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Jul 15, 2023
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Jun 28, 2021
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Deathable is a dystopian game where two different worlds been connected.
The game focuses on visual storytelling, with many drawings in each scene and frame-by-frame animation with sound.
Storyline is divided into episodes with a lot of drawings, immersion into the story and characters interactions. Some of the visuals can be too obscene.
2d game, 2dcg, anal sex, animated, corruption, creampie, dystopian setting, fantasy, graphic violence, group sex, horror, incest, interracial, male protagonist, milf, mobile game, monster girl, multiple endings, multiple penetration, netorare, oral sex, paranormal, pov, rape, romance, sexual harassment, transformation, vaginal sex, voyeurism
1 - Extract and run.
This update doesn't progress the story much further, but expands the existing scenes and showcases freeroam mechanics. Feedback is much appreciated. Feel free to stress-test the freeroam and inventory system.
- Added: 87 Renders
- Added: 1 Animation
- Added: H-scene MC x MC's Sister at night Episode 3
- Added: Activities during freeroam to process the storyline (Up to the evening of Episode 2 at this point)
- Added: Inventory system
- Added: More customization of the text box
- Added: 2 small peep scenes with Maria during freeroam
- About 30 renders compressed

- 212 Renders
- 2 Animations
- 1 Amelia x MC sex scene
- Beginning of Episode 3
- 1 story scene in Episode 2
- Fixed: Some typos and small bugs

*Almost whole update is dedicated to Maria's night scene.
- 256 Renders
- 2 Animations
- 1 Interactive scene
- Episode 2 night scene finished
- Added: Ability to change character names
- Added: Ability to start from a specific point in the storyline
- 40 images re-rendered
- 2 Animations improved
- Fixed: E2 night scene doesn't progress during replay
- Fixed: E2 feet animation with Sara doesn't stop playing if chose "call it a night"

- Added: 177 renders
- Added: 3 animations
- Added: "Rest" choice option in Episode 1 after spending time with Alice.
- Episode 1 & Episode 2 rewritten
- H-Animations script reworked. Now it's perfectly synchronized and doesn't needs to be reloaded after animation speed changed.
- Removed: "Reload H-Animation" Q-menu button.

- Added: 99 renders
- Added: 3 animations
- Added: Free roam mechanics
- Added: "Relationships" button in the q-menu.
- Added: "Cheat" option.
- Added: "Disable time events" option.
- Added: 62 New "Female voice" sound effects.
- Added: 18 New "slap" sound effects.
- Added: 32 New "bj" sound effects.
- "Relationships" notifications slightly redesigned.
- Episode 1 slightly rewritten.
- Episode 1 restructured.
- Fixed: Performance issues.
- Fixed: Choice menu cropped incorrectly and hides lowest options.

- 115 Drawings
- 5 animations with sound
- 1 interactive scene
- New sound effects: bj (28), hj (24), finish (7)
- 24 new slurp effects. (51 in total)
- Choices menu redesigned
- 10 images redrawn
- New settings option: Time Events / Disable (Some events will be unavailable)
- Gallery slightly redesigned
- Interface slightly redesigned
- H-scenes sound script reworked to better synchronization with animations
- Fixed: quick menu doesn't hide when unhovered
- Fixed: scene with Alice doesn't replay from gallery
- Fixed: scene with Alice doesn't ends correctly

- The game engine updated to Renpy 7.4.11
- 100 Drawings
- 11 Lewd drawings
- 2 Animations with sound
- Gallery reworked. Now it's only lewd scenes

- 106 Drawings
- 9 Animations
- 3 Interactive moments
- Ability to change mc name
- Animated relationship icons added
- Custom cursor
- 2 images redrawn
- Text slightly rewritten
- New font for characters names
- Interface slightly redesigned
- Walkthrough option
- New settings options: ''Black Borders''
- New settings options: ''Custom Cursor'' in Style
- New settings options: ''Explanations'', ''Notifications'', ''Walkthrough'' in Helper
- New settings options: ''Original'', ''Slow x2'' in Time Events
- New settings options: ''Disable'' in Q-Menu Has
- Gallery reworked
- H-Censor option has been deleted to not disturb player
- Changed: Right mouse button opens saves as usual renpy games
- Changed: Roll back and forward by mouse wheel as usual renpy games. Mouse wheel disabled during choices (can be enabled in settings: Rolls By Mouse During Choices).

First release
Suggestions, critical bugs reports, healthy criticism:

- Porn animations sound is randomized by script.
- Porn animations time can be changed by player.
- Frame by frame animations.
- Lot of native settings options.

A: The genre will be added in future. NTR tag was added by the community requests. NTR content will be avoidable (if choose - it won't happen during MC part of the story). The game is also has an option to disable it.

Q: i see the fetishes in the settings, if you unselect one will it still happen but you won't see it or will the story change for it not to happen?
A: If you unselect a fetish in the settings it hides the choice options that leads to the fetish content (so it won't happen). Except the intro after Alice x MC segment, I will add the avoid option with the next update (0.2.2+). Most of the obscene fetishes will be implemented during free roam/sandbox segments and easily avoidable or not appears if the settings options unselected.

Q: Other hardcore fetishes?
The setting option placeholder is already in. So yes when I add it - you will able toggle off the content

Moments with rape and such will has the same skip / avoid structure as NTR
(if its already happen - skippable | can be happen - avoidable)

So, yes it will more rape scenes.

Since I don't plannig to upload the game on patreon -

Other hardcore fetish (planned):
incest, bestiality, loli, gay, futa, furry, bdsm, slave

The game will not have:
Guro, necro, vore, hard gore, scat

For you to understand the gore image level:
No: limbs cut | the moment happen in the story, but won't have the images
No: insides out
No: devious types with sexual meaning

hard punches with bones crack, but without nasty deformations
Has: wounds like: big from a sword swing / bullet wounds
Has: fast and not detailed incineration
Has: sharp weapons pass through body
Has: blood flows

Q: "Performance Warning" - I'm getting this warning. DirectX and graphics drivers are updated. Would it be safe to continue ?
A: It's a common warning. Click: "Continue, Don't show warning again". It happens because of built-in image blur and the warning will be shown despite of your actual performance.

Win / Linux
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Mac: - - - - -
Android: - - - - -

Unofficial compressed
Win / Linux
: - - - - -
Mac: - - - - -
Android: - - - - -



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