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When you were younger you were inseparable from the girls you grew up with, but as time past they moved away and you grew apart. But now you are coming to a reunion, to reconnect and see how you’ve all changed and grown. Although it might not go well at first, you find yourself back there again, with the power to change how things went. What will you shape your relations into? Why is the past changing? And how is the reunion repeating?

3dcg, adventure, animated, big ass, big tits, corruption, creampie, groping, handjob, harem, incest, lactation, lesbian, male domination, male protagonist, masturbation, mobile game, oral sex, pregnancy, sandbox, spanking, titfuck, transformation, twins, vaginal sex, virgin, voyeurism
1. Extract and run.

A new memory with Carla where you can take her on a date
If you have talked to Lin about her relationship with Alex, you can call her to your porn date in the forest
There is a mail from this scene
Carla progression guide
You can ask Carla and Lin by the lake about your father
When you stub your foot, you can ask Carla to kiss ‘it’ better
When you arrive you can rather scandalously headpat C5 Haily
When receiving the watch in the mail, you can attempt to hypnotise Carla
When having tea with Carla at low corruption levels, you can find Carla’s Moonstone
During Sunday night, if you have indulged in Carla and your corruption levels are high enough, Lin will want to have a talk with you
If you get Carla Pregnant there is a mail
Lin will have some things to say when you leave
While showering with Carla, you can now wash lower
While talking to Carla, she will now demonstrate things in a more hands on fashion
When asking Carla about Alex’s breast goals, you can suggest Carla gets larger breasts
There are two possible Mails from this, one if Carla loves you, another if Sami is also jealous
Carla sneaking into your room to feed you now has a different intro if Lin has given her blessing
Haily’s spy name now has a better guide
Standardised display of blurbs under corruption levels
Choosing Lin during Alex on breasts now also prompts knowledge of their strained relationship
Carla no longer gives you the sex talk if someone is pregnant
Added the progression guide for Jenny C2
Haily sending you photos of her leaking is now an actual message
Lina C4 progression is now no longer overridden by a failed event
Fixed the reveal scenes only debug option
Fixed a huge number of instances where you could cum inside girls without ejaculating
Playing with Carla’s boobs in her room is now no longer in the shower
Minor spelling fixes
Added the missing nodes in Jenny’s progression events to the guide
Can now do Carla breast expansion without Alex being pregnant
Fixed an incorrect icon in Haily’s progression guide
Fixed an infinite loop with Sami racing you on Monday morning
Fixed the reveal scenes only debug option
Fixed a huge number of instances where you could cum inside girls without ejaculating


You can access Jenny’s Corruption Level 2 by wandering off during the bbq again, will also unlock the other corruption if not unlocked
Expansion of sleeping with pregnant Alex
On friday afternoon you can interact with Jenny
In the shower with Lina’s invitation you can now go lower with Jenny
If you enter the shower without Lina’s invitation, something else will happen
Haily by the lake now has an entirely new set of options for Haily C5
Talking to Lisa for Saturday breakfast has a new option
Lisa can send you a mail if you question her priorities
You can have a shower with Alex on saturday night
Alex is now pregnant when saying goodbye
Alex has a new mail when you complete a pregnant run
Alex will be pregnant during Sunday Dinner
There is a new memory for Alex if Alex has maximum corruption
Alex can now be pregnant in the Hottub
he can send you a mail if you pull out
The first half of a scene where you can sleep with pregnant Alex on Sunday
Sami may notice something if you undress in front of her
The first visible updates of the corruption system
Changed some conditions for Alex Pregnant mails
Updated pregnancy renders for several scenes
Haily by the lake 2 now requires having had sex with Haily
Grammar fixes
Scattered Guide fixes
When Lina escapes with her pants down, you now see her getting her hips stuck
Several of the new corruption points were not getting applied


Carla will now offer different advice when unloading the car
You can join Carla in the show Early Sunday Morning
You can meet Lisa by the lake Sunday noon
When having tea with Carla, she will now offer to solve your problem
Carla can wake you up with breakfast on Saturday early morning (if alex isn't in your bed)
On Friday night Sami and Carla will be having a new interaction in your room
Carla can now give you a mail if you let her and Sami talk about pole dancing
You can ask Carla about her sexual relationship with Lin
You can go for a drive with Cassidy on sunday noon
New Carla mail if you asked to see breasts without enough concern
You can practice kissing and groping with Carla
With enough Concern, Carla will express how much she wants to help you on Sunday Night, C4 Progression
Carla's dream scene has been expended and is now a memory that canonically happens before a Carla C4 Reunion
When out for a run with Sami, she will respond to you collapsing differently
You can unlock a corruption bonus from this
Sami will be splayed out on her bed on Sunday Morning
With enough love Sami will confront you in your room on Sunday Midnight
You can talk to Lisa about your body in her Sunday Noon scene by the lake

Sami finds panties now makes sense in case you have Sami's panties
The photo Haily sends at the start of her C4 is now tradeable to Lina and Carla
Alex now does not bedcrawl early saturday morning if she is pregnant (As she is with Haily)
Several Carla scenes grant substantially less concern at C3
Carla Talks now uses Carla's expanded sprites
The first loop of the game now has complete sprites and new renders.

