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0.45 Alpha
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May 1, 2023
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Jan 3, 2017
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You play the new kid in town, a senior high school student is who is just trying to get through the final years of his teenage years, one day at a time. When one night, you accidentally happen across this alternate universe where public lust and sex are socially acceptable. Imagine a world where you can have sex anywhere at any time you feel like it with anyone you want? Which begs the question; What bad could ever happen?​

2DCG, Animated, Incest, Milf, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Seduction, Lesbian, Freeuse, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Titfuck, Group Sex, Male Protagonist, Lactation, Mobile game, School setting, Sandbox
1) Unpack the compressed file with 7zip or equivalent.
2) Start "ATownUncovered.exe" and enjoy!
Alpha 0.45a - The Main Progression Update
+Spelling and grammar updates
+Main Story Progression
+Added sprite work for various main story scenes
+Added sprite work for Luna’s throwaway dialogue
+Added some triggers to some events for the time travel feature
+Added noses to MC and Jane during household dinner scene
+Added Drunk Girl character sprite
+Updated Mall stores button with final asset
+Updated Office Elevator location asset
+Updated Investigation Scene with Violette so MC is nude
+Updated MC assets when meeting Jacob behind Beach rocks
+Fixed Drunk Girl character dialogue code
+Fixed Edward not leaving scene when discussing cameras
+Fixed Main Story triggers when loading a preset save
+Removed Edward’s sprite from Office scene
-Lots of Temp CG Assets (Focusing on writing and completing the main story)

Alpha 0.44a – The Hitomi Update
+Hitomi Story Complete
+Added most Hitomi Story sprite work
+Added Effie H-Scene (Hitomi’s Story)
+Added Hitomi H-Scene (VIP Heart To Heart)
+Added Hitomi H-Scene (Comic Book Backroom Press)
+Fixed missing trigger for Hitomi Story
+Replaced temp assets for Missus x Jane x MC chores scene
-Some Hitomi CG Not Yet Complete
-Drunk Girl Sprite Incomplete

Alpha 0.43a – The Breakfast Update
+Hitomi side story progression (7 Scenes)
+Added Missus under the dining table trio H-Scene (Dining Room Morning on Saturday)
+Added Lashley bent over desk (Lashley Office on Weekday)
+Added Luna doggy bedroom (Talk to Luna in the School Hallway 2)
+Fixed various minor bug fixes and optimization

The Chase Update
Alpha 0.41a
Password: shovelshow

+Main Story Progression"
+Added Hitomi Side Story"
+Added Zariah DJ Booth Sprite
+Added Edward’s Tapes CG Assets
+Added Zariah Reverse Seated Cowgirl H-Scene at the Nightclub (Talk to her at nightclub)
+Added Missus Standing Shower H-Scene (Go in when finding her taking a shower)
+Added Effie Couch H-Scene (Visit her on a Saturday morning)
+Added ability to assign Mr Smith’s role individually
+Added spritework to Main Story
+Fixed BG asset for Eloise’s lobby assistant
+Fixed email mini-game’s vertical alignment
+Fixed copy machine mini-game being marked as coffee run being complete
+Various other minor bug fixes
-End of main story assets not added in

Alpha 0.41b
+Disabled Email Minigame for the Office" color
+Fixed Coffee Run Minigame Bug
NOTE: If you're still getting the email bug, replay the minigame but fail it on purpose as the bug only occurs when you succeed.

The Electric Dreams Update
Alpha 0.40

+Main story progress
+Spelling, grammar, italics fixes
+Added train station location
+Added townhouse entrance location
+Added forest safehouse interior location
+Added office tasks minigames to Main Story
+Added BG & CG asset for tour scene with Eloise
+Added CG assets for quick reminder main story scene
+Added CG assets for knockout news main story scene
+Added forest safehouse exterior location
+Added Missus kitchen seatfun H-Scene (talk to her in kitchen after end of her side story)
+Added Teghan female bathroom H-Scene (random encounter at Uni on Tuesday or Friday)
+Added Lailah H-scene when you visit Jacob’s house during the day (random occurrence)
+Updated Meghan female bathroom H-scene encounter rate (Uni on Monday or Thursday)
+Updated researching CG asset
+Updated remaining menu screens with update UI assets
+Fixed repeating scene at the office after the tour with Eloise
-Edward’s Tapes CG assets not final rendered
-Edward’s Scene in Truth Comes Out CG asset not included yet

+Updated UI elements
+Main story progress
+Added main menu BGM
+Added new office BGM
+Added dev note on save and load page on how to delete save files
+Added final email proofreading minigame assets
+Added final copy machine minigame assets
+Added missing remaining assets for movie threesome with Missus x Jane (H-scene)
+Added Mc x Jane eating Effie out (H-scene, talk to Jane in the morning on a weekend)
+Added Jane movie date
+Updated Miss Allaway objectives
+Fixed incorrect sprite when asking Director Lashley out to the movies
+Fixed coffee run office task not working
+Fixed character name typo when hanging with Missus watching dramas
+Fixed phone objective text that goes over the box
+Fixed Miss Allaway’s normal to casual wear sprite at the cafe
+Fixed event not triggering in the alleyway in Director Lashley’s storyline
+Fixed HUD not showing up during Missus x Jane x MC storyline
-Jane post-movie dream sequences not added
-Lashley post-movie dream sequences not added
-Some menu screens still use old design

