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Jun 26, 2022

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You are in quite a tight spot with your family... So it's time to pick up the pieces and take care of them! Build your own village, build your own harem and uncover your mysterious past. Learn who you are and where you come from. Follow the MC's story as he takes on anyone who crosses his path and steal all the girl's heart along the way!​

Thread Updated: 2022-05-31
Release Date: 2022-05-31
Developer: Chaosborn - -
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Game Version: 0.15
Gameplay time: 15 hours +
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Extract and run.

  • Added a new sea animal, to the game.
  • Sea habitat is available for purchase
  • You can now finish the first part of the phoenix part
  • 20+ new maps
  • 2 New quests with Elvira(Aurora's mom)
  • 2 New h-scenes with Elvira
  • Some progress with Yuki's storyline.
  • 1 New scene with Yuki.
  • 1 New skill has been added to the skill shop for Asher(Mc).
  • Added a new forest animal, to the game.
  • Added a new snow animal, to the game.
  • Snow habitat is available for purchase
  • A quest has been added for the forest habitat and is completable.
  • An H-scene has been added with Miho.
  • A quest has been added for the snow habitat (not completable yet)
  • The drop rate of mana crystal has been increased.
  • Fixed an issue where the new raid teleport wasn't available in the list.
  • A new quest has been added for Reina.(Expands the item shop items)
  • Final scene with Reina(Jalila's mom)
  • 1 new skill has been added to the skillshop for Eldritch Gwen
  • You can now buy Mana crystals in the item shop in your village
  • 1 new skill has been added to the skillshop for Eldritch Gwen
  • A new quest has been added for Bloom.
  • A new h-scene with the elder of the big elven village.
  • A new h-scene with Bloom.
  • Some more visitors have been added to the mc's village whenever you unlock the blacksmith
  • 2 New skills added to the skillshop for Zendaya.
  • 1 New skill added to the skillshop for Lola.
  • A quest related to the desert habitat has been added(enter the habitat to add it)
  • A scene with Pandora has been added(desert habitat)
  • Fixed an issue where Gwen had no magic.(new saves)
  • Old saves will have to continue Gwen her story to fix the issue
  • Finished the dragonstory.
  • Added a new h-scene with Belinda.
  • Added a new h-scene with Erza.
  • Added a new h-scene with Misa.
  • A new quest has been added to Gwen her storyline.
  • Added a new h-scene with Gwen.
  • Fixed an issue where you could start the skillshop main quest before finishing the previous main story quest.
  • Teleport location added to the new raid.
  • You can finish Erza her part in the Dragonstory quest now + h-scene
  • You can finish Helia her part in the Dragonstory quest now + h-scene
  • Raid has been implemented and new shield mechanics with a bunch of other stuff.
  • New currency has been added
  • Ghidora sex scene added.
  • Training tower floor 3 added
  • New challenge quest
  • Helia sex scene added.
  • 1 New main story
  • Skill shop added to your village.
  • New skill for aurora and Yuki in the shop. (new ones each update)
  • Mc's village overhaul.
  • Fixed the habitat issue where you could enter without unlocking.
v0.11 (fix)
-3 Quests awere dded to the Human village in the mountains.
-You can finish Belinda her part in the Dragonstory quest now + h-scene
-You can finish Misa her part in the Dragonstory quest now + h-scene
-You can finish Gidora her part in the Dragon story.
-Victory aftermath now works on auto-battle too.
-A training tower has been added.
-Training tower floor 1 added.
-Training tower floor 2 added(Requires main quest 8 completion.
-Buffed the exp rates slightly. I will add more exp to future mobs.
-1 Bloom quest + scene.
-1 Main story quest. + h scene.
-New harem character
-New party member Dawn
-New skill type(Sanguimancy + new skills)
-Sanguimancy: Mc, Rhonda(More party members will get skills in the future.)
-Boosts in battle.
-Base damage stats of the party members have been buffed.
-Patreon exclusive scene.
- First dungeon rework.
- Hometown rework.
