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Sep 14, 2022
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0.17b (Ongoing)
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Jan 23, 2024
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Dec 8, 2022
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Assume the role of a newly hired fresh graduate in one of the Wallstreet large banks. Climb the corporate ladder, be the most powerful man in the bank, and eventually in the whole financial industry. Meet beautiful coworkers and fellow corporate drones. Interact, befriend, and date them. If you're lucky, you'll be able to meet celebrities, date, or have sex with them.

Animated, Creampie, Male Protagonist, Oral Sex, Real Porn, Sandbox, Simulator, Text Based, Vaginal Sex
1. Extract and run.
Corpo Life 0.17b (The Maids: Remu & Julia)

Remu & Julia Storyline progression (Karen Marriage Route)
5 New Remu’s scenes
4 New Julia’s scenes

Corpo Life 0.17a (The Mansion)

Continuing Yua’s team story
New building to buy: Mansion (50 millions)
Eva’s story rewritten with 5 new scenes
Introducing Agent Candice – Mansion Security PIC with 2 new scenes

Corpo Life 0.12 (Karen’s Return & Remu’s Marriage)

Continuation of Karen’s story + 5 new scenes of her (including 2-weekend activities scenes)
Remu’s Marriage + 5 new scenes
Married/cheating dialogue reaction (Currently only Karen, in the future more NPCs’ reactions to MC’s marriage will be added)

Corpo Life 0.11d (Talent Hunt – Momo Honda)

Release Note:

Bug fixing (missing picture) etc and rebalancing some energy requirements
New character Momo Honda
New 4 scenes with Momo
New 4 3-some scenes with Momo-Nene
New Car (Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible)
New 2 scenes with Yuna
Can call Anne H to repeat the scene you had when purchasing the large house

Corpo Life 0.11c (Talent Hunt – Nene Yoshi)

Release Note:

Bug fixing (obviously)
New Character: Nene Yoshi (with 9 new scenes)
New Character – Yuna Shiina (introduction – drinking and kissing scene)

Corpo Life 0.11b (Talent Hunt)

Bug fixing (obviously)
Gameplay: Now you can buy the Large House (10 Million Bucks)
New Character: Reona Costa (with 8 new scenes)
New Character – Special: Previous owner of the Large House
3 Additional scenes with Remu Anastasia

Corpo Life 0.11a (Anthony’s Aftermath)

Julia’s event after Anthony’s killed by Saeko
9 New scenes with Julia (full list here JULIA NEW SCENES 0.11a )

Corpo Life 0.10 (My Stepsister Melody)

Introduction to your stepsister. She will come and stay at your house after your dad called you to provide her leads for her job-hunting
Requirements for this event to trigger

Finished Saeko’s story.
Wait for a week, just do your normal things as a banker
Already purchased a house/not staying at an apartment anymore

Fixed reported bugs that occurred in 0.09

added an invisible parameter called $lust_to_melody, a stat where you build your desire towards your little step-sister. This stat needed to be at certain levels to unlock events with melody. To increase this stat you can either talk to her or peep at her when she masturbates
Corpo Life 0.09: The Investigation



Bugfixes (as usual I can’t really remember what I fixed LOL)
Story Progression: The banking Industry Investigation & Authority Force (BINAF) sniffed the CFO’s illegal financing activities regarding Yaron’s loan restructuring request. They sent one of their agent, Lieutenant Colonel Saeko Matsu. Will you be able to cover your involvement and escape the investigation?
To trigger the event, you need to fuck the CEO at least 10 times. When you’re in your office room, The CEO will call to inform you about the BINAF arrival.


New Weekend Activities with Remu (Go to Vacation)
Relaxing & Soothing activities with Remu
1) Play on the beach & Forest
2) Swimming in the pool
3) Hanging out in an old & rustic cottage

v.0.06: Ellen Wang is Not Just a Humble Tutor

– Ellen Wang, The CFA tutor is now available for tutoring you in FRM Certifications. Not only that, her expertise is going to be needed in your bank.
– FRM certification. Apply to unlock scenes with Ellen, passing the exam will greatly improve your work

Added 5 sex scenes with Ellen:

FRM tutor and sex: You need to apply to FRM Course. It will cost you 5000 bucks
Sex scene 1 (day): Call Ellen for private tutoring 7am – 7pm
Sex scene 2 (evening): Call Ellen for private tutoring 8pm-12pm
Sex scene 3 (evening): Call Ellen for private tutoring, and choose “Go straight to sex” 8pm-12pm
Sex scene 4 (Office Lunch – toilet): Work in the transformation office, and at lunchtime 12am-2pm, ask her to have lunch together
Sex scene 5 (Office Lunch – filing room): Work in the transformation office, and at lunchtime 12am-2pm, ask her to have lunch together

v.0.05: Remu The Girlfriend

– Add the option to break up with Karen. This is needed to make Remu your girlfriend, and start the chain of events with her

Remu’s 9 New Scenes: This requires Remu as your girlfriend

Post-Dating Home: Ask remu to go on a date while in the office
Home morning sex scene: 7am after waking up
Home evening living room scene: 7pm to 10pm
Home night bed scene: 9pm to 12pm
Home kitchen morning scene: 8am to 9am
Home kitchen evening scene: 6pm-9pm
Home bath morning scene: 7am-8am
Weekend dating beach scene: Go on a date in the weekend to the beach with Remu
Weekend dating forest camping scene: Go camping in the forest with Remu in the weekend


7 Yua Sex Scenes & 1 Gal’s scene: I prefer that you don’t read this spoiler, and find Yua’s scenes yourself to improve immersion. But if you do want to jump right to the scenes, here’s the spoiler.

Dating /Eating out in a restaurant scene, and after-date sex (You need to improve your relationship with her at the office first, and you can ask her to go on dates in the evening This is the initial sex scene in the new structure. Trigger this event to unlock other sex scenes with Yua (including older scenes)
Yua’s apartment bathroom morning-sex scene: When you wake up in the morning in Yua’s apartment, go check the bathroom and see if Yua’s in the bathroom
Yua’s bathroom evening-sex scene: Check Yua’s bathroom at 8-9pm
Yua’s bedroom morning-sex scene before work: Yua’s bedroom at 8-9am
Yua’s bedroom evening-sex scene after work: Yua’s bedroom at 6pm-10pm
Yua’s office hall quickie sex scene: office hall/banking hall/lobby at 10-11pm
Yua’s dining room quick boobjob scene: Yua’s dining room at 8-10am


CFO Story & Content

CFO’s story and plot with Gal Gadot & Yaron Varsano. Introduction to celebrity NPC Gal Gadot
Two (2) sex scenes with Gal Gadot
Introduction to Julia Boinovsky. CFO’s wife and her background
Three (3) sex scenes with Julia (Bedroom, Livingroom, & Kitchen)
Remu office locker room sex scene

Rebalancing energy: Having sex will cost you 1/5 of your daily energy. In the future, running out of energy will make you sick and needed to be hospitalized
Introducing ability to navigate to NPC’s houses
Few Bugfix & Spelling corrections


- - - - - - - -​



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Sep 8, 2023
Corpo Life [v0.16b] [CorpoLife_dev]

COMPRESSED: Windows to the Soul:
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Jul 24, 2022
Are some scenes actually censored? Sadly, may have to add that tag
Oof, yeah, that's always lame. Damn Japanese censorship.

I don't know why someone making a game using real porn clips would choose to use censored JAV clips instead of just getting uncensored clips with Japanese (or other Asian) porn actresses, if they really wanted to have Japanese (or other Asian) girls in the game, personally. Seems like such a waste, to me.
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