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Aug 6, 2022
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Bryan 8.1 is a complete character for Daz Studio Genesis 8.1 Male and can also be exported to other 3D software.

The Materials are for Nvidia Iray only.
The Skin shader used is the Iray uber shader combined with the PBR Iray skin shader which is used for the eyes and Fingernails/Toenails only.
All the promotional Pictures were rendered in Daz Studio without any postwork.

Hair, Clothes and Accessories used in the Promo Pictures are not included.

What's Included :

Bryan for genesis 8.1 male character (duf) located in: People/genesis 8 male/characters.

Bryan 8.1 Head Morph

Bryan 8.1 Body Morph

Bryan 8.1 Nipples Morph

Bryan 8.1 Navel Morph

Bryan 8.1 Eyebrows

Skin Textures ( Iray materials only ) ( Anatomical Elements sold separately )

3 Eye Color
3 Eyebrows Color
1 Eyelashes Material

Morphs dial are located under : Actor/Full Body/Dexon3D/Bryan 8.1

Character Materials and shaping presets are located in :

People/Genesis 8 male/Characters/Dexon3D/Bryan 8.1

Bonus :
An HDRI and Light Set used in some of the Promo Pictures are Included. (Located in : Render Presets/Dexon3D/Bryan8.1 Promo)

How to Use:
Load the character located in "People/Genesis 8 Male/ Characters"
Load the Eyebrows located in "People/Genesis 8 Male/Characters/Dexon3D/Bryan 8.1"
Select the Eyelashes and apply the material located in "People/Genesis 8 Male/Characters/Dexon3D/Bryan 8.1/Materials/Iray"

Item used in the Promotional Pictures ( Not included )

Mitsui Hair by Panda
dForce Warrior King Outfit for Genesis 8 Males
Ceejay outfit by 3D Universe
Everyday Outfit for Genesis 8 Male by zoro_d
Gym Wear Outfit for Genesis 8 Male by Daz Originals / Mada / Mely3D

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