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Sep 14, 2022
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Oct 5, 2022
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You are the Hero of Cradlestone a kingdom on the brink of destruction. The Kingdom of Succubi is far too great a threat for anyone to handle alone. So you have returned from your travels to meet with a representative of the angelic forces in hopes to gain an upper hand in the coming battles. However they seem to be running late…

2D Game, 3DCG, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, Combat, Creampie, Fantasy, Female Domination, Footjob, Futa/Trans, Male Protagonist, Oral Sex, Pov, RPG, Urination, Vore
1. Extract and run.

Added a Guidebook page for Nemesis System.
Nemesis system is now enabled as default settings.
Dryad ending is now available to all players regardless of filters, it just skips the scene if it’s filtered.
You’ll now correctly receive Nimardentia page after winning against her.
Added control scheme to the guidebook.
Fixed Slimes dealing damage to themselves.
Fixed stuttering in the compressed version.
Fixed Suzanna missing images.
Fixed Suzanna’s WIP scene appearing.
Fixed Suzanna’s panties dissappearing.
Re-enabled using shrinking dust in battle.
Added a debug menu to the Options Sphere in the Dimensional Rift. Now you can fix maps that crash due to legion spawning bug. Consult dev before use.
Added an option to lower your level in the debug menu of the Option Sphere in the rift for you cheaters out there that cannot lower your crazy base levels.
Toned down Zahrya level up capabilities.
Dryad’s level scales properly in Challenge Spire.
Removed Unleashed from the random nemesis skill passive pool
Adjusted Grovekeeper’s moveset.
Redone the level up system, may not work with older saves.
Made it easier to trigger Legion Unbirth defeat scene.
Legion Defeat scene can now be triggered during the first Legion boss fight after the intro.
Fixed getting stuck after trying to access Legion nest.
Fixed Ceren’s dialogue going out of order before Nimardentia fight.
Fixed Ceren’s progression bugs
Slimes with elder passive now start with additional allies.
Fixed some typos and issues where thest doesn’t fit the message box.
Fixed bug with succesfully struggling out of Nimardentia’s GTS grab.
Save Acces disabled in the Dimensional Anomaly.
Fixed accessing Fairy Grovekeeper’s GTS foot worship scene via surrender.
Succubus Pacifier Cockvore now display the correct move in surrender mode.
Ceren will no longer take non food items from you.
Fixed screen going black in the Fairy Vixen battle south of the player home.
Fixed Liliett’s tail dissappearing after she takes it out.


Fixed a crash when fighting multiple legion after encounter with Liliett in the Infested Ruins
Tweaked automatic surrender mode
Added speedup mode press buttons 29 to speed up the game


Added epilepsy warning at the start of the game
Fixed Loss Consequence bug in the Scattered Castle Southwest Corridor
Test Room has been disabled
Correct backgrounds in the Challenge Spire
Removed lootbox exploit in Challenge Spire
Fixed crashing in Challege Spire when entering with an empty preset
Lighter works as intended
Astarte no longer displays a number during fights
Fairy Vixen now respawns correctly
Suzanna's stats are nerfed slightly
Some render corrections
Astarte foot scenes render update
Legion Mother boss battle difficulty lowered
Difficulty Settings now work correctly
Giving items to Ceren works as intended
Slimes now deal additional HP damage when they assault the player
Legion records type, amount and level of living enemies when defeated with Nemesis System on.
Succubus Manipilatrix doesn't fart on you when downed with the Fart filter turned on.
Fixed a bug where you aren't able to resist any seduction attacks after surrendering to either Ceren or Suzanna


Adds Main Questlines for two Areas: Scattered Castle & Faraway Archipelago.
Scattered Castle – continues from taking the blue haired girl home. Wait 3 days for it to start.
Faraway Archipelago – continues from the battle with Nimardentia
Adds one side quest – appears 10 days after taking Suzanna home
Adds Day & Night System
Adds Difficulty Adjustment menu in the Dimensional Rift
Introduces a new game mode: Challenge Spire that can be found in the Gate of the Future (right portal in the Dimensional Rift)
Introduces 2 Side Characters: Ceren & Suzanna:
Ceren – teaches the player character new moves and can bring him treasure.
Suzanna – trains with the player character and provides items each day.
Introduces 2 new enemies Succubus Pacifier(futa only) & Fairy Vixen
Introduces a new feature Nemesis System that lets you enemies power up when defeating the player.Unloackable through the Difficulty setting
Fixes the issue with the Berzerker enchanments and the HP losing on the map
Lets the player lose in the intro sequence with Legion
QoL changes: Dimensional Stone lets you travel directly to your bedroom and home.
Small fixes, fixed typos and minor balance changes
Adds automatic mode to the surrender move




Actual story paired with quests and fights that provides about 1,5 hours of gameplay.
The way that enemies drain levels is now proportional to the level difference between player and enemy.
Added Energy Points system to the game that can be spent to unlock new areas.
Expanded Infested Monastery (Previously Infested Ruins)
One new boss enemy with two lesser scenes and one major.
Astarte now has different battle AI, new skills, intro scene and one new battle scenes in giantess form. To trigger the intro scene progress Obscure Mansion quests
Liliett now has different battle AI, two scenes in battle, new skill and an intro sequence. to trigger the intro sequence progress to the new path in Infested Monastery
Nimardentia has one new grapple attack in giantess form and an intro scene. To trigger it progress Faraway Archipelago
Two short intros for two new characters: Ceren and Suzanna
Added new temporary functions to Zahrya
Added some tutorial messages
Shortened battle worship scenes
Adjusted power of certain weapons
Changed the way vore scenes absorb exp
Fixed a lot of bugs and unexptected behaviors
Fixed black screen bug
Adjusted messageboxes to make them consistent throughout the game
Gallery enemies now must be encountered before finding them in the gallery


Initial release


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