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So you've finally done it. You and your friends have saved the world, vanquished evil, brought peace to the land of Mobius, and all that good stuff. Unfortunately, it also means you've kind of put yourself out of a job, and... well, it turns out that "Freedom Fighter" didn't exactly come with full retirement benefits and a 401K pension plan. Sure, you and your fellow Freedom Fighters got a nice statue in your honor — but that and two rings will buy you a chili dog. Who knew?

So, like any sensible hedgehog, you've been lining up some side gigs to help make ends meet. This week, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to babysit Vanilla's daughter Cream for a whole week while Vanilla is out of town on an important business trip. You've got the keys to the house, money for expenses, and the promise of a "big reward" from Vanilla when she returns. Until then, it's just you and a precocious, curious bunny... all alone... for a whole week...

Can you resist the temptation? Will you be a good babysitter, or a bad one? And why are your friends and neighbors suddenly acting so strangely...?​
2DCG, Text based, Male protagonist, Multiple endings, Loli, Furry, Parody, Dating sim, Stripping, Sex toys, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Anal Sex, Creampie, Group sex, Groping, Handjob, Masturbation, Multiple Penetration, Teasing, Virgin, Voyeurism, Shota, Rape, Furry
1. Extract and run.

  • Significant reduction in game's file-size, mostly by converting backgrounds to JPEGs instead of 24-bit PNGs and by removing some unused assets.
  • Finally(!!) figured out how to get Android versions to build correctly from Ren'Py! Android releases should now come out simultaneously with PC and Mac releases going forward.
  • Rewrite of the "special ice cream" scenes in the Kitchen to make them more consensual and less "rape-y". (There is still a less-moral path if you give in to lust when she's not ready for it, but you also have a chance to partially redeem yourself if you make the right choice afterward.)
  • Cleanup & revisions to the "Call Amy" and "Call Knuckles" phone conversations.
  • Rewrite of all current "Amy comes over to visit" (when she comes to Vanilla's house after you call her) scenes.
  • Rewrite of "Movie Theater" scenes and events.
  • Added "phone-call" sound effects (ringing, phone answered, and hangup) when you call someone.
  • Improved "shower" and "rainfall" sound effects.
  • Added "achievement badge" popups for all remaining inventory items (so far, anyway).
  • Replaced a few bits of old, sketchy artwork with improved reworked versions by Itsonlyme.
  • Added some dialogue sprites while you and Cream are deciding which movie to watch at the theater.
  • Some players indicated that the random "rainy day" event was happening far too often, and they were getting multiple "rainy days" in a row. Changed the way "rainy days" are chosen so that shouldn't be able to happen anymore. (Note that day 5 will always be a "rainy day", and it is still possible to have a 20% chance of rain on either day 4 or day 6; the new method just prevents three or more days in a row from getting rained out.)
  • Buying ice cream in the mall's food court now has a small positive effect on Cream's "hunger", as well.
  • Removed a couple of "debug" code statements that were inadvertently left in v0.3.4, which caused a couple of supposed-to-be-random events to be not so random.
  • After Cream calls you out on it when you try to see a movie without having enough rings, you now return to the Mall instead of having the menu keep looping back to ask which movie you want to see. (They all cost the same, so there's no point in continuing to offer the menu over and over if you can't afford any of them.)
  • After you finish seeing a movie, you now consistently return back to the Mall instead of sometimes looping back to the Movie Theater menu again.
  • (Hopefully) fixed a couple of buggy behaviors with characters randomly appearing in the wrong state of dress (or undress) under certain conditions.


  • More spelling & grammar fixes, as usual.
  • New method of handling saved-game data (thanks to Fivesteaks) which *should* solve the problem of old saves crashing the game. Now, any time you load a saved game, any "new" event flags or scores which didn't exist in previous game versions should just get initialized to their default values rather than being left un-defined. Note that this *might* occasionally still result in getting yourself into an odd state within the game if a particular flag or stat gets rolled back in an unexpected way, but at least the game *shouldn't* crash outright anymore.
  • After loading a saved game, you cannot "roll back" from the save point you just loaded. This, too, is to keep old saves from breaking the game by "un-creating" or "un-initializing" the new event flags or scores. (The reasons why that can happen are long and complicated, so let's just say "Because that's the way Ren'Py works" and move on. :) )
  • Removed the "damage control?" menu from the events in the Mochi-Mochi shop since it was kind of pointless.
  • v0.3.4.1 "hotfix" fixes a bug in the new saved-game-reloading mechanism where your rings could get set to "0" when loading a save file.
  • Added some more pop-up "achievement badges" when you acquire various items.
  • Added a few dialogue sprites for some of the conversations in the Mochi-Mochi shop. (More will come once this whole section gets properly rewritten, but it's a start.)
  • Added event graphics for:
    • Rouge giving Sonic a blowjob in the Mochi-Mochi shop
    • Cream giving Sonic a BJ in the movie theater
    • Sonic and Cream having sex in the movie theater
  • Expanded the threesome between Amy, Cream, and Sonic when Cream walks in on them. It also now has two different possible "finishes", depending on whether or not Cream has deep-throated you once in the bathroom already.