Haily's arrival photo now shows properly when being given to Carla
Fix for obscure bug with new variables when saved in the ending screen
Lisa at the lake no longer overrides Hailys date
Fixed Lisa's hidden panopticon mode
Fixed missing variable when trading with Lina
Removed the unfinished "Take a Selfie" option from the lake which was causing errors
Carla Breakfast is now no longer overridden by Alex's bedcrawl while pregnant
Traditional guide fixes
Made the long missing Haily leak peek character sprite


On sunday morning several people will be preparing for the picnic if you agreed to go
Haily says goodbye more appropriately at C4
A special scene for terrible people
Haily milks Alex in the early morning now
Large rewrites to Carla opinions on a pregnant Alex
New Carla "Dream"
Complete rewrite of Pregnant Alex in the forest
New mail from that scene
You can now visit the forest, garden, lake, bathroom and living room at any time, although there isn't much to find*
With enough corrupt characters, you will receive a mysterious message
You can follow up on this message if you do what the dead drop says
Haily might send you a mail if you put the right idea in her head
The photo Haily sends at the start of her C4 is now tradeable to Lina and Carla

Haily by the lake now makes sense at C4
Converted many files to .webp format to reduce game file size
Updates Lin's opinions on a pregnant Alex
Update to Lisa making breakfast saturday morning for Alex pregnant
Some more minor Alex pregnancy updates
Updates for Friday Dinner with new CGs
Alex is now pregnant on Satuday dinner
Sami finds panties now makes sense in case you have Sami's panties
The photo Haily sends at the start of her C4 is now trade-able to Lina and Carla

Spelling fixes
Fixed a misplaced line in Alex's progression guide
Couple of unfinished lines from Friday dinner when Alex is pregnant
Several auto trigger mails now trigger
Solved the Akex problem
The Haily spy scene is now reachable
Replaced the button for getting the Jenny's midnight snack scene



Large additions to Alex and Haily’s adventure
Large rework of Haily Berry picking for C4
The double milking dream has been moved into the loop
You can now have an eating competition with Haily on Saturday dinner
When milking Haily, there is a new option to get your penis out
Modest additions to Haily and Carla to cover new corruption levels
After Friday dinner you can visit Lisa and Haily doing the dishes
If Alex confesses during the porn date, Haily will feel left out
If Alex masturbates during the porn date, you AND haily can eat her out
Haily will message you on Sunday morning with enough Love (6)
You can go on a date with Haily on Sunday
Asking Haily about Bess will have her send you a new mail
The picnic with Haily can unlock Haily Corruption 5 (no button or content yet)

Cassidy’s sprites now complete
Completed an unfinished conversation thread when sucking Haily dry
Haily now wears her bathers if her top is missing during the eating competition
Pregnancy updates to Alex giving you a blowjob when sharing a bed with Haily

Following Sami can no longer move the BBQ to the beach with you
The game no longer loads into Haily’s eating competition
Lin’s Idiot Mail now has a correct tooltip
Alex’s Surprise guide now links to the right screen
Alex Snoozing now has it’s own page instead of the surprise being snoozing
Fixed several mislabeled scene requirements


After dinner on friday Alex is now napping instead of missing
Complete update for Alex and Haily can’t sleep.
Haily will send you a message when you first arrive
Two new scenes if you have talked to Alex about her contraceptive use in the forest
The first is during the porn watching scene if you choose the impregnation video
The second is during dinner, she will call you over
Alex’s Pregnancy corruption level is now available
Alex’s snuggles dream now moved inside the loop
New mail if you finish a loop with Alex’s pregnant
Lisa can now be talked to while preparing dinner on Friday Afternoon
New Haily Dream scene
A large new scene with Sami after the dinner, she is not happy

Complete new spriteset for Alex pregnant
Scene filter now has an All/None button
Complete rewrite of how mails are displayed in the end screen
Minor changes across the start of the reunion when Alex is pregnant
very slightly alternate “Mountains” photo
Lina Soiled arranged for pregnancy
Updates through a lot of Friday dinner

Pregancy buttons now no longer randomly lock themselves
Haily can no longer get pregnant with pregnancy disabled
A mismatched if statment has been fixed so that you can now get Sami’s moonstone again
Several missing inclusions to the guide
Sami can now only get pregnant if she is fertile



Lisa Sprites done (Just Cassidy to go)
You can send Haily away from the scenes where Lina is peeping on either Sami or Alex
There is a short scene where Haily completes her impossible task at C4
If you aren’t in bed, you can discover a scene between Carla C3 and Sami C2 on Monday early morning
You can discover Sami’s moonstone if you catch her not finding anything else in your bag on Sunday midnight
You can ask Haily about her necklace when talking to her by the lakeside on Sunday night
You can get a mail from Alex during this scene
Complete rebuild of the scene guides primary screen, you can now filter scenes by character
New Jenny Dream
There is a new outcome of watching the sorority video with Alex at C5 and Haily at C4
At C5, Alex will wake you up in a very special way on Saturday
When Sami bedcrawls, there may be new hugging related activities if you got up to something before
You can get a new mail from Sami’s bedcrawl
When talking to Alex in the forest she will now have sex with you
New mails if you get Alex pregnant in corruption level 5
Several alternate emails that also apply breast expansion if the characters achieved it
If you get Alex pregnant, while saying you don’t want a kid, Lin will send you a mail

