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Sep 14, 2022
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Destroyer is an open-world HTML game where the whole point is to dominate and destroy every hole around.
The game is full of rough sex, strong language (Broken language, but I'm still learning!) and some stupid memes.

Anal Sex, BDSM, Big Ass, Big Tits, Blackmail, Corruption, Creampie, Group Sex, Harem, Humiliation, Incest, Male Domination, Male Protagonist, mind control, Oral Sex, Prostitution, Rape, Real Porn, scat, Sexual Harassment, Slave, Spanking, Vaginal Sex, water sports
1. Extract and run.

In this update, I focused mainly on reworking the local shop, as I wanted to add a bit of variety to the beginning of the game. Also, Mrs Bright's house in the neighbourhood has been changed to Luna and her husband's house. You will meet Luna while working in the local shop.

The local shop has been reworked (Talk to the owner to get started)
By working in the shop, the player receives experience, there are 2 promotions to be received and finally the opportunity to become a shop owner, which will give the player a passive income($300 every day). The player earns successively $60/$90/$120 per shift, the job costs 60 energy points/40/40 depending on the number of promotions.
Added 36 events. The more promotions a player has received, the more the owner trusts him and therefore has more freedom in the shop. The events are also getting hotter and hotter.
New character Luna. 15 events. You will get to know her while working in the shop. Her and her husband's house replaced Mrs. Bright's house in the neighbourhood.
Alexa got a little rework. She will be available once she becomes a shop owner.
Minor changes (the size of the location tiles is now equal no matter how many are on the screen, fixed some small bugs)
Trimmed/compressed/reformatted another pack of files that were already in the game.
Fixed stepmother bedroom when she's not there.


New location Park
A new wandering camp thread. About ~30 events.(You will be begging, selling various items, selling a car, searching for various characters, investing, etc. all laced with a bit of humor) To get started visit the park and have at least $50 with you.
New characters Don Vasil, his sons and daughters
New event with step aunt and Esmeralda (Don Vasil’s daughter)
New event with Sister Natalie and Sandra (Don Vasil’s let’s say worker)
Adriana, Lisa, Mandy, Claudia, Callie, Goldie, residents of the mc’s house some of the scenes were cut to 5-second fragments
Changed the graphics in the Ghetto location, the apartments, the stores, the houses of the aforementioned characters, mc’s bedroom and probably somewhere else, but I forgot
Added more lyricism in repeatable scenes at the residents of the main character’s house
Fixed few small bugs


Ranch was reworked, added graphics, added a new system for hiring employees
India’s scenes have been revamped
Aria’s scenes have been revamped
Alexis has received a rework (4 new events) + random scenes
Alice has received a rework (5 new events) + random scenes
Anita has received a rework (5 new events) + random scenes
Gaia has received a rework (5 new events) + random scenes
Helena has received a rework (4 new events) + random scenes
Holly has received a rework (3 new events) + random scenes
Jessica has received a rework (4 new events) + random scenes
Krissy has received a rework (4 new events) + random scenes
Lyla and Casey has received a rework (4 new events) + random scenes
Mia has received a rework (3 new events) + random scenes
Valentina has received a rework (4 new events) + random scenes
Rachel, Karen and Marris has received a rework (4 new events) + random scenes
Tasha and Summer has received a rework (3 new events) + random scenes
Rachel has received a rework (4 new events) + random scenes
I have changed the whole game, or rather the way events have been done so far. From now on, each such event takes 20 energy points, but you can only do one per day for a given character. This resets during sleep. As a result, from now on a full stamina player can progress with up to 9 characters, while at the same time blocking the possibility of skipping one character in 1 day in the game. I do not exclude the possibility that somewhere in all this I may have made some typo in the code and something may not work, if you come across something like this let me know. Changing it was a nightmare for the eyes. Adding a short piece of code to every event and every character in the game, and you know how many there are. However, I think it was worth it, as it should add a lot of dynamics to the game.
Changed the intro slightly


This update continues Frank’s thread.
Hotel receptionist Billie is a playable character (4 events)
New character Lola (9 events)
New character Rachael – Lola’s mom (4 events)
New character Jordan – Lola’s brother (5 events)
Added a lot of graphics and avatars
All longer sections of the mp4 have been shortened, the rancho has been left, but I will deal with this in an upcoming update. The game currently weighs 4.3 gb.
I bought hosting for another year, this time I bought something better, also the online version should work more smoothly.
Fixed a few bugs


