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Apr 23, 2022
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Absolute power corrupts, absolutely. Explore the kingdom of Bellute and use your demonic magic to have some fun. Your spells can even change the nature of the game itself, and allow you to toggle fetish tags on or off as you desire.​
2DCG, 2D Game, Male Protagonist, Adventure, Dating Sim, Fantasy, Mind Control, Sandbox, Exhibitionism, Incest, Male Domination, Milf, Pregnancy, Rape, Slave
1. Extract and run.
2. You will need the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP in order to run this game.
Queen LOVE route complete
All replayable Queen scenes rewritten
New custome and bar scenes for Mea
New Mea/Voletta Threesome Scene

Goddess added to the Beach
Princess/Sagiri threesome
Cherry quest/scenes added
Hstrvx quest/scenes added
New sprites and portraits

Updated sprites and portraits
Princess main quest updated
New scenes for Cherry

Fixes to some of the 0.92 content
Updates to Sylvia CG
Horn/Goldy Village NPC updates

Lots of portrait updates (Meradis, Elf Goddess, Cherry, Kath, Sylvia)
Elf Goddess monster cave scenes
Queen throne room exhibition/gangbang scene
Kath hyper pregnancy
Cherry wedding/ending scene
New Cherry house scene + bath scene
Probably more stuff, see the full notes...

More art updates for Hstrvx, some minor additions to her scenes
Show Off has some new exhibition content
Sagiri has a Show Off scene, and her Ending can now be viewed
Princess and Queen threesome is now playable
Meradis can now work at the bar
Meradis can now get pregnant and give birth

* Hstrvx can now get pregnant if you have 8+ Magic instead of exactly 8 Magic
* Meradis will now check your Magic score instead of relying on the last time it was read

* Some new frames and touch ups were added for her Sideview CG
* The size and shape of her breasts/nipples was altered
* Overall her body should match her portrait more closely now
* In the side sex position her face is more natural and varied
* There is also minor animation of your penis going in and out of her
* After you pull out; a creampie will leak out of her in this position
* The text and visuals for the full side sex scene were also updated
* Includes the option to make her belly instantly grow after sex
* She can now randomly get pregnant even if you don't go for 100% impregnation
* Replaying her old scenes in the gallery can now get her pregnant
* (Used to only get her pregnant the very first time)
* An option for Low Virility tag players was added to skip the pregnancy storyline

meradis and polyquin main story updated
new scenes for many other characters
check the full notes

new dungeon content (4 characters updated)
some additional bonus content
art and event fixes

New portrait set
New minor NPC updates
New Hstrvx scenes and art
New Sagiri/Princess scenes
New Tsarina scenes and art

New bonus scenes for Harpy
City map was updated
Expanded Corruption influence on city
Extra customer interactions for Sagiri

Love and Lust paths added for Queen
More material and choices for Queen
New Job for Piney at the bar
Princess quest can now be advanced

New bar and village updates
New Voletta content
Sell produce from your Elf Farm
New Elf portraits and scenes

Sagiri costume and scenes
Sylvia new CG, new scene
Cherry new portrait
Some Princess dialogue

Kath ending was added
New Kath scenes
Village Building updated

New Frylitia art and scenes
New Voletta, Kath scenes
Village Building mechanic was added

New Cherry updates
New Meradis updates
More Princess investigations

new Princess investigation
new bar content (Queen)
Sagiri Tower scenes
lots of small requested features

Princess investigations added
New battle with evil wizard
Lots of new Sagiri scenes
New Court and Kingdom scenes

Resvin glasses scene
New Sylvia updates
Show Off updated
Princess introduced

New Goddess CG
Goddes preg sex, gives birth
Sylvia can give birth + More
New Exhibition quest

new Hstrvx scenes
new Garnet CG and dialogue, menu options
two new Kath scenes

new customers for resvin, piney
mea main quest update
new cg + scene for mea
other misc new scenes

monster cave updates (queen)
voletta updates
minor cherry updates

lady tsarina added + scenes
blondie updated
kath new variant scene

Inky scenes added to Shiny City
Sagiri has CG, can be fucked
Pregnancy for Elf Goddess

Voletta main quest update
Tower updates
new animation and CG for Queen

new roaming events, sex, and pregnancy for sylvia
cherry can give birth
new scenes for minor characters

new portraits
female peasants added
two new monster girls
new scenes for mea

fixed the Sylvia crashing glitch
(see notes below)

update to monsters
new portraits+fixes
update to bar management

art and map updates
new polyquin scenes
new minor NPC quest

redrawn portraits
lots of new scenes
just check the version notes...