  • More spelling & grammar fixes.
  • Reverted Ren'Py engine from down to, since that seems to be the most stable version for Android ports at the moment.
  • Updated FAQ to remove the question about whether or not there'll be an Android port since there is now, in fact, an Android port. ;)
  • Based on player feedback, reduced the number of rings needed to get Marine's "Grand Sponsorship" cookie packages so that people don't have to keep resorting to the cheat menu to afford it. :)
  • Bathroom's shower background should show up more consistently now, at least for shower scenes that start in the Bathroom itself. (Scenes which start in other places, like the Backyard or the Living Room, and then move to the shower at some point, still may not have the right background swap yet.)
  • Ending scenes now have some character sprites and event images to go with the walls-o'-text. (More art will be added as these scenes are revised.)
  • Increased the transparency of the textbox a bit more so that it doesn't obscure the character sprites so much, and added a drop-shadow to the character nametags to make them more readable.
  • Adjusted the volume of some of the music and sound-effect files SO THE GAME ISN'T QUITE SO FRIGGIN' LOUD ON STARTUP!! o_O
  • Changed save-game location to (hopefully) prevent people from crashing the game by loading outdated save files from old versions of the game.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the game to crash when someone used "hack" tools like UnRen to forcibly enable "developer mode" when it isn't supposed to be. (Code was trying to write debug information to a nonexistent file.)
  • Fixed a minor bug which was looking for Cream's "Happiness" stat to be higher than 50 on the last day, when the stat can't go higher than that. (Minor because it only changed a line of dialogue on day 7, but didn't actually affect the game play or the good/bad ending you get.)
  • Fixed a bug where "playing fair" in Jenga caused your Morality score to go down, instead of up.
  • Fixed a bug where "threesome with Sally" and "threesome with Knuckles" were using the same "achievement" flag. (Neither threesome has really been implemented or expanded upon yet, though.)
  • Fixed a few more incorrect sprite positions. (Character on the wrong side of the screen during dialogue scenes, that kind of thing.)
  • In Fountain Square, "Let's keep moving" now returns you back to Downtown instead of repeating the menu. Once Cream gets bored with watching the fountain, that also returns you back to Downtown.
  • Fixed some inconsistent coloration on a few character sprites.
  • Added a check to make sure Cream does not appear outside dressed in her swimsuit for "Free Beach Day" if you've already managed to steal her bikini top.
  • Some new event graphics for:
    • Cream riding on Sonic's shoulders in the park
    • Sonic naked in the shower
    • Cream and Sonic taking a shower together
    • Sex in the shower with Cream
    • Having sex on the arcade motorbike game
    • Sex with Cream when she's doing a handstand in the back yard
    • New character sprites for Marine
    • Added dialogue sprites for Marine and Sonic during the "Girl Scout Cookies" scenes.
    • Additional character sprite for Vanilla
    • "Badges" pop up on-screen when certain items are added to your inventory. (More will be added later.)
    • Replaced the "loose change" graphic.
  • Complete rewrite of Fountain Square scenes, including the encounters with Sally.
  • Added a bit of randomness to when you buy a snack from the street vendor; he sometimes has other stuff besides just popcorn and soda now.
  • Buying a snack from the street vendor now affects Cream's 'hunger' stat, and she'll get a slight uptick from it. (Though not as much as a full meal at home, of course.)
  • Added more dialogue sprites to some scenes to help break up the "walls-of-text" a bit. (Lots more to do here, but it's a start!)