Alpha 0.38b
+Minor Bug Fixes

Alpha 0.38a - The Red Ribbon Update
+Main Story Progress
+Updated More H-Scenes to new H-Scene Code Structure
+Added Office Copy Machine Mini-game
+Added Email Proofreading Mini-game
+Added Post Nut Clarity CG Scene
+Added Lashley’s Eye 2 Eye Kiss CG
+Added Patron-voted H-Scene #1 (Missus x Jane x MC in Boxfort)
+Added Patron-voted H-Scene #2 (Lashley visits you on a Sunday after the 20th)
+Added Lashley’s Bedroom Interior BG
+Added Eloise’s Office Location
+Added Office Supply Room Location
+Added Lashley Movie Dates
+Added Edward’s Actual VR Headset Mini-side story
+Fixed Townhouse button lighting bug
+Fixed Lashley’s Objective too long bug
+Fixed Alanna showing up when she’s on break bug
+Fixed Corner Store pushing you to the map bug
+Fixed Restaurant pushing you to the wrong map section bug
+Fixed Wabee Cheat Bug
+Fixed and Clarified Some Objective Prompts
-Lashley Post-Movie Dream Sequences not added
-Office Copy Machine Mini-game Assets Temporary
-Email Proofreading Mini-game Assets Temporary

v0.37a - The Memory Update
+Updated the Rest of the H-Scene Code to Have it Loopable
+Main Story Progress +Spelling and Grammar Fixes
+Added Pre-Load Options for Lashley
+Added Mall Stores Interior Final Assets
+Added Night Version of Office Floor
+Added Remaining Sprite work for Lashley’s Side Story
+Added Lashley’s Hunger CG Scene & H-scene
+Added Psycho Breakdown CG Scene & H-scene
+Added Evie Character Sprite
+Added Evie Button in Eloise’s Lobby
+Updated Elevator Assets
-Lashley’s Post Nut Clarity CG Complete but not Fully Coded
-Zariah’s Party VIP Section H-Scene still need to be Rendered
-2x Uptown Locations still need to be Rendered
-2x Office Minigames Incomplete
-2x Office Locations still need to be Rendered

Alpha 0.36a - The Drunk Update
+Spelling and Grammar Fixes
+Completed Lashley’s Storyline
+Updated Some H-Scene Code to Have it Loopable
+Added School Parking Lot BG for Lashley’s Story Scene
+Added Safety and Home Life CG
+Added Lashley Drunk and Frisky Finger H-Scenes
+Added Lashley Drunk and Frisky Oral H-Scenes
+Added Lashley Drunk and Frisky Cunnilingus H-Scenes
+Added Lashley Drunk and Frisky Boobjob H-Scenes
+Added Lashley Drunk and Frisky Post CG Assets
+Added Lashley Aftermath CG Assets
+Added Funky Teas CG Assets
+Added Character Button Assets for Zariah’s Party
+Added Dorothea Character for Zariah’s Party Scene
+Added Sprite work for Multiple Lashley Scenes
+Added and Fixed some lines for continuity
-2x Uptown Locations still need to be Rendered
-Mall Stores Interior Final Assets Incomplete
-Lashley’s Hunger Scene CG Incomplete
-Lashley’s Ending Scene CG Incomplete

Alpha 0.35b
+Text Cleanup
+Fixed and Added Sprites in Office Elevator
+Fixed Violette Shocked Talking sprite
+Fixed End of Main Story bug (end as of this version)
+Fixed repeating dialogue bug throughout game
+Fixed Lashley Church scene and can now be reachable
+Fixed Waking up alone scene after movie night threesome sprites and background
+Fixed intersecting scene triggers in the Jane and Main Story
+Various Minor Bug Fixes

Alpha 0.35a - The Church Update
+Spelling and Grammar Fixes
+Minor Trigger Bug Fixes and Continuity Upgrades
+Added Lashley Story Progression (Incomplete)
+Added Dusting Scene During the Naked Chores Punishment
+Added Mayor’s Estate BG Asset
+Added Motel BG Asset
+Added Lashley Mansion BG Asset
+Added Church Interior BG Asset
+Added CG for Lashley’s Side Story ‘Allaway’s Happy Accident’
+Added CG for Lashley’s Side Story ‘Natural Urges’
+Added CG for Lashley’s Side Story ‘Distractions’
+Added CG for Lashley’s Side Story ‘Trapped in the Stalls’
+Added CG for Lashley’s Side Story ‘Secret Between Stalls’
+Added CG for Lashley’s Side Story ‘Four Freaking Hours’
+Added Cole Throwaway Dialogue Spritework
+Added Luna Throwaway Dialogue Spritework
+Fixed Italic Action Dialogues
-2x Uptown Locations still need to be Rendered
-Mall Stores Interior Final Assets Incomplete
-Lashley CG Scenes Rendered but not Coded

