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Accidental Woman is an interactive fiction life sim game for adults. It's built in Twine Sugarcube, and can be played on most OSes and smartphones. In the game, you take the role of a recently single and unemployed man who takes the offer of a longtime friend to move to the secluded town of Appletree. Due to an unfortunate accident, you find yourself completely transformed into a woman, and will have to deal with far more than just transitioning to small-town life!

2DCG, Anal Sex, Animated, BDSM, Character Creation, Female Protagonist, Futa/trans, Male Protagonist, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Rape, Real Porn, Sci-Fi, Simulator, Text based, Transformation, Vaginal Sex
1. Extract and run.



Fixed a bug where the record of certain forms of miscellaneous income (like prostitution) were not getting reset each week, leading to incorrect numbers on finances.
Fixed a bug with a backup check for generating hucow NPCs had an extra “s” and caused a red banner. Harmless, but looked bad.
Fixed some more Anenn (Airell) bugs that caused some harmless but annoying text issues in certain events.
Fixed a bug where the “Dorms” button in the Building B Dairy Dorms Lobby that led to a bad/blank location. Also fixed the Besty Cat Words on the button so it now says “Your Dorm Room”
Fixed some formatting issues that could appear in Gestique Clinic fertility boosting treatments page when text size is set to “Large” and above.
Fixed tiling of certain background images that could happen on high resolution displays.
Fixed the extra </div> found below IUD removal in the Gestique Clinic.
Fixed the heat/estrus check so that it won’t display when the character has their reproductive cycle suppressed by hucow birth control.
Added buttons to the Hucow area of the Dairy so that you no longer see a collapsed action button area.
Added option to milk yourself.
Added an option to “explore” that results in you seeing an interesting scene before you’re caught and shooed away to the Barn Complex.
Includes a fun new image.
Improved the futa selection area in the character creation menu so that it is no longer a Cat System.
Better functionality, particularly when using character randomization options.
A more obvious and safer toggle for being or not being a futa.


Fixed the repeating times on the job selection display for non-hucow jobs.
Improved the warning screen when starting the female prolog to further emphasize the graphic content contained in that prolog.
Added a back button so players can return to the story selection screen.
Added a “what’s the difference” link to the description of male/female story on the story selection screen.
Popup contains low-spoiler information about the difference between the two stories and that they fit together as part of one whole.
Minor tweaks to hucow job application code to be more forgiving when the player has multiple disqualifying items.
Adjusted the hucow job application code so that it will always reject the player when pregnant (was previously was possible to squeak in with all other bonuses maxed).
Hucow transformation is bad for fetuses. Come back when not pregnant.
Fixed a sperm event Anenn fucked up that would impregnate you incorrectly with tentacles.
Changed the highest muscle category for female attraction to “She-Ra” to match the male “He-Man” label.
Adjusted the character review text in male prolog so that it was less ambiguous about why the player was sleeping naked.
Slight changes to breast size word parser.
Tweaked descriptors for smaller breasts slightly “downward” toward smaller sizes.
Tweaked some of the word probabilities.
Fixed a bug that caused NPC arousal to persist after sex, causing them to start future sex scenes super horny and ready to cum.
Added new “vulva only” cum results to sex scenes.
Several positions/actions can result in the player getting a little cum in their vulva (the exterior happy flappy bits). Usually from ejaculating in that general direction, or from getting cum on the pubic mound and having some run down into the vulva.
Example, stand facing each other position, where the NPC penis is pointed in the general direction of your groin/stomach. most goes on your stomach, some on your pubic mound, and a tiny fraction gets in your vulva.
Vulva cum can technically cause pregnancy, but is unlikely unless other factors are at play (such as pushing the cum in, or having a vaginal symbiote)
Sex system previously treated vulva cum as a creampie, which isn’t really correct.
New text will state that some of X’s cum got in your vulva, making it more clear about what happened.
Added a note to the hucow dorm bedroom to make it even more clear that no, you can’t sleep yet.
Fixed bug where a certain scene in dating in a certain location didn’t have any buttons to continue, because Anenn, as usual.
Adjusted the npc-driven interactions to be a little more sane.
Added arousal reduction in male prolog so that player wouldn’t end up with brain damage in certain situations.
Fix to a janitor job event where you were stuck and couldn’t continue.
Also a red banner for a typo. Usual Anenn bugs… Kinda glad he’s not adding to them anymore…
Coop Home Menu fix (note… really shouldn’t be playing with this yet)
The cleanliness number in the status record note is now properly rounded instead of having 10 decimal places.
Inseminations at the animal shelter can now cause pseudopregnancy
Requires the pseudopreg mutation
follow on from this is not tested!
Chrome Warning: Chrome’s new “Memory Saver” feature seems to be occasionally causing bugs to occur. This feature takes data and stores it on the HD instead of keeping it in memory when a tab goes inactive or browser loses focus. Because AW has a lot of data, this can cause problems if the data hasn’t finished being reloaded before actions are taken. You can disable this feature in Settings -> Performance -> Memory Saver, try excepting AW from this feature, or you can wait a few seconds before doing anything when you return to your AW game. Avoid leaving the tab when things such as sleep are processing/running.