The church has received a rework (I have changed this location and added a new location rectory there)
Tasks from the parish priest received a total rework, scenes were cut to the normal 10-second length, text stories were greatly expanded. A total of 13 events.
Characters that can be confessed have received a rework, all scenes have been cut to normal length, and hot stories have been added.
Rebecca received a rework (6 new events)
Alyssa received a rework (5 new events)
Jenna received a rework (5 new events)
A new character Sister Natalie (shemale) appears after the renovation of the rectory ( avoidable, 6 new tasks, Natalie also appears after the renovation of the dungeon in the church)
New character Rev. Peter (gay) (appears in the game after passing all the tasks of Sister Natalie, if the player skipped Sister Natalie, the priest does not appear, 6 new events)
The dungeon received a small rework (Here appears the character of the hunter who recruits workers for the dungeon, it takes 9 workers to continue the game and start the plot of Mr. Juice, along the way appears 1 event)
Fun in the dungeon got a rework, from now on you can play with women and men depending on your preference
Added many graphics in the church, random scenes when entering different rooms.
Fixed couple small bugs
After the rework of the sister’s story and mom’s story, Crystal thread stopped working. Now it’s fixed. Check the main character’s computer if you haven’t gone through it yet and you have corrupted your mother and sister.
The size of the game has been reduced by half a gigabyte.


To see the new content head to the bulletin board again.
Cherie got a rework (10 new events)
Shyla got a rework (8 new events)
Andi got a rework (7 new events)
Demi got a rework (7 new events)
Kerry got a rework (8 new events)
Reed got a rework (8 newevents)
New character Casca, she’s a PE teacher (7 new events)
New character Emma (8 new events)
Andi, Shyla, Demi, Emma have been added to the basement
Random events (2 in your classroom, 1 in detention class, 2 in sports center, 1 in spanish classroom)
Dean Mea and her office got a little rework
4 school punishment upgrades, for the teacher points you get by teaching classes you can unlock various punishments, such as restroom punishments or unlocking the detention classroom and then more severe punishments. Go to the dean’s office to spend your points.
A class for detainees and 3 different forms of punishment have been added. Divided for all genders, so there is something for everyone.
Old content has been edited and compressed
The graphics in the basement, neighborhood, office, university and the entire map in the “main” locations have been changed
I fixed some bugs and edited some locations to make them more readable and pleasing to the eye.
Probably something else but I forgot.


The new location “village” has been expanded
Several quests have been added to curry favor with local residents
New character Mia, 9 events, less aggressive style, more romantic. Trying new things.
New character Johnny. Johnny is Mia’s brother. The player has the ability to transform him. The theme of sissification mainly appears here, can be avoidable.
Kacy got a small rework, Kacy is an old character and I cut the mp4 to some human type length of 10sec per scene. You can look at it if you win at dice with her father in the tavern
added female and male whores in tavern
Added dog as a companion
Fixed bug with Justin, where in the situation when the player saw the scene of claudia while sunbathing, the event icon in Justin’s bedroom did not appear and the whole thread could not be started, fixed Justin’s gay route and fixed lexi office quest(go to lily)


Reworked office location, go to the bulletin board again to go through the recruitment again and start the whole thread
Reworked Lexi (5 new events)
Reworked Lily (6 new events)
Reworked Skin (5 new events)
Reworked Hunter (5 new events)
Reworked Shay (5 new events)
Added new character Marissa (5 new events)
Added repeatable scenes of each character
2 promotions in office work to receive
many different random events during work and more
fixed a lot of minor bugs, compressed a lot files and reduced game weight by almost 1gb


Revised gui design
Justin is a playable character, if you have already gone through the thread of Claudia, his mother, go to his bedroom and click on the new event icon to start his thread.
3 ways to develop Justin depending on your preferences (straight, gay, trans)
Fixed a lot of minor bugs
Many files have been cut and some gifs compressed. The final weight of the game was reduced by


Step cousin reworked
14 storyline events, 160 new files, 4 bedroom scenes, 5 livingroom scenes, 2 kitchen and 2 pool scenes
Step cousin was added to the basement
4 new step aunt scenes: Bath, livingroom, bedroom, pool
2 new stepgranny scenes: bedroom, kitchen
3 new stepsis livingroom scenes
2 new stepmom pool scenes


Step auntie’s character has been changed.
Added 13 storyline events, 4 bedroom scenes, 1 sleep scene, 3 bathroom scenes, 2 home gym scenes, 3 livingroom scenes, 3 kitchen scenes and 3 pool scenes. 228 new media files added.
Step granny reworked.
Added 15 storyline events, 4 bedroom scenes, 3 bathroom scenes, 1 home gym scene, 2 pool scenes, 4 livingroom and 4 kitchen scenes. 162 new media files.
Fixed some major bugs


Reworked stepmother added: 16 quests/storyline events
Over 200 new files
Reworked some of old things (added more lines of dialogue in repetitive actions etc.)
1 new home gym scene, 3 bedroom scenes, at some point in the game, if the player is tired he can sleep in her bed, 2 pool scenes, 4 living room scenes, 3 kitchen scenes, 1 new bathroom scene
Some random scenes around the house
Reworked stepsister added 12 quests/storyline events
Over 130 new files
Reworked some of old things (added more lines of dialogue in repetitive actions, reused some old scenes etc.)
2 bath scenes, 1 kitchen scene, 2 bedroom scenes, 3 livingroom scenes, 3 pool scenes
some random scenes around the house
Added some small details such as new rooms and reworked the current ones a bit.
To see the new content go to the stepmother’s bedroom to start first event.


