deepfake program for pictures?

dickness all around

Apr 13, 2023
I got a bit of free time so I decided to make a few funny videos for my coworkers. I found a deepfake program or one of them anyway. download and cracked it (apparently 99% of those cost money) but I couldn't get it to work. I had some kind of error that I don't remember. basically I let go of the idea replacing a face in a video.

that's when I moved to pictures, I downloaded a program called PhotoWorks and cracked it and it seems to work fine. but it's not very good for face swapping. so next I found a website - and it has this cool feature where it allows the user to "feather" parts of the picture and this helps make the new head fit better to the picture. and thanks to PhotoWorks I can change the backround, so basically I can make funny photos of my friends and coworkers. but I still want a program that does it better, if I could get a video program that does it, amazing (like that Musk speech video) or at the very least a program that does a better job than "faceswaponline". basically I want something that replaces faces automatically better than me, a computer program. and also I don't want to use the site I found "faceswaponline" because I don't want to upload pictures of people I know to the web.

we live in a time where people can make porn with my mother, so it can't be that hard to find a program to use for funny stuff :/ I just don't know where to look. any help would be greatly appreciated. links to wherever is free to use, pirated, whatever I can use. thank you in advance.

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