Version 1.15.1: Fixed a bug with sex scenes not ending if clothing data wrong

Version 1.15.2: Fixed some Besty & Anenn bugs

Version 1.15.3:

Fixed issue where eating shrooms could cause the game to dead-end.
Fixed issue where random events could pop up during dates.
Fixed issue with pronoun macro resulting in red errors in certain situations.
Fixed bug where option text in dialog macro during male prolog could blend together.
Fixed bug causing female NPC hair length to generate wrong, resulting in uniformly short hair.
Removed option to select breast shape from character creation. (It gets auto-calculated afterward anyway.) Remind players of breast shape override.
Breast size maximums in character creation reduced to more sensible levels. New max is (E/G cup)
Note: Breast size max shrinking may be a surprise, so quick explanation: with Hucow expansion we’re planning on expanding amount of breast growth options, and generally overhauling how fast breasts grow and how the treatments work. Smaller starting sizes allow more room to grow, and since I was already at the same spot with the breast shape… I did that too.
Note to the Note: we originally planned to reduce starting breast size quite a while ago after we had added multiple breast growth options… but just never got around to it XD

Version 1.15.4: Never got released, because a new round of bug reports right before release.

Version 1.15.5:

Some HTML tag bugs fixed (caused warnings, but no game impact)
Fixed Anenn bug where checking if the player is lactating and had milk was done in the most idiotic way possible.
Fixed some bugs with certain calls for npc name in one set of sex action text.
fixed some <span> speech bugs that result in yellow text
Fixed the Milk Tank cheat
bug caused consequences to be checked as if character had normal milk capacity, despite capacity being 4x the normal.
Improved No Leak cheat.
Text that pops up on milk leak event now informs you that milk didn’t leak due to cheat, rather than showing the normal leak notification.
Improved so that you won’t lose any milk below breast capacity.
Milk savers item now has a capacity limit for preventing breast leak messes. Leaking milk more than what they can physically hold will now result in the excess going onto your body/clothes.
Threshold for negative consequences from overly-full breasts decreased to 105% of capacity.
New cap to breast milk content at 115% of capacity. Previously breasts could fill to ridiculous amounts if lucky.
NPC data validation added to the start of the sex, date, and hangout systems. Mostly to help catch issues if they occur, and maybe track down Chrome memory saver issue.
Fixed up Besty’s new simplified cleaning.
Home menu now has relevant information about cleaning printed.
Removed superfluous cleaning frequency setting.
Changed percentage options directly to time spent.
Made cleaning rate faster to adjust for changes in cleaning process.
Updated lower exposure code so that dresses are properly accounted for.
Changed phone “Status:” list text.
“Exposed” red text now replaced with “Naked Pussy”.
Now uses nudity check, which is threshold for police attention, rather than generic exposure which checks for clear visibility.
(The legal/police standards are ridiculous, which is why they’re appealed during the game.)
Added green “Breasts Shown” encouragement message when tits are exposed.
New nightly check to make sure all npcs in data are valid, deletes property if not.
Fixed bug where if futa player cums as male, pc pleasure wouldn’t be reset. This caused sex to not be completable if the player chose to keep going.
Fixed a bug where week history was not being recorded at the end of each week, meaning the history was constantly comparing the player to the version of them at game start.


