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Apr 23, 2022
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Feb 11, 2022
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Feb 9, 2022
English, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese(Simplified/Traditional)
  1. Windows
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  4. Android
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Sex life at Hexa school full of beauties
You play as a Nerd who found a damaged cellphone after a nearby accident and make a decision to take it from the scene. After that you get a call to the found cellphone from a `Agent17` who follows any order given.

3dcg, adventure, animated, big ass, big tits, blackmail, cheating, corruption, cosplay, fantasy, groping, handjob, harem, humor, incest, male domination, male protagonist, milf, ntr, oral sex, sandbox, school setting, sexual harassment, titfuck, vaginal sex
1. Extract and run.
v0.17 Dana massage
-Dana Sex
-Anriel Event
-Red Rose quest
-Aria quest
-Ophelia Events
-Luna without panties scene

-Next Door Fishing
-SEXBAR Roulette

New Map
-Anriel House

-Anna deleted

-Panties collection book
-Mail system
-Spy Camera system
-UI Hide Button
-Save Page Renewal
-Log System for bug tracking

Quality up
-Luna name changed to Butterfly at the sex bar
-Irene casual wear design change
-Add Anriel Underwear
-Red Rose Quality up

-Discount 90% when having sex with Luna the 2nd time
-100% success rate for all missions
-increase in mission resource
-Time skip 10 -> 7 seconds
-Income increases when donating semen
-Bookstores and gift shops open immediately.
-Luna kiss handcuffs condition 2->1
-Luna tits sex handcuffs condition 3->2
-Ejaculation delay drug price change 200 -> 20

-English font change
-Correct spacing of two lines of text
-Added shake effect to inventory items.
-Improved quest navigation design
-Changed Amelia's eyes closed to 2 hearts.
-Changed patchnote page design.
-Changed sponsor page design.
-Mouse wheel available in shop

Bug Fix
-Helen Quest Notice Error
-Red Hat Quest Notice Error
-Sleep Quest Notice Error
-Amelia time change timing fix
-Fix broken mission text
-No quest notification to the guard
-Fix Helen Notty bug in the morning
-Remove thin white space over photo
-Valentine event starts when Agent17 is not known
-Mission call background music does not end

-Support MAC OS

Vietnamese language support.

  • Luna Sex
  • Valentine's day event
  • Book Shop
  • Madeleine renew
New Character
  • Anriel
  • Quest Progress UI
New Item
  • Bathroom detergent
  • Dishwasher
  • Amazing scrubber
  • Amazing cleaning brush
Bug Fix
  • Sofia Deep throat is possible without taking ejaculation delay pills.
  • Dana sleep menu text is broken
  • Fixed the problem of not being able to exit from Ruby's toilet.
  • Lag improvement
  • Engine update
v0.15 Fix 4
- English language improvement

v0.15 Fix 3
- Security fix

v0.15 Fix 2
- Added Vietnamese language

- Added Amelia Event

v0.12 Fix 1

- Add Erica Event
- Add Sophia Event
- Add Luna Event
- Add Jihye Event
- Add Show Agent17
New Character
- Sexbar : Jelly, Candy, Pearl
- Hospital : Sophia, Jihye, Grace
- School : Sakura
Mini Game
- New Game : Cutting TV wires
- Puzzle : Change to 'Click -> Drag'
- Dana's sleep : warning to decrease quickly.
- Safe : Add help
New system
- Greatly improved lag.
- Added automatic unlocking of the principal's vault.
- Added 'Sold Out' to the store
- Show progress date on your phone
- Separately displayed unimplemented in the quest list
- Added option to flash sex bar
- During class, comments from supporters appear randomly as a message on the blackboard.
- Added option to flash sex bar
Bug Fix.
- Dana's morning door-picking image is missing.
- There's no reaction even if there's coffee for Aria.
- Correct the problem that Chinese characters and Korean characters do not appear on the sponsor list.
- Amelia's closing eyes price is 40 to 50.
Only for sponsors.
- Skip button everywhere..
- Add key kit
- Add shotgun

- Add amelia Event
- Add helen Event
- Add ruby Event
- Add luna Event
- Add ophelia Event
- toilet cleaning reward 10 -> 20
- washing dishes reward 8 -> 10
- Dial safe.

-Everything has been renewed.
-Improved graphic quality
-Save before v0.10 is no support
-Deleted events will be recreated after v0.11

- Dana sex
- New event - Dana event
- New event - Sophia event
- Lockpick system
- Drug Store Open
- Toy Store Open
- Spanish language support

-Lollipop can be purchased 1 -> Unlimited

-Amelia Gift bug fix
-Stealth bug fix
-Untranslated text fix

- Skill system
- New event - Luna School Sex
- New event - Dana's Door
- New event - Agent17
- Skill system
- Angry system
- UI update
- Book Store Open

- Sex Bar!
- New event - Luna Sex
- New event - Ruby Harassment
- New event - Amelia Story
- New event - Clare dream
- New map - Sex Bar
- New NPC to buy panties.
- Semen reward 30 -> 50
- Anal plug cost 8000 -> 5000
- Add Music and Sound
- Apply shared translation

- Amelia Sex!
- New event - Amelia Sex
- Link to translation support site
- Data Compression 1200M -> 380M
- Minigame flag Reduced difficulty
- Knife cost 30 -> 10
- Mom gives pocket money.