- Battle aftermath implemented.
- Breathing enemies so they look more alive.
- Added more visual effects in battle(States effect and much more)
- Improved the inventory visually.
- Hovering over a character with buffs/states will now show, information -about the buff/states(amount of bonus stats)/turns, and so on.
- 1 main quest / New skill + h scene.
- Demon form skill added.
- Some bloom content + scene
- Julia content + virgin scene
- Jessica content + 2 scenes
- Plenty of dragon story content + (includes Gilf) 5 future harem characters + 1 Gwen/ Elvara scene
- A new sidequest in your original hometown(+h-scene)
- 2 New teleport locations(Dragonvillage, Temple between worlds)
- Gallery has been updated for the previous and this update.
- Credits added to the main menu.
- Last Seraphina quest.
- 1 Main quest + new party member and harem character.
- Seporis content/1 h-scene + New harem girl bloom(red fox girl)
- Tons of news areas.
- Hell/ demon world has been added.
- Some progress in the phoenix quest.
- Some Julia + Jessica content.
- Zadia quest + scene
- Zadia and Zolia threesome virgin scene.
- New patron/subscribe character introduced
- Asher's class got mixed, up that's fixed now, so he has his normal skills back
- New Seraphina content + H-scene.(Patreon/subscribe exclusively)
- Changed the phoenix sprite that you meet in the normal raid.
- Phoenix is a quest now(Go back to the normal raid room right before the boss to add it to your quest log)
- The first part of the phoenix quest was added.
- Forgot to add Aurora her third scene to the gallery.
- 2 New magical rope locations
- 1 new collectible animal.
- 1 Patreon scene.
- New title screen.
- 1 normal adventure quest + h-scene
- The last trial unlocked when all adventure quests are done + Zaria scene
- 2 Nadia quest + 2 h-scenes.
- 1 Sidequest + H-scene. Unlocks when you get access to the right-wing of the castle hall
- Completely reworked the gallery. 3 scenes will need to be rewatched to unlock them in the gallery, In Mebu "collecting tails" side quest, In Seporis "Snake - Trouble" side quest, and the 2 students just outside the principal's office in the magic academy
- 1 Zadia quest and scene.
- 1 Reina quest and scene(Jalila's mom)(item shop location) New item in the shop as a reward.
- 2 new keybindings were added if you start from a previous save you will have to talk to the doll in the mc's bedroom to get them to work, for new games it will just work from the start. The 2 new keybindings are, "G" opens the gallery and "J" opens the journal
- Names of the characters will now appear above their bedroom door when you are near so it's easier to see which room belongs to who
- Halloween event with 2 different outcomes / Watchable in the gallery(Category "Other" page1)
- Rhonda quest + H-scene
- A new character was introduced with Rhonda.
- Bulletin board improvements.
- 2 Lola/Chloe quests + 2 H-scenes with both of them
- 2 Adventure quests + 1 H scene linked to one of them
- Possibility to reach rank A in the guild + An H-scene with Zaria
- I forgot to add Zaria her scenes to the Gallery/ They are available now.
- New Patreon/subscribe scene.
- First content with Seraphina (Patreon/subscribe exclusive character)(Recommended level is 20)
- First H-scene with Seraphina (Patreon/subscribe exclusive character)
-2 New collectible animals / 2 New ropes(check out the new areas)
-A newly available habitat to purchase
-A whole new area(North-east of the desert area)
-2 New cities added to the new area. (New elf Village, Other city has no content for now)
-A princess scene that unlocks after you have seen the Queen sex scene(Just talk to the Princess in the throne room)
-1 main story quest / First Elena scene
-Ozryn questline is finished + A scene with the prisoner, you save.
-The kingdom has been added across the lake and is visitable(no real content yet)
-Oasis added(Zendaya story)
-Rhonda story + 2 scenes
-Zendaya story /1 Zendaya scene / Both mc and Zendaya get a new skill
-1 New Patreon/subscribe scene
-All Tp using skills have been adjusted to a lower tp amount needed
-You can now heal yourself and your party in the magic academy(Orb on the table inside of the principal's office)
-Changed Gwen her battler so it doesn't bug (Android only)