Words: 3,020,393 (20,676,939 characters)
Code: 154,428 lines of TypeScript

When using a breast pump to fill milk canisters, more information will now be displayed about your progress.
Includes total owned canisters, and ml of milk in your “in progress” canister.
New Tingler app is now available in the player’s bedroom.
Replaces the original tingler where you just selected an NPC from a random list and had sex with them.
CoerceMe app is still in the old format for now, but should be overhauled in the next release.
There are various NPC texting scenarios that can happen in Tingler.
scenarios depend on their personality, intelligence, gender, etc.
You can now send and receive nudes
It’s even possible to get a much-coveted dick pic!
Depending on various checks and such, you may fail to convince the NPC to fuck you.
Besty wrote this logic using his patented “Coconut Brain” technology.
The FutaFest is now a thing! In a time when there are never enough cocks to go around, we should celebrate women with cocks working to ease the shortage!
The FutaFest occurs pretty much every weekend for now, Friday through Sunday.
It eventually will occur just one weekend per month, but we wanted to make it easier to see for now.
There are several all-day events that occur at the festival, and you can choose one to participate in each day you attend.
Futa players will have the additional option of participating in many events specifically as a futa.
FutaFest Events (so far):
Meet Ingrid Björnsdotter, a famous futa BDSM porn star.
She can be seduced, leading to some fun.
You can make friends with her.
She’s got a pretty interesting concept to her, I won’t spoil it here.
Cock Sucking Competition
Participate as a competitor, or volunteer to be sucked.
Squirting sex event
Try to squirt yourself, or make others squirt with your cock.
Orgy event (because of course)
Content of the event changes naturally depending on whether you are a futa or not.
Breeding Event!
Split along the expected lines of being inseminated or doing the insemination.
Get a free mystery drink before checking out an event.
Hint: none of them are alcoholic…
There are a variety of things for you to see when the event closes for the day.
Authentic end-of-convention feels.
You can find the FutaFest inside the resort in SE Muschi Valley.
Players with large testicles will now have their scrotums become more “dangly” due to the weight.
Amount of hang is determined by size, earliest threshold is 50cc.
Futa players whose testicles reach the gigantic size of 1,500cc each will trigger a bad end.
A status icon will appear when testicle size approaches the limit (1400cc)
The bad end is pretty fun, and involves the balls suddenly growing out of control to gigantic size, and the aftermath.
Futa players who do not have testicles, but undergo enough testicle growth from various treatments available in game will now trigger a “ball drop” event.
Internal testicles are essentially forced out of the body by their increased size, becoming normal external testicles.
This only affects players with the LadyNuts mutation!
Without the mutation, testicle size will now remain 0cc.
The drug OvuMax is now available from the Gestique fertility clinic.
This drug can be taken multiple times (if you can afford it).
This drug has a temporary and a permanent effect.
The temporary effect lasts until the next ovulation after your treatment.
The permanent effect is… permanent.
The temporary effect:
dramatically increases the chance of you ovulating, regardless of your base fertility (or ovulation factor variables)
Provides a sizeable increase to the odds of multiple ovulation. The total effect of this depends on other fertility factors and how they come together, but the strength of the bonus (100) is about half of the strength of the multiple ovulation mutation (200).
