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Sep 14, 2022
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Nov 30, 2022
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Alisa tries to solve the mysteries about her missing sister.
At one moment Alisa will lose everything and start living her life at the bottom of her social and financial position,
forgotten by everyone.
There'll be multiple ways to bring her previous lifestyle back. But by the time she might not want to…

3D Game, Adventure, Ahegao, Anal Sex, Animated, Corruption, Creampie, Drugs, Dystopian Setting, Exhibitionism, Female Protagonist, Horror, Humor, Masturbation, Multiple penetration, Oral Sex, Rape, RPG, Sex Toys, Tentacles, Urination, Virgin, Voiced, Voyeurism
1. Extract and run.
v0.3 Changelog:
New content:

14 H-scenes (53 variations) (including 3 intercourse scenes)
3rd Day of the Prologue
New Location: Spring Mansion, Pond & Cave
New NPC: Alan
3 Quests 2nd day: Robbed but Focused, Echoes at the Door, Beneath Familiar Floors
5 Quests 3rd day: Enjoy the Camp, Food is Everywhere, Stuart is Wanted, Treasures of the Pond, For the Firewood
2 Events: Rocking Chair, Resting Couple
3 Clothing items: Body Towel, Apron, Chain suit
1 Secret store item: Tube top
13 Consumable items: Milk, Beer, Snacks, Banana, Chocolate paste, Canned corn, Cereal, Potato chips, Cola, Tea, Water bottle, Blue berries, Red berries
2 Interactable items (double-click): Jumprope, Flower
2 Interactable objects House: Bed, Lava Lamp
26 Interactable objects Spring mansion: Deer statue, Fence hole, Graves, Car frame, Lunchboxes, Birdbath, Benches, Backyard gate, Shed door, Wardrobe, Cupboard and mirror, Dish cupboard, Sofa, Kitchen table, Refrigerator, Painting, Cupboard with dictionary and glasses, Clean bed, Broken jewelry box, Owner’s diary, Ladders, Toilet, Bathtub, Сosmetic bag, Closed jewelry box, Double bed
6 Interactable objects Pond: Food basket, Fishing place, Wooden toilet, Blue berry bush, Red berry bush, Spring water
5 Interactable objects Cave: Table, Skeleton, Broken barrels, Old wine, Ladder
1 Tool: Multitool
1 Collectible: Barghest figure
New features:

Needs\Effects System: Hunger, Sleep, Toilet, Thirst, Mood, Body Temperature
Need outcomes, buffs/debuffs
Visualization of attributes’ borderline state (for Arousal, Sleep, Mood, Freezing)
Environment temperature now affects Alisa’s body
Notifications system (time, money, quests, attributes, etc)
Quick slot item usage by pressing 1/2/3/4/5 keys
Bug fixes:

Bugs in male rig
Checking the presence of an item in the inventory now includes quick slots
After loading the game, the main character’s face was reset to the default
Upgrading attributes over 100
Memory leaks of delayed tasks
Alisa could not get in the bathroom naked

Electricity poles optimization (was heavy on CPU)
A warning when creating a save folder with the same name
DLSS and FSR support
Made switching camera angle when peeing optional
Reworked game initialization / saved game loading, game systems are loaded in a proper order based on their dependency on each other
Backend Stuff:

Easy and stable system for adding objects with switchable states to the level
Now interactable objects have logic to trigger events based on surroundings
Added 100 clothes tags (lingerie, swimsuit, skirt, inventory_blocked, casual, etc)
Added Conditional events (used in complex checking systems, like checking clothes tags to determine the level of Alisa’s revealingness)
It’s now easy to implement the same pattern of logic for different actions and dialogues
Sound management system
Hidden quests (some quests are here to handle gameplay tasks in the background, while there’s no need to see them)
Prioritized trigger box logic has been reworked. Now it works flawlessly with teleportation.
Other changes:

Changed Alisa’s idle animation
Modified house geometry for the quest
Added “Lower camera position” setting
Added “Enable/Disable comics shader” and “Enable/Disable outline shader” settings
Improved first-person camera view (cheats version only)
Changed the cheats button from Y to F1
Changed the Secret store location (use the telephone) (Secret store version only)


New content:

~55 H-animations (18 scenes, 32 variations)
2nd day of the Prologue (Friday)
Quests: On the Hook, Deluded + Moving difficulties quest continuation
Random events: Getting naked in the room, Closets in parent’s room, Basement
Interaction objects: safe, closets (parent’s room), mirror, washing machine, towel, sink, bath, toilet paper box, Stuart’s car
Interactable items (double-click in the inventory): marker, buttplug, makeup, lipstick, letter, razor, notes
2 Clothing items
No Furries
New features:

Attribute System
Vagina deformation animation
Switching between quests (Scroll wheel)
Delayed gameplay mechanics (some events now can be triggered not immediately, but after a certain amount of time)
Simple stealing mechanic
Bug fixes:

Stuck in dialogue sequences (if click too fast)
Crashes in dialogues
Disappearing trees
Grass clipping through floor and gazebo
Repeatable attributes grind
The reflection of a present in the mirror stayed after you clean it
Flickering/abruptly changing lighting on the character
The quest panel in the HUD (right) not updating correctly
House’s door closing/opening in front of your face

Automatic brightness adjustment
Implemented a new physics engine – better body/hair physics
Movement system overhaul (much more responsive)
Female facial animation overhaul
Cutscenes loading has been made multithreaded (no freezes on their load anymore)
Memory optimization tools/profilers
FOV is now lower when running (no fisheye)
Other changes:

Lighting in Alisa’s room
Stuart’s car color
You can now prevent Stuart’s car from crashing if you don’t meet him from 6 till 8 AM


~ 1 hour of gameplay

The first day of the prologue
Scenes (joystick, tentacle, etc)
Cinematic and immersive story experience
Quests with different outcomes
Multiple random events
RPG-based gameplay (choices matter)
NPCs with unique stories
Clothing system (changing, wearing multiple layers)
Basic interaction with objects (picking up, peeing, sleeping and more)
Weather and Time systems
3×3 km map with the river, lake, forests, towns, cities
Grid-based inventory (+sorting)


- -



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Oct 13, 2023
somebody posted the dev build for 0.3: and

still not much, but this one allows cheats (F1) and secret room (phone).


Dec 20, 2022
can we get back dropped items from our inventory or is the game broken like that? dropped items disappear (they're not on the floor). edit: this happened in her room, when dropping her clothes;they vanished. other than that, good game! hope theres more!
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