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Take the role of an incubus or succubus.
Seduce mortals into perverse servitude.
Subject them to monstrous transformations.

Anal Sex, BDSM, Character Creation, Corruption, Fantasy, Female Domination, Female Protagonist, Futa/Trans Protagonist, Gay, Lesbian, Male Domination, Male Protagonist, Management, Monster Girl, RPG, Text based, Trainer, Transformation
1. Extract and run.

New Tome: The Tome of Rumps. You can collect it from an underworld expedition or randomly from any location. It adds 4 new butts, some with the new action, which is…
New Action: Face-sitting. This is a finer-grained alternative to Reveal Nature. Your mind-altering juices (or musk) will slowly expand the Horror meter. But don’t stay on there too long, they’re running out of air…
New Action: Receive Anal. This replaces Offer Anal. Your partner will never be too timid to do this. While you’re getting it from behind, you’ll see a new submenu for relaxing into it or stopping early.
Made tails much cheaper so they’re in line with comparable transformations.


What’s New:

Rewrote seduction text: When you use the seduce button during an encounter, the results are much more specific and descriptive. 5 times more variations and 12 times the word count.
Removed some irritating random events: the concubine opting to leave and the premonition of the baron’s fall driving a minion insane. Pixies stealing mana is now part of the arc of events that leads into Stein being on your tail. Presenting these out of order didn’t make much sense.
New short music loop for the baron’s invasions and combat generally. Known Bugs:
Fleshcult is a text-based RPG where you play a sex demon: an incubus or succubus. You lurk on the margins of an unsuspecting city, seducing mortals into your underground lair. You’re a shape-shifter, transforming your body and the bodies of your minions.

You pick the kinks: As you play the game, you opt into the fetishes that you want to see.
Play whichever gender you want, and play with the genders you want (including transgender characters).
Meet goths, pornstars, house-husbands, nurses, bodybuilders, and more. Find temptations that they cannot resist.
It’s text based, but it’s not a visual novel. You’re continually involved, making decisions.
Corrupt your body with over 65 different transformations, body mods, and clothing items.
Build your lair. Snare intruders in a variety of traps.


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