  • Ren'Py engine updated to latest stable release (Ren'Py
  • Complete rewrite of in-game Tutorial and FAQ pages to consolidate the relevant information into one place, and to discard irrelevant or outdated info.
  • Changed some text colors and outline/shadow properties to make the game text more readable against the backgrounds.
  • Updated title screens to make it clear that this game is only based on Aval0nX's original, but is not presented by, affiliated with, or endorsed by him.
  • Too many grammar and spelling fixes to list. (There's still a lot of really craptastic writing and spelling to fix, though...)
  • New "content warning" screens, because the old ones were a badly-formatted, poorly-spelled, and ungrammatical mess.
  • Removed a bunch of duplicate and/or unused asset files.
  • Fixed the positioning of some sprites.
  • Fixed some images that had white "halos" or spots showing through in places which were supposed to be transparent, but weren't.
  • Removed the Willy Wonka "You get NOTHING!" bad-ending screen and sound effect, since a lot of people said they disliked it.
  • Fixed a bug in the Park where scolding her for her dangerous trick made her Happiness score go up by one, rather than down.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the threesome with Amy from being triggered after you confess your loli bunny-banging sins to her. (There's not much to the threesome itself yet, but at least it can be triggered now.)
  • Fixed a bug in the "free beach day" event which was incorrectly "refunding" your bus fare when you hadn't spent the rings on the bus to begin with.
  • Fixed a logic error which was inverting the conditions under which the "you know too much" scene appears in the Mochi-Mochi Shop. (Basically, it was a math error which prevented the option from being shown if you went too far to the Dark Side of negative morality, while allowing it to be shown if you weren't sufficiently negative -- or even if you had a positive morality!)
  • Fixed another logic error which prevented you from getting back into the Mochi-Mochi Shop regardless of what you did (or didn't do) to Rouge the first time you were there. (Previously, once you left the shop, the button just wouldn't reappear again no matter what you did; now the shop only becomes "closed" and inaccessible if you follow the Dark Side negative-morality "you know too much" path.)
  • Fixed numerous logic errors in Vanilla's Room which allowed you to perform actions even though you didn't have enough energy for them.
  • Fixed a bug where earning rings on the laptop literally said you had earned "[RingsRan]" rings instead of the actual amount earned.
  • Fixed logic errors in the Kitchen which allowed you to perform actions even though you didn't have enough energy for them.
  • "Something to eat" menus in the Kitchen now tell the player that pizza costs 30 rings before you spend it.
  • Fixed a logic error in the Living Room which prevented "Jenga" from ever being randomly picked as one of the board games Cream wants to play.
  • Fixed a bug where the time of day didn't advance properly when you came home from the nude beach after running into Blaze there.
  • Fixed another "time of day" bug where the time didn't advance properly when Cream gives you a blowjob during the bus ride home from downtown.
  • New background images for most of the locations outside of Vanilla's house. (The mall stores, downtown areas, etc.)
  • The ice-cream shop and the Cubby Corner Fashions' fitting room now have their own background images.
  • Fixed the aspect ratios of the backgrounds in Vanilla's house, for consistency.
  • Bathroom shower now has its own background image, as well, but it isn't consistently used in all shower scenes yet.
  • Some new character and event graphics for:
    • sex with Cream on the ferris wheel
    • peeking in on Cream when she's changing clothes in her room
    • peeping at Cream when she's taking a shower
    • sex with Marine when you give her an extra donation for the Flickies
    • volleyball with Cream on the beach
    • pop-up screens when you're using Vanilla's laptop
    • when you spy on Cream using the "carrot toy" on herself in her room
    • Cream trying on the miniskirt and halter top at Cubby Corner Fashion in the Mall
  • Massive rewrite of basically every scene in Vanilla's Room, including all of the "special daily events" which start there when you summon Cream and ask her how she is today.
  • "Have an energy drink" now has a few different messages, depending on what day it is and how much energy you have left before you drink it.
  • Pizza Palace is now only open from 10AM to 11PM, so you can't order pizza deliveries for breakfast or too late at night.
  • Ordering pizza now has some additional scene content, and plays differently depending on whether you and Cream are fully dressed or eating in just your underwear.
  • Added character expressions to the dialogue in the "Poker" and "Jenga" board-game sequences in the Living Room.
This version of Babysitting Cream has been forked from FuzzyBunny23's v0.3.1 release of the "FuzzyBunny-Mod Ren'py Port", which in turn is based on Protofan's 2020 Ren'Py port of the Aval0nX Flash game from 2013. Since FuzzyBunny23 hasn't been seen in some time, I hope to pick up where he left off and continue development in his absence.

Please note: this is still in beta, and VERY incomplete! The game is playable all the way through, but there are some scenes which can't be reached or which don't have any content written for them yet, and many events do not yet have any accompanying artwork.

NOTE: After you download the file, it is strongly recommended that you use a file-hashing tool like or to calculate the signatures of the file you just downloaded, to confirm that you have actually gotten the correct file! If the filename or signature do not match what is given below, DO NOT OPEN IT.

FILENAME: BSC_BTMX-0.3.5-pc.zip
MD5: 0b0540def2b2faf4d721d58291797b00
SHA1: 062d75dd42222d768f5775630eb845a1280e2f7b

— — —

FILENAME: BSC_BTMX-0.3.5-mac.zip
MD5: baa480ff972b1101f87ce7bf5fa1b32c
SHA1: 5bd11884e12bed34aea431c28f43323e236fedb5

— — —

FILENAME: BSC_BTMX-0.3.5-android.zip
MD5: 195ea97e848950bfc720b63244a0d57c
SHA1: e66c41b3bf11359c36456e776a7b723c815311c5

— — —



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Jun 15, 2022
I get why he's called Sonic... but they really missed an opportunity to name him, "Ron" or even, "Jeremy." Just sayin. ?‍♂️

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