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Sep 14, 2022
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0.2.5 (Ongoing)
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Feb 15, 2023
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Sep 23, 2022
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It is an adult-oriented game that focuses on solving a mystery and exploration.
It allows the player to freely roam wherever they want and advance the story they see fit.
You play a girl named Alissa who received a mysterious envelope from an unknown sender,
inside it is a letter telling her that she now owns an entire estate, located away from civilization.
Why her of all people?
What dark secrets surround the estate?
You'll have to find out…

2D Game , 2DCG , Adventure , Animated , Big Ass , Big Tits , Corruption , Fantasy , Female Protagonist , Masturbation , Monster , Sex Toys , Vaginal Sex
1. Extract and run.
[You need to have a new save file to make sure the new systems work properly.]

Main Story: Basement and Mountainpass are now accessible with the new chapters.
Sidequests: 2 new sidequests.

Complete rework of old maps.
2 New Maps
4 New Characters.
14 New Scenes: 66 new animations.
20 New CGs.
A bunch of new Items.
New events across every location.
QoL changes such as more teleport desinations.

Quest Journal: now have more detailed logs for easier navigation.
Gallery: temporarily disabled as it's breaking saves.
Teleportation / Flower Circles: now act as a hub, every flower circles are now connected.
Lighting: now with more visibility and overall better brightness.
Weather: toned down a bit to reduce screen clutter.
Characters: in the new chapters, some of the new characters can be controlled.

1. Clothing and Corruption System: clothing for now depend on events or scenarios and the corruption system is put on hold for now since it's taking a long time to fix so default game variables will be used for now. but those will be used when more proper systems are made for seamless transition.
2. Not all of the scenes were remade.

[You need to have a new save file to make sure the new systems work properly.]

Main Story: Screaming Halls in the Fogwoods is now accessible.
Sidequests: 1 new sidequest.

1 New Mini Location: Screaming Halls.
1 New Character.
2 New Scenes: now with a total of 15 scenes and 88 animations.
7 New CGs.
3 New Items.

Quest Journal: added a quest journal in the menu, it also allows for quests to be tracked. This can be customized in the options menu.
Status Window: added a simple status window in the menu, this will show statistics such as how many intercourse Alissa had.
Gallery has been updated with the new scenes, a bonus video is also added.
Ambient Dialogues: I added a couple of dialogues that will pop up in some areas, these dialogues serve only as flavor texts.
Autosave: added a simple autosave that will trigger everytime a map changes. It can be turned off in the options menu.
Pressing (Tab) will hide messages, should work with any text boxes there is.

Main Story: a small continuation.
Sidequests: almost about a dozen, some sidequests can be completed by other means. Different routes to sidequests will reflect on future events and continuations.

2 New Locations: The Outskirts and Fogwoods.
3 New Characters.
8 New Scenes: from 5 scenes and 12 animations to 13 scenes and 79 animations.
9 New Items.
1 New Clothing.
A lot of events: some are hidden with no icons, some do.

Gallery has been updated according to new scenes, missed or locked scenes can be bought by a certain item.
Day and Night system with Tiredness State.
Better lighting and ambience according to day/night cycles.

Initial Release

Windows: - -
Windows (0.2.5):
Mac (0.2.5):



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I have created compressed version of the game :) Compressed By Fr1ko
Compression preset: Medium
Original size: 771 MB
Compressed size: 217 MB




Sep 8, 2023
Cursed Estate v0.3 Compressed (Untested)

Win 1.1 GB/396 MB :
, (152 Webm)

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