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A former porn actor facefuck girls to enslave them with the power of Facefuck Madness. Pretty simple, huh? The whole game based on facefucking fetish, but there's a place for classical sex too, and other stuff. Also, have to mention the game is not serious at all. It knows that it was made for fap, okay?

Anal Sex, Cheating, Humiliation, Male Domination, Male Protagonist, Oral Sex, Real Porn, Sandbox, Sexual Harassment, Slave, Text based, Vaginal Sex
1. Extract and run.

The main storyline gets a total of 4 new scenes!
A slightly different approach to the main story events: this time you get to choose their order yourself
2 new supporters-only scenes (one for Michelle and one for Lana, according to votes on my Patreon)
6 new scenes in total
8,500 words of pure content
Director now has a personalized dialogue box


The main storyline continued
Procedurally generated sex descriptions for Teender girls (including enslaved ones), finally!
2 new supporters-only scenes (one for Elena and one for Michelle)
5 new scenes in total
90,000 characters of code and text, overall amount of sex scenes now reaching more than 150


One more quest for the main storyline
Threesome scene with Maria and Amelia
Hacking minigame expanded: collect nudes to get a juicy bonus
Progress tracking system: shows exactly how much content you’ve seen and how much’s left
2 new supporters-only scenes (both for Elena)
Bugfixes (the hide-ui related bug’s no more!)

>New feature – lounge at home to spend some quality time with your bitches!
>New event for Lana – watch her and Maria having secret fun!
>13 new sex scenes in total!
>UI overhaul, now the Home screen looks less like a mess, and the standard timeskip button is moved to the sidebar!
>2 new supporters-only scenes, as usual
>The game now consists of nearly 950,000 characters of code and text!
>New event for Charlotte – meet Melania, her girlfriend, and record a song together!
>New event for Elena – invite her gym friends for a group home training!
>New event for Anastasia – cuck her boyfriend, after defeating him in a chess fight!
>New feature – complete Mr. Cooney’s event called Business Offer to unlock Slave Trading: now you can sell randomly generated NPCs to shady people for a good price; closer to requirements they are, more you get paid
>2 new supporters-only scenes, as usual
>The game now consists of nearly 860,000 characters of code and text!

>A new capturable girl, Melody, is ready to be a part of your harem!
>A new character event – go buy Michelle something nice and let her reward you afterwards!
>8 new sex scenes in total, including 2 procedurally generated
>2 new supporters-only scenes, as usual
>Strip club content rebalanced, now it’s enough to pay once for each hooker, re-visiting is free!
>The game now consists of more than 800,000 characters of code and text!


>(Finally) Meet Mr. Cooney’s crew and participate in their criminal operations!
>A whole jewelry store heist quest
>3 preparation missions before the heist itself, featuring each member of Mr. Cooney’s gang
>7 sex scenes in total
>2 new supporters-only scenes, as usual


>New location added: stripclub!
>6 new long procedurally generated scenes for girls from the strip club!
>Michelle’s new event!
>8 new free scenes in total
>2 new supporters-only scenes, as usual
>Quest Hub added
>Tutorial section & tips added!
>The game now consists of 700,000 characters of code and text!
>New localization: Russian!


>New location added: buy stuff to improve your skills!
>New character, Amelia the mall cashier, added!
>2 new random encounters
>7 new free scenes in total
>2 new supporters-only scenes, as usual
>A little re-work of the starting bonus system’s done
>Added the ability to change the player’s specialty via Phone
>The game now consists of 610,000 characters of code and text


>3 new random encounters
>2 new supporters-only scenes, as usual
>The enslavement of randomly generated Teender girls is finally implemented!
>New location, basement, had been added as MC’s house improvement to keep the enslaved NPCs there
>The Memory minigame now works a lot better with new card-flipping logic
>The game’s size has been significantly reduced to only 355MB
>The game now consists of 570,000 characters of code and text
>A lot of bugs fixed


>3 new capturable girls
>16 new free scenes in total
>2 new supporters-only scenes, as usual
>The city exploration UI re-worked
>3 new minigames, each for it’s own stat: fitness/artistism/intellect; no need for dumb click-click-click grind anymore, increasing your stats will become an interesting thing to do!
>Finally gave the player’s speciality a decent purpose
>A lot of bugs fixed
>Around 100,000 characters of code and text added (510,000 in total)


- - -​


- - -​



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Jun 24, 2023
That is for avatars.
does that mean that real pornography with the content of bestiality is allowed if it is not used for avatars?
+ Rule f doesn't specify avatars? that would be rule e
if that isn't what the rule is meant for I suggest editing it. if possible
Last edited:


Aug 6, 2022
content of bestiality is allowed if it is not used for avatars?

It's right there in the rules. b.) Sexual content that involves media of real animals (bestiality/zoophilia) is forbidden.

Mr. Tearson

True Freedom is the Art of Creation
Staff member
Game Uploader
Jan 28, 2023
f.) Pornography of real people is not allowed.
that is my point
This is getting to be Off-Topic. Any more will be deleted.

Rules are there for a reason. Not much can be done about games having real porn in them unless there are minors, brutality(Gore and the like), and bestiality. Pornography of real people is mostly for Avatars and Comments as stated by Mods and Admins. You can take this kind of topic to the General Discussion in Off-Topic if you wish to prove a point. But in this thread, it's the wrong place. Sorry, mate.

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