Kath main quest updated
repeated preg and birth for kath
visual updates
resvin quest updated

Lady Garnet battle scene
New NPC Templates
Hstrvx update

New pregnancy scenes
New art for many characters
Curious NPC Update

New Harpy art and scenes
New Witch art and scenes
Updated elf art and fixes

Cherry's story updated
Frylitia updated
Some new monster stuff

Main Story updated
New battle and story scenes
New NPCs and sidequests
Update H content: Kath, Hstrvx, Goddess

Queen can now be Corrupted
Can repeat all of her sex scenes in any location
Wild Elf has new content
Elf Breeding Ranch updated

new Sylvia/Kath scene
new scenes and CG for City characters
other stuff (see below!)

new Collection items for existing characters
new scenes for the Slut
new bath scene with Cherry
other stuff (see below!)

added Kath birth scene, art, animation
added Cherry sex scene
new Piney scene, pregnancy
updated maps and others (see below)

tons of new content for Anne
village, city, and castle maps expanded with more NPCs
a new date for Cherry
3 new Kath scenes

fixed a bug with the new Hstrvx event
fixed a bug with the Queen's art

new art for Hstrvx and Frylitia
public bath is added
new scenes for Hstrvx, Harpy, and others
see more details below!

Updated art for the Queen, Kath, and Voletta
Queen has several new scenes
Kath now has pregnant sex options
An animation for "milking" random NPCs was added
And a Cafe where you can make lots more money

* Fixed a minor typo and one glitch in the throne room

*New Art: Goddess, Elf NPCs,
*Village of Elves was greatly expanded and features many new scenes/characters
*Kath's events can now be repeated
*Lots of small technical changes and other minor scenes, see notes below

*New Art: Kath Anal, Queen Pregnant Sex, Queen Giving Birth
*New Courtiers can appear, and you can interact with monsters
*Cherry's 2nd Date has been completed
*There are lots of new interactions in the bar
*There is a flashback to Kath and Raptor's first time

* Village and City Map Expanded
* There's now a Token for warping to Shiny City
* New CG for Piney: Masturbation/Missionary
* New Portrait for Kath: Pregnant
* Kath has new updates to her quest line
* Cherry has a new short scene
* Dice Players have been added. Play fair or cheat with magic!
* The Slut questline can now be completed, she has three possible endings.
* The Advisor will now appear once you become King
* You can 'Hold Court' and speak to the people
* The Treasurer has also been added

* 3 new CG ( Cherry, 'Feet Display.' Kath, 'Cowgirl.' Queen, 'Blowjob.')
* Sleeping now recovers stamina (Raptor, Kath, or Queen's bed)
* Time now passes after most sex/battle events
* You can now go directly to Raptor's Room from the Map
* Bar Ledger is added, you can gain income from the bar
* Kath will have Anal and Cowgirl sex now
* Piney has more customer interactions, including a new sex scene
* New items were added to Coral's shop
* You can test your magic on Coral now
* Nursery was added to the tower, as well as kids
* Hstrvx will sell you a charm that helps characters retain their default appearance
* Frylitia the Elf Guardian was added
* You may now battle Frylitia
* There are two special endings you can get, depending on how you win the battle
* The Prince will now help you out with taxes and managing the kingdom
* Kirin will start requesting ingredients for his Elf Elixir
* Peter has a lot more stuff to say now (see more details below)

* Title Screen updated
* Added new CG for Kath
* Added new art for Hstrvx
* You can once again use Z or ENTER to advance text. Down/X are still available to fast scroll without selecting choices.
* Added the Demon Feather (Teleport back to Peter)
* New Dialogue for Peter, Hstrvx, and the Queen
* The Queen can now be sent to work in Kath's bar.
* Added some new customers to the bar. Piney has new customer interactions.
* Kath has a bit more new dialogue.
* The Mind Control event for Slut was added. You can reset her and replay either scene.

* DOWN or CANCEL are now used to skip and advance text. This prevents accidentally selecting the wrong choice.
* Visual glitch was fixed when impregnating a character in a different sex position.
* Sparing the Prince no longer freezes the game.

Massive art updates for several characters
First sex CG added
Queen can now have sex, pregnant sex, and give birth
Default walking speed increased
City map updated, Gift Shop added, NPCs added
Hstrvx, the Tower Keeper, now appears in the tower
You can now duel the Prince of Bellute
You can now take over the bar and recruit Piney

Queen: 2+ Scenes (With Variants)
Kath: 2+ Scenes (With Variants)
Cherry: 1 Date Scene, No Sex
For information about why this game got put On Hold, scroll down just a little bit. I've edited the explanation into my very first post in this topic. Thanks for your understanding!

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