Further development of Dr. Angela’s thread from the previous version (more than 20 different patients and pregnancies added)
Adriana got a total rework. Meet her again at your local store and she’ll give you the address to her home
Mandy got a total rework. Meet her again at gym and she’ll give you the address to her home
Adriana was added to the basement
Mandy was added to the basement
3 new tinder girls
Outskirts received minor changes. Added a village on which there are houses of characters that were previously on the outskirts. After doing a character rework in the main character’s house, I will definitely look into this location, as it can be made very atmospheric.
Changed the gui to make it more pleasing to the eye
Added a basic guide of what to do at any given point in the game. If you don’t see anything there, it’s probably because you’ve already completed the massage and mind control thread, and so far I haven’t come up with anything else. This is more of an aid for new players.


The main character’s neighbor received a total rework. Visit Lisa to see what it looks like now.
While doing a mission for Giovanni Giorgio, you unlocked the hospital. If you’ve already done that, look at the main character’s computer and you’ll unlock the fertility clinic thread and the new character Dr. Angela. Most of this thread is done in an asmr atmosphere, so headphones on your ears and if you like asmr – you will definitely like it.
New opportunities at the hospital
3 new girls on tinder for each tinder level
I added a missing picture for Gaia on ranch
I changed the strange house, from now on there is a disclaimer that warns the player about the heavy content waiting for him there, so you can skip the whole strange house
new cheat
Fixed a few other minor bugs


If you have corrupted the household and have more than 200 points of destroyer skills you will hear from Jimmy. Use main character’s computer and help this poor guy
3 new girls on tinder
I changed the system of corruption of most characters and from now on it is much faster means each action gives much more points
New dreams
Fixed bugs and some grammars


New location “ghetto”, you will find it in the neighborhood
3 New characters
New opportunity to make money
3 new girls on tinder, 1 free, 1 for $5+ threshold and 1 for $10+
Added the missing dialogues in the retirement home and during the French mission
Added some music when the transaction can be finalized
Fixed bugs, such as car workshop
Optimized the code and from now on the phone game will only scroll top – bottom, not side to side


4 new tinder girls, 1 free, 1 for 5$ patrons and 2 for 10$ patrons
30 new sms messages
40 new dreams
Fixed bugs
Added some dialogues
Changed the graphic layer when moving and using things in the main character’s house


New location “Nursing home”
8 new characters
Added an option to start the game after leaving the prison and the strange house
New cheats
New events
Added some music when you do a party at a nursing home


4 new characters Tia, Anna, Jessa and Violet
Tia has been added to the basement
New scene with stepmother
New scene with Anna from Strange house
New dreams
New cheats


New characters Suzan, Anna, Damien, Ivan, Joseph and Ashley
New locations Strange house and Car workshop
Many new events
New dreams


A new scene while working at a local store. The player has a chance to pay a customer for her purchases in exchange for a certain favor. Be careful that no one catches you though!
More basement content for Stepmom
More basement content for Cherie
More basement content for Asa
More basement content for Chanel
More basement content for Lisa
The website on the computer is already working. There you will find various things as the name of the site suggests.
New cheats for corruption.
A cab now will take you straight home from downtown.
I fixed a bug in the gym, where hitting a bonus gave the player 3 muscularity points instead of 12.
Some cheats i found in HTML:
Friend : Mutiple cheats
Tinder : Premium Tinder
tinder1: Date all the girls on tinder
IamVip : Access to VIP island


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- - - - - -​



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Dec 11, 2022
Please put the rest of the tags onto this one. I'm not going to play the game again to know all of the fetishes it currently has, but last time I played scat, urination, and pregnancy were all in this game.


Dec 11, 2022
I just checked and this one isn't in the game as the DEV's thread on F95 doesn't have it.
I'm just going off of what I remember when I played it. If someone who is a fan of the game wants to play and add tags as appropriate I would encourage it. I'm still feeling traumatized from the first time I played. Would rather no one else go through that.
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Sep 12, 2022
I cant figure out how to renovate the house... I got the basement done, and vaccumed and wash dishes until i can see mom masturbate, stuck there.


Sep 8, 2023
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