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Sep 14, 2022
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0.37 (Ongoing)
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Oct 6, 2022
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A 3rd Person game, inspired by games like “Escape from the Giant Insect Lab” and “Silent Hill” where you have to find your way out of a laboratory filled with lewd creatures.

3D Game, 3DCG, Animated, Bestiality, Female Protagonist, Horror, Monster, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Rape, Vaginal Sex
1. Extract and run.

The journey deeper into the Botanic continues. After the tram ride you will be able to explore the beginning of the next Area.

New Content:

Botanic area expanded after the Tram ride.
New Enemy: The PlantWalker (called him Floweraddict before)
Lita x Plantwalker H-Scene
LitaPhantom x Protagonist x Plantwalker H-Scene

General Changes:

ID Cards and Keys are no longer stored inside the inventory. Instead your collected Keys and Cards are shown in the UI.
Cloth Balance: Lust decreases only when wearing panties
Masturbation won’t decrease your Willpower debuff if you have aphrodisiac fluids inside
A couple bugfixes
Wolf v1 and v2, Knot added. But the animations are currently the same



Masturbation Mechanic (Key: M): In certain areas (marked with a heart in the UI), you are able to masturbate. Climaxing while doing this will restore a significant portion of your Willpower. However, if your lust value is below a certain threshold, you will not be able to reach climax, limiting its usage.
The Tentacle Wall, suggested by "Ry," is the winner of the Creature Suggestion Contest and is now ready to trap you.

Content from the latest supporter version

The beginning of Act 4
Lita Phantom H-Scene
New creature "Octus."
Gallery Act 2


Collider Issue in the Dorms
Collider Issue in the Botanic
More hints for the Statue Riddle in Act 1
Wolf Perk Change. Your Willpower recharges to a certain point
Impregnator: slightly improved its flying animation
Your willpower debuff will no longer be removed on save


The Statue Riddle in Act 1 has been reworked
Balance changes has been implemented to make it more challenging to avoid creatures. However, you have now the ability to restore lost Willpower at the Save-TV, though this is a temporary solution.
Some of the issues that were reported, such as the weapon glitch and the problem of lost items when loading the game has been fixed.
The Phantom Hunt Area is now less dark.
Gallery Act 1



Mantis Perk is now easier to obtain
Mantis Regeneration time after struggling free increased
Encounters in the Dream Area now give experience points
The Dream Area's Wolf will no longer impregnate you.
The position of the Delete Button on Inventory Slots has been changed.
Pregnancy: Belly will now progress more slowly.
Hair animations have been improved.
Giving oral now has some additional leftovers.
Willpower debuffs will now recover slowly if they fall below 10.
Willpower debuff rates have been reduced by approximately 30%.

The following bugs have been fixed (Probably):

The Masturbation Scene at the end of Act 3 will no longer include pregnancy or creampies.
You can no longer speak to the Broodmother after completing her dialogue.
The Love Potion can now be picked up even if your inventory is full.
Research Basement ID Cards should no longer disappear from the inventory if you load the game.
Lewd Panties will no longer have a durability bar when equipped, and will correctly give you the "naked" status.
Lewd Panties can now be removed by pressing the "U" key.
Lewd Bras will only be removed if you are wearing normal panties. If you are, the bra will go back into your inventory unless it is full, in which case it will be lost.
The Hugger enemy will now deal damage correctly even if you are standing still.
A light glitch in the Phantom Hunt Area has been fixed.
The doors in the Dream Area will now be open after saving and loading the game after the Licker Event.


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