The permanent effect:
Each dose you’ve taken increases the chances of ovulating at all by 5 percent.
Each dose you’ve taken increases the multiple ovulation factor by 15.
Each dose you’ve taken will reduce the effectiveness of hormonal birth control at preventing ovulation by approximately 5 percent.
This drug can and will result in larger multiple pregnancies, especially if the temporary effect is stacked on top of a large permanent effect from many doses.
See the changes in belly burst below…
The belly burst bad end from gigantic pregnancies has been adjusted.
Players working at progenerate now receive a (big) bonus to their max pregnancy values, rather than being immune to belly burst.
The “max number of babies” limit has been slightly increased, which should also help low fertility players who have multiple pregnancies.
Wombs now gain “experience” from successfully delivering babies.
Each 8 children born increase the max number of babies before burst by 1, and adjust the fundal height similarly.
For players with two wombs, the experience contributing to the max child limit is specific to the womb. If womb A has given birth to 16 babies, then its max is increased by 2, but womb B is not affected.
Wombs only gain this experience if the player has all 3 elasticity treatments from Gestique.
This experience is not tracked in a way visible to the player. You’ll have to pay close attention if you hope to reach truly gigantic pregnancies.
You will now be able to slowly increase the size of your pregnancies and hit higher records. Let us know how high you get!
Gestique now has a Pregnancy Progress Check exam.
This check’s primary purpose is to see if you will burst from an excessive number of babies.
The exam is offered for free, and can be repeated as often as you like.
If your pregnancy/life isn’t in danger, The check will provide some basic information about the health and growth of your fetuses.
If your pregnancy is in danger of causing a burst bad end:
If you do not have the full set of three elasticity treatments, the doctor will recommend that you get them and get a new scan afterward.
If you do have the full treatments, the doctor will give you two options.
Try to go natural: basically do nothing and see if you make it.
Get a special C-Section: remove the babies and send them to a facility with artificial host wombs.
Only available once pregnancy progress is > 50%. The doctor will tell you to come back if you are below 50.
The procedure is free.
You will “lose” all the babies. They will not appear in the creche, and you won’t receive government/progenerate/etc. funds for them.
Surrogate status will be reset.
This removes only babies that are 50% grown. If you have two wombs, it may remove the more developed pregnancy instead of the one likely to cause problems. It will remove both pregnancies if both are > 50% progress.
This check isn’t perfect!
The “amount of babies limit” check is totally accurate. This is the check that would normally cause a burst bad end.
The “max fundal height limit” check isn’t. The fundal height is primarily of concern to players with twin wombs, both of which have large pregnancies, and both of which are close together in time. However, fundal height is very unlikely to cause a burst unless things come together just right.
This check can also result in a false positive, particularly if very near to birth.
This check only works when close to the burst size limit, so checking very early won’t find anything.
A new “Fruit of the Womb” panties ad appears in the “read something” action.
Some new scenes and activities have been futafied.
Camgirl scenes
Some residential area events
Resort events/activities
Jogging and some other exercise activities.

