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Sep 14, 2022
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By Another Name is an adult visual novel that answers the question “What if I was an incoming college freshman, preparing to attend an elite private school on a soccer scholarship, when my dad unexpectedly dies right before the school year begins, leaving behind a mystery for me to solve that could force me to question the legacy of the man I was raised by?”

3DCG, Female Protagonist, Futa/Trans Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Mobile Game, Oral Sex, Romance, Sandbox, Vaginal Sex
1. Extract and run.


This is a general update with lots of QoL changes and 200+ lines of dialogue from throughout the game that have had changes made to them. Not that they were bad before…but now they’re definitely not bad

“Hide” function added to quick menu so you can hide the interface during a scene if you’d like to do so
“Rollback Side” function added to settings, in case that’s something you’re into
Gravity re-enabled for Harper in the first event, as there was a scene in there where she was floating and being immune to gravity kinda makes her OP to be honest
Updated Hint System
There’s now a hint for every event, even the ones that automatically move from one to the next, for those of y’all who want to always know you’re moving in the right direction
Fixed glitch that made it impossible to access second psych classroom event
Added three new dorm-mini events (these are supposed to be added in 0.03, but they’re in this build because it would’ve been more work to take them out, enjoy <3
Reminder that not all dorm events will be accessible from the start, keep playing and you may see new ones here and there!
Added dialogue choices to early game events
Added affection bonuses for some dialogue choices to early game events that should have had them before
Version 0.011 Includes:

30k+ Words
750+ Images
14 Main Characters
8 Side Characters
54 New Events
11 Main Events
2 Caitlin Events
3 Charlie Events
3 Claire Events
1 Gabi Event
2 Harper Events
2 Mariah Events
1 Morgan Event
30 Generic Events
3 Character Models to Choose From (male, female, and non-binary)
3+ Hours of Gameplay, though idk you might be a speed reader. Go off, dude
Coming in the next content update: Interviews in The Pride Watch interviews with students conducted by the school newspaper, The Pride (Go Lions!)! Learn more about their history, their background, maybe even their dream dates (you might want to take notes)! Darkroom Profiles Teased in the Halloween event, each character will have a continually updated Darkroom profile, a social media platform where people post images of their daily lives. Find out what’s been left behind… Continue the main story, leading your friends in tracking down the next clue in the struggle to understand your father’s legacy and what he left behind!


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