Updates to the new scene guide to reduce lag and increase readability
Alex now always masturbates on Saturday night at C3 or higher
Removed Availability system from saturday dinner and simplified an invisible time system
Several scenes in the guide were compressed into sub scenes
Several scenes now allow you to chose between them instead of becoming unavailable as corruption progresses
The altered note can now be unlocked as a corruption for Lisa
Mails that are breast enhancement variants are now more neatly displayed

Removed some photos that aren’t usable from various trading sequences
Fixed a mislabeled variable that locked all Slex forest C4 specific content
Fixed several video’s in Alex’s bedcrawl that weren’t looping
A lot, I wasn’t keeping track of them, sorry



If you successfully stole Haily’s top, you can meet her after dinner when she is looking for it
There is a mail from Lina available here
Lina can attempt to use the pocket watch on you on Sunday at noon
There is corruption for Lina available from the hottub scene
Some new short intros to what Lina wants during C1 and C2 so that it’s tied together a bit better
You can attempt to hypnotise Alex and Haily before the hot tub
Lina can join you in the hot tub when it all goes wrong (Also some minor Haily C4 updates)
You can talk to Lin about getting her panties
You can investigate both your room and the kitchen any time there isn’t a scene there
There are new photos you can get for trading if you visit your room while Sami is asleep
Lina Bio
Lina Hypnosis Dream
You may ask Lina for special requests while bartering
You can talk to Lin about getting her panties
There is a findable object in the kitchen after that (The code is solvable, but not usable yet. Also the code will not be required to be solved)
You can now dig up some old photos of Alex that she had sent you
Complete rewrite of how Lina deals with trading images
Complete rewrite of how Haily deals with trading images

Calling Haily for C0 is now done from your bedroom any time during the day without Sami
New sprites for Lina
Replaced asking Lina for quests with her offering them to you when they are available
Lina can now get her C2 progression from handling her
Overhaul to all the map buttons so that they overlap less, should improve map lag
Multiple scene choices now have a back option
You can now ask for photo’s from everyone if you are getting pictures for Carla’s scrapbook
You can also ask to take photos just for trading with Lina
All instances of taking photos now have an accompanying photo
Changed how the guide and map interact under the hood to reduce lag when they are both displayed

Missing guide screens are now handled in a robust fashion and will not error
A cataclysmic amount of spellin and grammar fixes
Instances requiring Lina’s panties now trigger correctly again
Giving photos to Haily no long autocompletes at the highest level due to a cardinal sin of programming
Guide for haily and lina’s photos now doesn’t collaps in on itself
Render is properly hidden during Carla walking in on sami’s oral support
A lot of missing ejaculations now trigger the ejaculation counter
The guide will no longer error if you haven’t visited any scenes
The buttons for Alex’s new mail displays properly
Accident in Alex’s rewards section
Mislabled jump when returning photos to Haily
Missing render in Alex bedcrawl
Improper sprite layering in Lin and Lisa
Many guide fixes
Just… So many bugs…



Lin and Lisa date on Friday afternoon
You can talk with Carla about her scrap book on Friday afternoon
Lina might be trying out a new camera on Saturday afternoon (This scene may be moved to C2 later)
New Lina Mail in this scene
New Lina Nerve in this scene
Alex and Haily have some trouble getting used to sharing a bed on Friday midnight
Alex can now fix Sami on monday early morning, you can also get kicked in the balls
You can massage Carla Lower during her Sunbathing
Lin can send you a mail after this
With Carla at C3, If Lin provokes Sami into a blowjob an alternate scene will play out
A new corruption is available here
You can encounter Jenny out and about on friday night
Lina can give you a mail here
New Jenny Corruption point
Carla Progression Journal updated
2 small scenes of if Alex tried to fix things with Sami where she walks in on Carla taking care of you on Monday early morning
Several new corruption points here

Friday afternoon now has choices after you settle in
Increased responsiveness in Alex’s C4 Goodbye
Lina watches Alex now makes more sense if Alex wants the D
Lina soiled now makes sense if you watched Sami instead

Fixed several missing scene exits during the confrontation with Haily
Added the missing button for Haily C4
Fixed several TypeError ‘int’ errors
Fixed a mismatched variable reset in asking Alex who has the best boobs
Fixed a bug with head trauma where the background wont revert properly
Fixed missing corruption variable definition
Alex fixing Sami scenes now happen when Alex wants to fix Sami
Carla Teches BJs corruption now correctly highlights
Carla’s poking scene will now play properly
Fixed unfinished Carla Feeding guide
Incorrect scene conditions for Haily’s C3 Progression scene
Many grammar fixes
Many guide fixes


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- - - - -​


- - - -​



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Compressed version 0.26d of the game
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I guess the girls will be spending a lot of time in the lake to float their ridiculously massive tits... :ROFLMAO:

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