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Sep 14, 2022
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Apr 15, 2023
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Aug 24, 2022
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Plucked from your easy going life and put into an unfamiliar environment, you must learn the skills it takes to succeed as a property manager. With the instruction of your Uncle, you need to balance budgets, jobs, and the relationships with your tenants. Satisfaction is key!

3DCG , Anal Sex , Animated , Big Tits , Creampie , Dating Sim , Harem , Male Protagonist , Oral Sex , Sandbox , Titfuck , Vaginal Sex , Virgin
1. Extract and run.
-Fixed issue with side events not loading
*Note* Some events (Holly) can not be obtained depending on previous decisions. That's intended.
- Fixed Hint System and story syntax issues
- On Android - Fixed UI not functioning with new character introductions.

9 Main story events
10 Side events
Ui Updates:
Rebuilding locations to have a better look and feel along with lighting.
Computer gets new icons, backgrounds are now available
Image compression is now at a minimum. Higher quality images. (Makes the game bigger though. Fair trade off)
Updated apps on the phone for a more crisp look
New story events include a better version of the Hint System
Stats screen updated to allow you to track side event progress
Stats screen updated to show you images that you could get.
(Images unlocked by doing side-events)
Updated the To-Do page – Select an item that needs repair to view your inventory so you don’t have to toggle back and forth
Changed girl response to text messages to better assist you in finding them for their next event
Game-play updates:
Different outfits available for main 3 Girls (pending happiness and attraction stats)
Over 40 NEW unique sexual encounters with the (Brittany and Amber)
Phone Updates:


13 Main story events
2 Starter side events for all available Characters (8 Total)
UI updates including:
Phone updates for Character Stats (encounter stats)
Text messaging the girls
New phone images to help identify when messages are available to read
Main menu and sub menu changes
Better lighting in new scenes (will rework some older scenes that need it)

: - - -
Mac: - - -
Android: - - -



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