V1.081 A bugfix release to address the “everyone is futa” body portrait issue.

Words: 2,898,293 (19,954,205 characters)
Code: 153,210 lines of TypeScript
Tears: +72

NPC fetus development has been adjusted to increase the speed of NPC pregnancies.
This will make it easier for a complete pregnancy to fit within the usual time span of the game.
It’s basically assumed that women would want to at least minimally take advantage of available treatments to speed up their pregnancy, so there IS an in-world basis for increased gestation speed besides the game design one.
A standard pregnancy should now take between 3 to 4 months of game time, depending on the NPC. (most will be closer to 4)
An additional cheat mode has been added to further reduce the duration of NPC pregnancies. It essentially doubles their gestation speed.
Note: fertility boosts also affect the length of pregnancy while they are active.
For NPCs, this is mostly limited to dosing them with drugs like heat.
The male story prologue has been partially expanded for futa content.
Presently this focuses on the “mutations” conversation with Lily in the bathroom.
Lily will discuss the various male mutations that the player may have.
There is also a section where Lily discusses the player’s testicle situation, as well as makes comments comparing the size of the player’s new penis with what they had as a man.
This is an early way to discover that the male story protagonist wasn’t particularly well endowed.
The discussion contains a lot more “practical” information than the general descriptions in the mutation selection menu.
Also added a brief section if the player has the Fertility Goddess “mutation”, regardless of whether they are a futa or not.
NPC birthing scenes are now implemented.
There are a variety of different results/interactions depending on the nature of your relationship with the NPC.
The results are largely split between whether you visit the hospital or not.
Friends, dating (and not your kids), and your kids without a relationship, each have a unique notification conversation after the NPC gives birth, either by text or phone call.
If you are in a significant relationship with the NPC you will go to the hospital to offer your support.
Your reaction to the news will vary based mostly on the paternity of the children and your relationship.
False paternity situations the player may get an uneasy feeling.
The PC will generally still try to support their partner even if the kids aren’t theirs, though how they feel about it will change.
There are mechanics to alter the character of the birth for different difficulties based on the NPC’s physiology, but currently only the “easy” childbirth is implemented. (all visits to the hospital will result in easy childbirth)
Writing childbirth scenes is hard, seriously. I also saw some shit when searching the interweb for images. Having experienced some births in-person with my kids… ugg, let’s just leave it at that. :p
We will likely expand some of the writing to be more relationship-sensitive in the future, the setup is there, but more words are needed.
There were a lot of bug fixes this month, but as always bug eradication will be a continuing effort. Complexity makes it easier for bugs to happen.
There was some additional bugfixing support this month provided by xnzda (thanks!)
Some examples:
You can no longer take repeat doses of bovinex if you take them all in one session.
Clothing information popups will no longer be hidden behind dialog windows when viewing sections of your clothing inventory.
Brain damage is now displayed properly as a percentage instead of always being 0.
Cum addiction treatment will now work correctly
The wardrobe paper doll system has been expanded to be futa-compatible.
Will now properly display cock and or balls if the player has them.
many different hand-drawn clothing items were adjusted to reflect the player’s package as appropriate.
for example, no balls hanging out of short shorts or panties.
I still have a strong urge to draw all the various clothing styles for the paper doll, so that at least every style is represented if not the unique colors. Or at least, expand some of the sections so more styles are represented, especially when it comes to lingerie and tops.
Takes time to do, but I think you guys would like it. Let me know what you think on Discord!
The player body portrait will now display futa genitalia when present.
Currently there is support for a variety of penis sizes.
We still need to create more overlays for larger testicle sizes.
All Surrogacy Center events are now futa compatible*.
The Tentacle Shop downtown are now futa compatible with some unique extra attention given to the player’s additional equipment..
Final futafication of school events.
Mrs. Fubb’s Parlor and Monster Tamer Studio is now fully futa compatible*.
All the player birth scenes have been made to be futa compatible*.
The Double Donger scenes are now futa compatible*.
Marriage proposal scenes (particularly the kinky ones) are now futa compatible*.
Wedding scenes still need to be futafied, this is just all the proposal variations.
Various lesbian tanning events are now futa compatible*.
Not so much ‘lesbian’ now that a cock is involved :p
The SIRE initiation event probability has been significantly reduced so that it will not occur so frequently in the case you put joining SIRE on hold.

*Futa Compatible: means that extra content for futa players dealing with their cock has been added to existing scenes, generally expanding them while leaving the flow/outcome of events generally the same. The amount of content added varies considerably based on the specific scenario, but usually adds up to a lot.


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Question for anyone that knows, the game indicates that it has mods. Where can I find mods for the game ? or are there just not that many available?

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