Alpha 0.34a - The Outside Update
+Director Lashley Story Progression
+Updated the Up Town Map Day & Night Version
+Updated CG Scene of ‘Post-Breakfast News’
+Updated Police Station Exterior at Night Art
+Updated Office Building Exterior Map Asset and Background
+Updated Office Floor with Furnished Conference Room & Manager’s Office
+Added ‘Climax Out’ Option for Hitomi at the Beach H-Scene
+Added CG Scene for You Can Freak Out Now Scene
+Added CG Scene for Bottoms Up Scene
+Added CG Scene for The Lashley Aftermath Scene
+Added CG Scene for Hints of a Problem Scene
+Added CG Scene for Distractions Scene
+Added Dishes and Vacuum Scenes During the Naked Chores Punishment
+Added Music to the Nightclub and the Street at Night
+Added Lashley Manor’s in Uptown
+Added Office Conference Room Art
+Added Manager’s Office Art
+Added Office Bathroom Art
+Added Eloise’s Floor Lobby Art
+Added Abandoned Lot Art
+Added Cliff Art
+Added Forest Art
+Added Mine Entrance Art
+Added Corner Store Art
+Added Apartments Art
+Added Restaurant Art
+Added Church Art
+Added Graveyard Art
+Added Neighbour (Left) Art
+Added Neighbour (Right) Art
+Added Navigation Buttons for Street, Abandoned Lot, and Cinema Locations
+Added Navigation Buttons for Cafe and Corner Store
+Added Cole Throwaway Chat Dialogue
+Added Luna Throwaway Chat Dialogue
+Fixed Ambience Playing when leaving the Gym at Night
-Luna Throwaway Sprites not complete
-Cole Throwaway Sprites not complete
-Lashley Story Sprite Work To Be Done
-4x Uptown Locations still need to be Rendered
-Mall Stores Interior Final Assets Incomplete
-Dusting Scene for Naked Chores Punishment Scene Incomplete
Cheatcode: stickmentos

  • Added an Uptown
  • Added 8 New Uptown Locations:
    • Motel, Restaurant, Townhouses, Church, Mayor’s Estate,
      Graveyard, Forest, Cliff, Abandoned MInes
  • Added 5 New Main Town Locations:
    • Neighbour1, Neighbour 2, Corner Store, Apartments, Abandoned Lot
  • Added 9 New Office Interior Locations:
    • Main Lobby, Elevator, Main Office Floor, Conference Room, Unisex Bathroom,
      Supply Room, Manager’s Office, Eloise’s Office, Eloise’s Floor Lobby
  • Added 8 New Office Characters:
    • Carmen, Skylar, Corrine, Gloria, Kanako, Bradley, Howie, Mr Fistem
  • Main Story Progression
  • Spelling & Grammar Fixes
  • Sprites Added to Scenes
  • Added Input Box for Naming Characters
  • Added Shopping Menu for Hendai’s Comic Book Store
  • Added Shopping Menu for Grundle Sam’s Things & Stuff Store
  • Minor Logic Fixes
  • Minor Scene Transition Improvements
  • Uptown Map Incomplete
  • Many Locations Still Need to be Rendered
  • New Main Story Content written but not coded in
  • Store Interior Final Assets Incomplete
  • Gift Cards and Gacha Items Unavailable
+Main Story Progression
+Added Full Missus x Jane x MC Threesome Story
+Added ‘in alpha’ disclaimer in the splash screen
+Added ‘in construction’ and ‘art in progress’ disclaimer assets
+Added sound effect test for Missus’ post-dinner H-Scenes
+Added Director Lashley and ‘Missus & Jane’ option to Time Travel Feature
+Added CG asset for Lashley’s Strange Noise Scene
+Added CG asset for A Talk with Lashley Scene +Added CG asset for The Polaroid Scene
+Added CG asset for Prawn Police Scene
+Added CG asset for That Shit Ain’t Mine Scene
+Added extra CG asset for Chilling at Mall with Friends Scene
+Added extra CG asset for Quality Fam Time Threesome Scene
+Added rock, paper, scissors minigame with Jane after completing her side story
+Added ability to revisit some Jane h-scenes after completing her side story
+Updated changelog buttons on the MC’s PC
+Updated assets for naming characters at the start of the game
-Missus x Jane x MC ‘Punishment’ Scene Assets Unavailable

Alpha 0.29a - The Outline Update
+Completed Main Story Outline (No new written content added, but are in the backlog)
+Added Jaiden in the Sexworld at the Gym
+Added CG asset for Breaking News Scene
+Added CG asset for Lashley Lunch Talk Scene
+Added CG asset for An Unexpected Return Scene
+Added CG asset for Quality Family Night H-Scene
+Added CG asset for Iron Fist of the Law Scene
+Added extra CG asset for Framed Scene
+Added extra CG asset for Welcome Home Asshat Scene
+Added typing window for entering username when signing up to Camgurl
+Added Lashley button when she’s waiting outside the bathroom
+Added BG asset for Lashley Stakeout Scenes
-The Polaroid scene text messages aren’t rendered
-Quality Bonding Night H-scene not included the transition CG assets
-Completed CG asset for Lashley’s Strange Noise Scene but not yet added
-Completed CG asset for The Polaroid Scene but not yet added
-Completed CG asset for Dirty Mag Police Scene but not yet added
-Completed CG asset for That Shit Ain’t Mine Scene but not yet added
-Completed extra CG asset for Chilling at Mall with Friends Scene but not yet added