The main storyline will be paused for a while until all of the current girls their story is finished until a certain point
-Continuation of the Ozryn storyline(2 quests and 2 h-scenes).
-Fixed a bug where there was no transfer to go back to the main map from the magic academy
-Teleport crystals have been added to(Dravonia, Mc's village, Magic Academy, Temple of Ra)
-Teleport system has been added to the rika storyline.
-New Rika scene.
-New Roza scene(Teacher of the magic academy) Don't worry you'll get your revenge on her:)
-2 Main story's with some nice visuals
-A main story h scene
-Couple new areas, and farm area for teleport crystals. (Icicle cove)
-1 Zendaya quest and 2 H-scenes.
-Gallery is fixed again.(Texts had to be fixed and a script so the quest log goes away when a scene is playing)
-Queen scene
-Patreon scene

I'm looking into improving the gallery to act like the teleport system with a list not sure yet how I'll do it but we'll see.

Quick explanation on how the teleport system works, there are teleport crystals that you need to farm(doesn't take too long) 1 teleport crystal for each waypoint you activate this only has to be done one per waypoint, current available waypoints is mentioned above.
- 2 side quests in the Ozryn questline and 1 H-scene(White-haired girl after completing the lead his quest)
- Hard mode of the Pyramid of Ra raid.(Clear the normal raid 5 times to unlock the hard raid)
- Riddles have been added for the Lever puzzle in Jalila her questline.
- New reward h-scene for capturing the snake in Seporis
- 1 New Patreon scene.
- More improvements to the battle system.(Adjustable settings)
- Text speed added and instant text(Settings)
- Aurora questline continued / 2 Scenes
- 1 Olivia scene.(continue the main story)
- 2 Main quests
- 1 challenge quest(older saves will see this quest as soon as they enter the pyramid)For new games it will appear immediately.
- Nadia questline continuation and 1 scene
- Zendaya joins the party and 1 story quests for her.
- 1 New collectible animal.
- Small changes were made to the Mc's village bar. In preparation for the future.
- Rika questline and 3 scenes. (Will be continued next update)
- Self-exploding enemies(Kill them before they can move)!
- The new region was added.
- I was able to get the Encyclopedia back to the menu(T still works for who prefers that)
-A whole quest log system(This adds new scripts and variables I You'll have to start a new game)
-Battle system rework and improvements with changeable auto-battle function.(settings)
-2 new main quests.
-UI improvements of settings.
-UI improvements of the Menu.
-1 New animal and the introduction of Habitat upgrades in your village.
-2 New girls join the harem (1 party member).
-2 New quest and 3 Scenes with Jalila.
-2 Scenes with Zaria.
-1 Patreon scene
-1 Reina scene.
-1 Zolia scene
-1 Patreon party member.
-1 Adventure quest and the possibility to reach rank B.
-2 Visions have been added.
-1 New animal and the introduction of Habitat upgrades in your village.
-Jalila her mother joins the club.
-Chloe's quest continuation and 1 scene.
-Accuracy buff to Mc and Gwen, Gwen also has a 25% counter-attack chance
-New Party members will automatically be at the same level as the mc on recruitment.
- You can open the item shop in your village which sells an item that prevents random encounters for 200 steps.
-Game resolution changed 1024/768 for a better view of scenes.
-4 new main quests.
-Bug fixes from 0.1.
-Added tp bar to the enemies.
-New ways for the player to earn money besides side quests.
-Around 15 New H-scenes.
-Improvement in 0.1 scenes.
-You can purchase the weapon shop and bar in your village.
-Some balance changes to the characters.
-A raid has been implemented into the game. (New income for money)
-A Couple of dungeons have been added.
-2 Collectable animals.
-3 New party members / 1 Patreon exclusive party member. (Put Gwen as 2nd character in your formation)
-New mechanics have been added to help out the player overall and the rework to a higher resolution.
-Those won't work on old saves... I know I said you won't need one but this is only a one-time thing.
-Some bug fixes that lets you skip some story parts.
-Fixed a bug where dream 1 doesn't show if you met the requirements to see the next dream.
-Fixed a bug with the horse collecting quest.
-Added some extra potions to make the early game easier.
First release

Do you like a good story with some kinky scenes, Chronicles of the Chaosborn is the place to be!
Till about a month ago I was completely clueless on making an actual rpgm or on creating any art at all.
So until a month ago, I didn't do anything of that stuff so it has been quite the learning curve process.
The only thing I can say is, there is definitely room for improvement and things will get even better in the process.
The journey until now has been good and I met quite the amount of devs that made this possible so special thanks to them!
People will always be able to contact me through Patreon and f95zone PM or tags(I'm planning on making a discord server as well.)
So a multimillion question that will be asked for sure will there be ntr?
Well the answer is no all girls will be for you only and the variety of races will be big so go have fun I'd say!

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