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Sep 14, 2022
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You play a young student living at an orphanage. You must make some quick cash to keep living at the orphanage or bad things happen. *Most fetishes are optional.
NOTE: Latest version has auto-update checkup enabled in Options by defaul​

2DCG, Anal Sex, Animated, Bestiality, Blackmail, Character Creation, Cheating, Combat, Corruption, Creampie, Drugs, Exhibitionism, Female Domination, Female Protagonist, Footjob, Futa/trans, Futa/Trans Protagonist, Gay, Groping, Group Sex, Handjob, Humiliation, Internal View, Interracial, Lactation, Lesbian, Male Domination, Male Protagonist, Mind Control, Mobile Game, Monster Girl, Multiple penetration, Oral Sex, Prostitution, Rape, Sandbox, School Setting, Sexual Harassment, Spanking, Stripping, Tentacles, Text based, Titfuck, Transformation, Trap, Turn Based Combat, Vaginal Sex, Vore, Voyeurism
1. Extract and run.

Thanks to Kirsty for the following fixes:
The vending machine can now be properly reinstalled and restocked after Briar sells it off.
Science lessons will no longer explode due to errant ifs.
Remy will no longer clamp an iron collar over your iron collar.
Alex’s parent will no longer call them their little girl/boy based on what’s in their pants.
The streets have been rendered safe from creeps staring at you and slimes commanding you get your hands bound.
Practised practice and travelled travel.
Removed stray pixel on space buns.
Fixed a bug with the random clothing feat booster.
Hid empty underoutfit category in forest shop.
Added missing sleeve sprite for the school vest.
Valentine’s Day will no longer display in the journal unless the player has unlocked Eden’s Valentine event.
The player can no longer explore the markets while exposed.
Fixed a broken chef inline event.
Corrected some dialogue on Remy’s farm to account for the player being gagged.
Fixed or removed many incorrect icons and link indentations.
Typo Fixes.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following fixes:

Fixed a bug that allowed you to collect semen during masturbation when dnenies or while wearing the chastity parasite.
Fixed an issue earslime commando demand not expiring.
Fixed bugs that prevented older outfits and wardrobes from including handheld items.
Feats later in a series but earned before prerequisite have been earned can now be displayed.
Fixed an issue with storing clothes outside wardrobes.
Fixed an event that didn’t close properly at Alex’s farm.


Fixed a git merge issue that prevented fixes in being applied. Thanks to Cutiland.

Fixed saves being incompatible with previous versions. Thanks to Trinidad and majou.
Fixed an error found when trying on clothes at a shop. Thanks to Trinidad.
Fixed a bug that made Leighton leer at Mason all the time. Thanks to hwp.
Fixed a but that prevented combat being cleaned up properly after the Whitney footjob scene. Thanks to hwp.
Fixed a combat error related to the “kissing a dick” action. Thanks to hwp.
Fixed a bug where Leighton would ALWAYS leer at Mason (aka it would take the “Leighton is attracted to Mason” option every time, which just sounds correct to me, but hey I fix bugs)
Fixed a bug where end of combat cleanup wasn’t being run in the new Whitney footjob scene
Fixed a combat error relating to the “kissing a dick” action
Fixed an issue where an ear slime could force you to pick up an non-existent sextoy. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
Replaced the functions from Furniture objects with normal variables. To be used in a function thats part of Furniture when required. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
Fixed a bug where the bowl in the fluid-collecting masturbation minigame could be filled already by the time the player got there. Thanks to hwp.
Thanks to Kirsty and hwp for typo fixes.
Thanks to Cutiland for the following fixes:

The PC can no longer help Robin set up their stand while naked.
Fixed a bug found during the brothel escort job.
Fixed a bug found in the alley detour scen.
Fixed some bugs with events and time.
Fixed a bug found when helping the black wolf breastfeed pups.
Code improvements.

Added icons for the skeleton outfit and mask. Thanks to anon.
Added Robin and Whitney reaction lines for the skeleton costume. Thanks to hwp.
Thanks to note leven for fixing bad links.
Thanks to Jimmy for an ironman fix.
Thanks to Crimson Tide and anon for the following fixes:

A new event at the compound will no longer trigger before the PC’s actually discovered it.
Completing the new compound event drastically increases security.
Fixed an error caused by the ear slime at Alex’s farm.
Fixed an error at the underground farm.
Fixed an error in the office.
Pronoun fixes.


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Jan 27, 2023
Never played it but doing a quick search popped up this site for mods.
Yeah Dolmods is great. Doren Days is the one I've been playing. It is a good game I just think I've overplayed it lately. So if anyone could recommend something similar that would be great.

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