Alpha 0.28a - The Main Asset Update
+Added Principal Lashley Story Progression (Approx 37% complete)
+Added CG Art to 15 Main Story Scenes
+Added CG Art to Hitomi Beach Frisbee Scene
+Added Sexworld Button for Jaiden in the Gym
+Added Davendithas Alternate Sprite
+Added Edward Alternate Sprite
+Added Sexworld Sprite and Buttons for Jaiden
+Added Luck Based Trigger for Sneaking Miss Allaway in your Bedroom
+Fixed Pixelated Face of Sister in Fort Rebuild Reveal Scene
+Fixed Minor Changes for Davendithas’ Sprites
+Fixed Principal Lashley trigger fail and sends the player to the changerooms
+Fixed ‘Continue’ Trigger Fail when doing buttstuff with Jane after Camgurl Stream
+Fixed not being able to drink with Jane at the nightclub before meeting Zariah
+Fixed Meeting Jacob’s Dad and Step Mom too early
+Fixed sending player to the school yard after meeting her for the first time in the gym
+Fixed mis-trigger when knocking on Effie’s door to talk to her dad
+Fixed text from Effie to go to the Sex World trigger
+Fixed Missus story trigger that is blocked by Jane and her later chapters
+Fixed Jane waking you up to fix the box fort while you’re in the Sex World as well as other similar trigger scenes
+Fixed triggering Principal Lashley’s side stories whilst in the Sex World
+Fixed hover and idle sexworld cafeteria buttons being switched around
+Disabled the Text to go to the Park at Night during certain chapters of Missus’
+Disabled trigger for going to the Sexworld on a Friday as to not have to go to school on a Saturday
+Disabled Hitomi’s Objectives as she doesn’t have an actual side story currently
-Principal Lashley Side Story Scenes include Temporary Sketch Assets
-Some Later Main Story Scenes include Temporary Sketch Assets

Alpha 0.27c
+Fixed Effie Text Hint Trigger Bug
+Fixed Text from Effie Trigger to after you’ve met everybody in town as well as after you bought the porn magazine
+Fixed Image Directory Bug for the Nightclub Scenes
+Fixed New H-Scenes Cum Sequences that Incorrectly Triggered another H-Scene
+Other Minor Fixes and Optimizations

Alpha 0.27b
+Fixed Trigger Bug involving finding a job
+Fixed Jane Story Bugs
-Disabled some assets from Principal Lashley’s side story

*Please ensure that you're starting a new game or loading a pre-set load and not using an old save files. I've received many bug reports that claim were triggered in a new save but could not be recreated due to the nature of the bug.
(Eg. the game is looking for a misslashley image file but the code has recently been modified to search for a principallashley file and the files have been renamed accordingly. So if you're using an old save, it'll have old code that will look for the old image which doesn't exist anymore.)

Cheatcode: sanicrans

Alpha 0.27a - The Lashley Update

+Spelling and Grammar Fixes
+Many Code Optimizations and Game Flow Updates
+Added 6 Chapters for Principal Lashley Side Story Dialogue
+Added Main Story Temp Art Assets for 24 Scenes
+Added Sprites to Main Story Scenes
+Added Wrecked School BG for the Main Story
+Added Luna Tied Missionary H-scene (Talk to Luna on Thursday or Friday Afternoon)
+Added Principal Lashley Cafeteria Doggy (Talk to Principal Lashley with +8 Points)
+Added Alanna Cuddle H-scene (Work Two Shifts on a Tuesday or Friday Morning)
+Fixed Trigger Bug for Sister’s Camgurl Scene
+Fixed Intentional Disappearing Map by Replacing it with a Grayed out Map Icon
-Uncoded Art and Unfinished Sprite Work

v0.26a - The Ambient Update
+Spelling and Grammar Fix Focus
+Many code optimizations and game flow updates
+Added Main Story Dialogue Story
+Added a 100 character per second dialogue text type out
+Added Hitomi Living Room H-scene (Talk to Hitomi)
+Added Meghan H-scene in School Girls’ Bathroom (Friday Afternoon)
+Added H-scene for Mom and Sister within Main Story (Complete one of or both their stories, if both side stories are complete, mom’s h-scene triggers on or before the 15th of the game month, sis triggers after)
+Added ambience sounds for various appropriate locations
+Added sexworld versions of cafeteria and gym during the day
+Added dance floor section at the nightclub
+Added anal sex version for missionary with Sister post Cam-stream
+Updated menu transitions from fade to dissolve
+Fixed triggering bug for Sister’s story
+Fixed townmap bug when visiting the policestation
+Fixed policestation day and night error
+Fixed setup for the kitchen
+Fixed missing default variables bugs
-Missing Art and Unfinished Sprite work