- Open Hospital!
- New event - Sophia
- Noti system upgrade

- Corruption Amelia!
- New event - Amelia, Erica
- Add Corruption system
- UI design update

- Sleep Dana!
- New event - Dana, Sunny, Helen
- Add minigame Dana sleep
- Add Random event
- minigame PC-work reward $5 -> $10
- UI phone keypad size up
- UI design update
- Sponsors display

- coupon system!
- add mission system
- add minigame PC-work
- add coupon system [333777]
- add patch note
- add item-popup
- add green noti
- android app icon change
- new event (Erica, Luna, Amelia)

The game contains Anti-cheat features to bypass it use Anti-Anti-cheat linked below
: - - - -
Mac: - - - -
Android: - - - -

Extra: Anti Anti Cheat* - Phone Mod*
*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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Fallen Angel Productions

Fallen Angel Productions

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Apr 23, 2022
Compressed 0.17.8 made by giqui

I usually don't play all the games I compress, this one was one of them. Let me know if any errors appear. I just compress the images, videos and audios.
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Fallen Angel Productions

Fallen Angel Productions

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Apr 23, 2022
Anti Anti Cheat and bug fix 0.17 made by Big Daddy

For those that want to remove the checks and be able to cheat as one should in an indie AVN, place this file in game\script\Setting (create the subfolders manually). Do not forget to rename the file to function.rpy (remove the numbers in front) .
I've had no issues so far, although, my game has been unrenned and unrpyced first.

If it causes issues let me know, but so far, no issues here.

I'll update this file here as I find more checks and remove them :)
I basically made it so the condition check for cheating, is impossible to achieve. This should cause no issues.


  • function.rpy
    26.6 KB · Views: 18
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Fallen Angel Productions

Fallen Angel Productions

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Apr 23, 2022
For devs that mess with config.developer or config.console the easiest is just to jimmy rig the check itself.
Notepad: renpy\common\00console.rpy
if config.developer or config.console:
if True: #config.developer or config.console:
Console will work now regardless of those settings.

Money code
$ PutGold(65535, "start")
Editing money directly will trigger a security check unless disabled. Details from Cheat Mod by Big Daddy

Code could be better but a mod for the phone. Instead of a 6 digit code just enter a number from 0-29 followed by the # button.
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Cheat 0: Christmas Fairytale
Cheat 1: Mithril Fishing Rod
Cheat 2: Agent Valentine
Cheat 3: Event 500$
Cheat 4: Fishing Drone
Cheat 5: VVVIP Membership
Cheat 6: ADD $500 Teacher
Cheat 7: Diamond Shovel
Cheat 8: House Fairy 2
Cheat 9: Elise's Panties
Cheat 10: Skip Button
Cheat 11: Event 500$
Cheat 12: Gold Shovel
Cheat 13: ADD $500 Student
Cheat 14: Aluminum Fishing Rod
Cheat 15: Titanium Fishing Rod
Cheat 16: G18VN REWARD
Cheat 17: Shotgun
Cheat 18: House Fairy 1
Cheat 19: Lockpick
Cheat 20: Event 500$
Cheat 21: Pistol
Cheat 22: ADD $1,000 Agent
Cheat 23: I LOVE GEMS
Cheat 24: Autokey
Cheat 25: Titanium Ingot
Cheat 26: ADD $500 Class Rep
Cheat 27: Event 500$
Cheat 28: Update Delay Reward
Cheat 29: Iron Fishing Rod
In the event you don't like to dial codes try the dev log.

Code for this menu is a bit sloppy as after getting a few "Cannot start an interaction in the middle of an interaction, without creating a new context." I went with good enough :p

Edit: Cheap translation table

금 삽Gold Shovel
낚시 드론Fishing Drone
미스릴 낚싯대Mithril Fishing Rod
알루미늄 낚싯대Aluminum Fishing Rod
엘리스의 팬티Elise's Panties
철 낚싯대Iron Fishing Rod
티타늄 낚싯대Titanium Fishing Rod
티타늄 주괴Titanium Ingot
VVVIP회원권VVVIP Membership
Getting it on Android Method found by vilewe7570
For mods you either need a good file explorer or access to a pc so you can see the application files. Place them in Android/data/hexatail.agent17/files/game and if you don't see a 'game' folder make one but it should be right next to the saves folder.

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