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Aug 6, 2022
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Dayton is a cute young girl character for the Genesis 8 Female base. At 160cm in height, she is designed as a 13-14 year old. Loaded with personality and character, Dayton will be a welcome addition to your 3D Library.

Dayton will make a perfect bestie for Brynn, Amber, Cadee and other younger characters!

The included Iray shaders make her skin come alive in any lighting setup. Her package also includes eye shaders to make her even more unique.

Dayton comes complete with a custom straight dForce hairstyle with multiple colors presets.

Dayton Clothing and Accessories are designed in a wonderfully young style to match perfectly with Dayton and our other young figures. This is a fun casual outfit set up to make the most of dForce for realistic draping and folding.

The clothing items are designed to work on their own, or together.

Dayton Bundle for Genesis 8 Female(s):
Dayton - Body Apply
Dayton - Body Remove
Dayton - Head Apply
Dayton - Head Remove
Dayton Fibermesh Eyebrows
Expression Dials:
Dayton Afraid
Dayton Closed Smile 01
Dayton Closed Smile 02
Dayton Determined
Dayton Dubious
Dayton Evil
Dayton Eyes Squint
Dayton Grin 01
Dayton Grin 02
Dayton Laugh
Dayton Mouth Kiss
Dayton Mouth OH
Dayton Mouth Relaxed
Dayton Open Smile 01
Dayton Open Smile 02
Dayton Sad
Dayton Shocked
Dayton Surprised
Dayton Thinking
Dayton Tongue Out
Character Materials:
Dayton - Apply Materials
Dayton - Hide Nipples
Dayton - Show Nipples
Dayton - Tan Lines DARK
Dayton - Tan Lines LIGHT
Dayton - Tan Lines OFF
Dayton Eyes - Aqua Blue
Dayton Eyes - Brilliant Blue
Dayton Eyes - Brilliant Brown
Dayton Eyes - Brilliant Green
Dayton Eyes - Dark Green
Dayton Eyes - Flecked Green
Dayton Eyes - Grey Blue
Dayton Eyes - Medium Brown
Dayton Eyes - Medium Green
Dayton Eyes - Opal
Dayton Eyes - Ring Blue
Fingernails - Natural
Fingernails - Blue Sky
Fingernails - Electric Pink
Fingernails - Nude Pink
Fingernails - Peachy Pink
Fingernails - Red Wine
dForce Dayton Hair:
Multiple lays for realistic Draping
02 Adjustment Morphs
03 Style Morphs
Dayton Hair Materials:
Dayton Hair - Beach Blonde
Dayton Hair - Blackberry
Dayton Hair - Bottle Blue
Dayton Hair - Bottle Plum
Dayton Hair - Bottle Red
Dayton Hair - Brown
Dayton Hair - Ice Queen
Dayton Hair - Natural Red
Dayton Hair - Pretty Pink
Dayton Hair - Shimmer Blue
Dayton Hair - Shimmer Grey
Dayton Hair - Shimmer Lilac
Dayton Hair - Shimmer Pink
Dayton Complete Outfit
dForce Dayton Shirt:
Buttons Open
Shirt Length
dForce Dayton Pants:
Dayton High-top Sneakers:
Hide Socks
Dayton Neck-chain
Dayton Glasses:
Frames Thinner
Dayton dForce Simulation Settings
Textures Include:
89 Texture, Bump, Displacement, Normal, Reflection, Transparency and Specular Maps (4096 x 4096)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer

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