v0.25 - The Lovemaking Update
+Spelling and grammar fixes
+Added sprites to some scenes from the previous Main Story progression
+Added background crowds to School Gym and School Cafeteria during the day
+Added throwaway conversations about the spare box task to various characters
+Added Police Station Front Office location
+Added VR Startup Sequence
+Added minor sequence when asking Miss Allaway to the Cinema
+Added Miss Allaway Bedroom H-scene (Finish Miss Allaway’s story, talk to her in the classroom)
+Added Hitomi Beach Accident H-scene (Have met the characters from the Comic Book Store, Undress at the beach on a Saturday)
+Added Principal Lashley Office Chair H-scene (Talk to Principal Lashley, have over 8 RP with her)
+Added Allaway x Effie x MC Effie’s Bed H-scene (Finish Miss Allaway’s story, Ask Effie at the Cafe for some fun on a Saturday)
+Updated Miss Lashley’s name and coding to Principal Lashley
+Fixed some bugged out h-scene animation timings
+Fixed continuity of Mom’s conversation right after Sister leaves the house
+Fixed continuity that says no one is home right after talking to Effie about helping Sister
+Fixed incorrect sprites after leaving Effie during kiss scene in her room
-Renpy engine bugged out and some h-scene animation timings may seem way too fast (please report)
-Xray for Miss Allaway Missionary Bedroom H-Scene not available
-Buttsex Option for Miss Allaway H-Scenes not available
-Pull out method for Hitomi Beach Accident H-scene not available
-Pull out method for Principal Lashley Office Chair H-scene not available
-Many temporary art asset and unfinished Main Story scenes (WIP)

+Fixed bug that loops the h-scenes with Effie from the start every time you finish
+Fixed missing label in Jane’s post camgurl h-scen
+Added Preset Load Version for 0.23 so you can choose the chapter for Miss Allaway
+Fixed unresponsive reset trigger where after Mom’s date, when you want to woohoo with her again, it wouldn’t work
+Fixed dialogue branch in main story scene
+Fixed duplicate screen names in some scenes
+Fixed throwaway dialogue with the Threeghans in the Sex World
+Fixed ‘next’ bug during sister’s post camgurl h-scenes
+Fixed bug that loops you into having sex with Effie after coming out of her house
+Fixed never-ending loop of Mom sucking you off in bed
+Fixed incorrect cheat point manipulations between Crugeon and Jack
+Fixed graphical bug where sprites are present during the mom x sister x mc scene

+Fixed bug that crashes game when you try to use the bed
+Fixed trigger and sprite bug with a conversation with Violette
+Miss Allaway Story Progression and Completion (96%)
+Jane Story Progression
+Spelling and Grammar Fixes
+Compressed Some Previous Scene Assets
+Code Restructuring involving the Sex World
+Added Art Assets for Jane Story
+Added More Customization for Chapter Selecting each Character’s Side Story at the Start
+Added Jacob’s Dad and Step Mom at his house
+Added Effie’s Dad at her house
+Added Sprites for Phil
+Added Flipped Versions for Brock’s Sprites
+Added Minor Character (Goon)
+Added Lights to Hospital at Night
+Added Sexworld Interaction with Effie in the Classroom
+Added Sexworld Sprites for Effie in the Classroom
+Added Character Button for Jaiden in the School Gym in the Morning
+Added Character Button for Jack in the School Gym at Night and the Street in the Afternoon
+Added Character Button for Coach Fistem in the School Gym at Night
+Added Character Button for Brock in the School Gym at Night
+Added Character Button for Phil in the School Gym at Night
+Added Character Button for Meghan in the School Bathroom and Mall
+Added Character Button for Teghan in the School Bathroom and Mall
+Added Character Button for Chieghan in the School Bathroom and Mall
+Added 15 Throwaway Lines for Hitomi
+Added 15 Throwaway Lines for Hazel
+Added Additional Information from Effie about Living next to Jacob
+Added Dialogue with Jane about Missus being Missing
+Updated and Modified Effie’s Chat Structure in the Cafe
+Updated and Modified the Fight Club Interaction Button
+Updated and Modified Coach Fistem’s Sprites
+Updated and Modified the Facial Structure of Dad’s Sprites
+Updated and Modified Jack’s Sprites
+Updated and Modified the School Gym Background Size
+Updated and Modified some Notifications Ability to Skip and Time on Screen
+Updated Handjob Scene with Missus in Bed so you’d lose 5 Stamina Points if you cum
+Updated Tutoring Scene with Miss Allaway so you can’t do it on Friday
+Updated Parent’s presence in their bedroom to have continuity with the side stories
+Updated Janer’s presence in her bedroom to have continuity with the side stories
+Fixed Inaccurate Jane Story Objectives
+Fixed Some Bugs with Missus’ Movie Date
+Fixed Reset Trigger Bug for Missus’ Story
+Fixed and Modified Jane’s Phone Objectives to be more detailed and accurate
+Fixed Bug relating to ‘Povdadrole’
+Fixed Day Bug when in Effie’s Room on an 8th Day of the Week
+Fixed and Redid the Coding for Missus’ Handjob when watching TV together
+Fixed a Mis-pathing when talking to Miss Allaway in the Cafeteria for the first
+Fixed Minor Art Error in the Street Background
+Fixed Bug at the Changeroom Glory Holes when it’s the 1st of the Month
+Fixed Incorrect Lipsyncing during 20 Questions Scene with Jane
+Fixed Some Intersecting Storylines with Missus and Jane
+Fixed Trigger Bug when Maxing out Intelligence Points in Miss Allaway’s Story
+Fixed Trigger Bug when Missus calls you downstairs as someone is at the door for you
+Fixed Trigger Bug when ‘Exploring the House’ in Jane’s Story
+Fixed Time so After Scene with Jane at the Beach, it becomes Late Night and not Evening
+Fixed Continuity Error where Effie is at the Park at Night even when she invites you to her House
+Fixed Continuity Error where Knocking on Effie’s Door during the time she’s taking care of Jane says that she’s at the Cafe
+Fixed Continuity Error where Allaway is in the Boys’ Bathroom and in the Classroom at the same time
+Fixed Continuity Error where Dad can destroy the Fort when he’s out of Town in Missus’ Story
+Fixed Bug where Cuddling with Jane in the first Fort leads to having 0 Jane Points if you had max RP points
+Fixed Bug with 69 Scene with Jane that makes RP points go over 10
+Fixed Jane Increasing and Decreasing Bug with 20 Question Scene
+Disabled Ability to Increase any Skills when looking for a Job
-Jane Post H-scenes Not Included
-Miss Allaway Dream Sequence Not Included
-Miss Allaway Driving MC Home Art Assets Not Included
-Buttsex Option for Miss Allaway H-Scenes Not Included
-No Crowd in the School Gym in the Day
-No Crowd in the School Cafeteria
Cheatcode for 0.39: sourjournal
Hey, perverts.
Happy Holidays and such and such. I hope you're all doing merrily and stuff. I apologise for not doing much worded updates these past few months, I just constantly feel like there's nothing interesting to note on other than "it's coming along". I've been doing my best with what I can for the game, I have implemented some things and there are other things not yet implemented but are currently WIP.
If I'm being transparent, I haven't been feeling quite the best mentally. I have a lot of stuff going on in my life at the moment and stress just piles on top of each other. 2019 has been an eventful year, full of ups but also more downs than the past 5 years put together (or at least if feels that way). Sorry if that's a bummer for you to hear or like that you don't really care. Just play the game lol.
See you around cool people.

