    • There’s a hidden button that brings out a menu. For now, only money is in. But later I could add more functionality.
  • Misc:
    • Reworked a bit of Sadie’s story to add more context. But the scene itself is the same.
    • Added an intro for Martha, now she should properly show up for the Bathtub, but you need certain requirements first.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Sadie’s scene not being able to play on the replay menu.
    • A lot more. Thank you all for your help.

ElFatGato in collaboration with AmazonessKing bring you Gem Domination, a "What if" Steven Universe game set after the ending of Steven Universe Future. The basic premise is "You can't fix everything with a hug". Steven Universe is not a perfect show by any means, which is why we want to retell it our own way, with sex involved, of course, as God probably intends it. The game features the following:
  • Free-roaming in the Universe's (pun intended) setting, including iconic locations from the show.
  • All the female characters featured in the show will have at least 1 sex scene and involvement in the main plot.
  • Dating/Training system for the main characters.
  • Mini-game to earn currency and trust among the gems.

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Compressed: Win/Linux (697 MB/ 120 MB) :,

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