Save files after the "office minigames" do not work.
: - - -
Mac (v0.44 Alpha): - - -
Android (0.18c):
Others: COMPRESSED* - Torrent
Extras: GUIDE - Cheat Enabler - Linux - Guide to Jane Questions
*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.



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Apr 23, 2022
Compressed 0.41b made by (Asenaris)
Win/Linux (1.1 GB/ 338 MB): -

Mac Version 0.40a Compressed by KKpotato
Mac ( 270 MB) - -
Warning: Compressed versions have lesser quality than the original.

Compressed With UAGC 2.0.0
Image Quality: 70%.
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Apr 23, 2022
Guide v0.39a supplied by Roughlyspecfiic

1) Before Playing: Cheat Codes, General Info, Tips, Is there NTR?
2) The Main Story: Meeting Every Character (twice)
3) Help with various routes (Lashley, Hitomi, Allaway, Effie, Jane)
4) Mrs Smith’s route (Fixing Mom’s Computer, Meeting Mom Every Afternoon)
5) The Mom x Sis route
6) I’m stuck on a route/Gamebreaking issues/ Known Bugs
7) Unlocking the gallery. (VR headset)
8) (partial) Scene Guide: Repeatable, Optional, Variable, Deleted, Floating…
9) How do gifts work? Which gift for which character?


1) General Information and More: Does this Game have NTR?

Cheat codes are applied on the PC in the main character’s bedroom.

- 0.30c = pumpkinsplice
- 0.31A = carrymaria
- 0.32b = barelybear
-0. 33b = gooptruckin aka The Lobby Update (Mostly fixing temp art)
-0. 34a = stickmentos aka The Outside Update (Fixing some temp background art, 5 Lashley scenes)
- 0.35b = hellsfired aka The Church Update
-0. 36a = tookfirst
- 0.37a = wrapitup aka The Memory Update; Main story first day; Partial Lashley completion;
-0.38b = diditmove aka The Red Ribbon Update; Main story first day; VR Headset; Lashley complete; Bug fixes
-0.39a =sourjournal Bug fixes, new UI, menu+office music, Partial Jane movie dates, Office first day continuation.
-0.40a = weirditems aka The Electric Dreams Update, new main story content. Miniscenes with Missus, Lailah, Teghan

- Development tracker:
- Twitter (defunct since 2017):
- Youtube Playlist of Livestreams (Until late 2018) :
- Subreddit: (Not completely dead but close)
- List of (most?) h-scenes in the game:
-Don’t shy away from the cheat code. There is a lot of grind in the game. It does space out the other content in a positive way, but it can easily be skipped if you are in a hurry. If you cheat, you may need to pass time by sleeping through several days between segments, though,

- Scenes are typically added without complete art first, which is then added over the next few updates. Seeing incomplete assets means a route it nearly over. Also, sex scenes are often added before the story reaches that far and can just be triggered whenever you want.

– Steam reviews indicated ~10 hours of play time without the Lashley route, probably a bit more now.
– As of Sept 2021, the game was approximately halfway done when compared to Geeseki’s old plans.
– Four character routes feel complete. (Mom, Sis, Teacher, Principal)
– The MomxSis route seems complete but still has some placeholder art and is (for some) broken. (See section 5)

– The sex world is mostly a background force/nemesis for the plot so far. Don’t expect much direct interaction with it. (There is also still no dialogue for the Threegans at the mall
- The main story is lengthy but mostly dialogue. Basically, it’s 1) Meeting every single character. 2) Wandering around the sex world. 3) Asking everyone if anyone knows wtf is going on. 4) The very beginning of working at the company that seems to be behind everything.

– The sex world is mostly a background force/nemesis for the plot so far. Don’t expect much direct interaction with it. (There is also still no dialogue for the Threegans at the mall
- The main story is lengthy but mostly dialogue. Basically, it’s 1) Meeting every single character. 2) Wandering around the sex world. 3) Asking everyone if anyone knows wtf is going on. 4) The very beginning of working at the company that seems to be behind everything.

This is a heavily debated topic. Tl;dr: There is a lot of borderline stuff, so here are what I consider the notable examples:
PLEASE NOTE: These are nearly all the examples concentrated together. Reading this list may give the impression that these things are much more common than they are in the game.

– It is implied that sex is extremely casual in the sex world (duh). Consequently, every character’s sex world counterpart is assumed to have casual sex.
– In the sex world, the MC encounters one of his acquaintences having sex. Not knowing about the sex world, he is upset because "she deserves better".
– The beach: (SPOILER!) The beach is a sex-world adjacent area. It is not entirely clear if the characters there are sex-world counterparts or not. The sister can be found giving a blowjob at the local gloryhole, for example.
– Effie is a slut. Heavy lesbian experience is referenced. Both the MC’s sister and his teacher are her sex friends. (There’s also a threesome scene between MC, her and someone else.)
– At one point, the sister implies being experienced. However, no male lovers are mentioned or seen aside from the beach glory hole scene.
– The mother is a flawed character who becomes emotionally abusive when she feels hurt. As part of the Mom route, the dad is shown as sexually and physically abusive. You walk in on the parents having sex, with Mrs Smith not seeming too into it. When MC sees this, his mom talks to him and humiliates him for not being man enough to satisfy her instead of the father. With high enough stats, you can then "man up", beat up the father and bed the mother. The Mom apologizes later.
– There is some teasing / mild humiliation stuff / being ignored in dialogue (mostly with sister/mom, mixes with sibling teasing, the MC also playfully insults her).
– There used to be one actual NTR scene on the teacher route. It was deleted and is now explicitly denied to happen in the game. (If you piss of Edward by not accepting his proposal after you beat him up, he will blackmail the teacher into doing favours. If you encounter implied sexual favours in 30c or later, please tell me since I only vaguely remember finding it.)

2) The Main Story: Meeting Every Character (twice)

1) Meet everyone in this list. Your main story goal should change after you have done this.
2) Wait some days. At some point, you should get a text message if it is night and you try to sleep in your bed. Does not work if you go to sleep before night or if you spend the night somewhere other than your bed.
3) There is currently no way to visit the sex world a second time.
4) After returning from the sex world, you need to talk to everyone again.
5) The main story currently ends on the first day of the new job.

BUG: After returning, the "Go to the dining room for dinner" hint appears prematurely. Before doing that you still need to talk to people. In my case it was:

Violetta (beach)
Effie (cafe)
buff girl (school entrance)
Luna (classroom)
Edward (school entrance)
Then I went to class and finally got the message that I have "enough info" and should return home.

Mom, Jane, Dad, Jacob, Effi, Allaway, Lashley, Jack should all be automatic.
Dorothea: Not required for main story. Automatic during Lashley route.

Jacob’s dad, Lailah: To the left of Effie’s house.
- - Lailah may not always appear. She can be found in the afternoon. She might also appear in the morning on the weekend.
- - WARNING: Lailah doesn’t always unlock from meeting her, so you may need to talk to her several times!

Effie’s dad = House on the top right of the map. Only there on weekend?
Janae, Alanna and Grundle Sam work at the mall.
Brock = Need to see at fight club (gym at night) first. Then talk to him at the Cafe.
Violetta = beach

Meghan, Chieghan, Teghan = Female bathroom in the morning (Bonus Meghan scene Friday afternoon)
Edward = In front of school + beach at night
Cole = school cafeteria (morning)
Zariah = downstairs school hallway (afternoon) ← Required for nightclub
Jaiden = gym (morning)
Luna = upstairs school hallway (morning) or classroom (afternoon)
Phil = male bathroom (morning)
Coach Fistem = gym (night)

Street to the south:
Hitomi + three gamers = comic shop. (Bonus Hitomi scene at the beach on Saturdays)
Hazel = sex shop besides comic book store
Steve = nightclub besides sex shop (night) ← Get Zariah first.

3) Help with various routes (Lashley, Hitomi, Allaway, Effie, Jane)

Hitomi has a task (Meet Hitomi), but no route. Talking to her does nothing. You can invite her over for sex if you have a good relationship with her, though.
Effie does not have a proper route, but she is part of the routes of some other characters and the main story.

Most of her route seems to work well and is obvious. Of note:
- Her route is extremely linear.
- If you refuse to help Jack in exchange for him to stop blackmailing Allaway, there used to be some NTR elements but these were removed.
- How far you go with her in the car (i.e. which blackmail material Jack logically had) did not seem to matter as of v0.28. This probably hasn’t changed.

- Her route is said to be technically complete in v0.36a but at least one church scene and the very last scene do not work.
- If you are stuck, try walking around the school at different times over a few days. This has always unstuck it for me. (Just following the hint was not always reliable.)
- As of v0.36a, there are some sex scenes, but they are not yet all complete.
- In v036a, "An Exception Occured" errors are trigger several times. Clicking "ignore" lets you continue.
- In v0.36a, the hint system constantly displays wrong hints in addition to the correct hint. Only the part of the hint that changes every step is the real hint.

- 20 questions: There’s a guide linked in the OP of this thread.
- "Buy your sister’s love in her bedroom": Watch her camshow on Wednesday afternoon. Donate enough money for her to say your screen name.
- - IF STUCK: Try raising your affection points if it doesn’t trigger. If that doesn’t work, skip one chapter on the computer.
- Entering the basement: Learn lockpicking on the MC’s computer.

4) Mrs Smith’s route (Fixing Mom’s Computer, Meeting Mom Every Afternoon)
Fixing the Computer:
1) Click the laptop lying on the mother’s bed.
2) Buy the antivirus CD at the mall.
3) Use your computer to visit foridiots.com and click "How to cure a computer of its viruses" (You also need this for the open the basement door goal later on.)
4) Click the laptop again.

Meeting Mom Every Afternoon:
This task is supposed to be impossible. You need to miss one afternoon to continue both the Mom and the Mom+Sis side quest lines. This will trigger a scene wherein you walk on your parents having sex the next time you enter the living room in the afternoon, but there are several possible outcomes.

a) You leave them alone, they continue having sex.
b) You go down a second time and beat up the father (requires high enough stats). Everyone goes to bed unsatisfied
c) The mother sleeps with you that night. (Requires beating the father like b, but also having a high affection with the mother. )

For c)
1) Have 10 affection before the event + high stats before the event.
2) Choose the right dialogue options to only lose 1 affection per question instead of 3.
Alternatively, cheat to bring your affection back up before going down the second time. (I recommend this one.)

5) The Mom x Sis route

The route has been broken so long that I’ve just extracted the hints and requirements which the phone is supposed to tell you. It has been broken for the last 8 versions by now (v0.30 till v0.37).

First number is the Mom&Sis chapter. Mom/Sis numbers denote the minimum of how far along you need to be on their routes. Dates are either the precise date of the month it triggers or the minimum date of the month it needs to be. Not sure.

You can check the date on the calendar in the MC’s room.
You can check your current chapter on the computer in the MC’s room.

The start of the route may be broken. If it doesn’t start automatically, you may need to manually set it to 1 manually using the PC in John’s room.

0: (Not defined)
1: "Check out the living room at night on Friday" Requirements: Mom 1, Sis 5
2: "Head to bed."
2.5: "Head out into the Hallway"
3: "Head to your parents room at night" Requirements: Mom 3, Sis: 11
4: "Head out into the Hallway the next day"
5: "Head to the bathroom" Requirements: Mom 17.5, Sis: 18, Time: Date 12 (of the month)
6: "Head to bed at Night"
7: "Wake up in the morning"
7: "Head to your bedroom at night" (Yes, 7 appears twice)
8: "Go down to the kitchen for breakfast" Requirements: Mom 22, Sis 22, Date 18 (May mean after day 18? I triggered it on day 19)
9: "See what's up in the basement" Requirements: Mom 24, Sis 34
9.1: "Leave the basement"
10: "Go to your bedroom in the evening"
11: "Go to sleep" Reqirement: Wednesday
12: "Head out into the Hallway"
13: "Join the girls in Mom's bedroom at night"
Anything else: "This is the end of this story line. Thank you for enjoy them!"
In versions 0.30 and 0.31 this route is bugged. The hint system doesn’t always work or gives useless hint. The map is occasionally locked without unlocking again or the route is plain stuck because actions are not recognized by the game. Edit: Also bugged in 0.32. Edit2: Slightly less bugged in 0.33. Edit3: Still bugged in 0.34. Less so in 0.35 according to other users.

I’ve compiled which actions advanced the routes at which chapter for me (and which chapters didn’t work). Unlocking the map can be done with a button below the skill menu. Skipping a chapter can be done through the "timetravel.exe" button on John’s computer. No guarantee that it will be broken in the same way for you.

You will need to complete the individual Jane and Mrs Smith routes before you can complete this one. You may need to sleep a few days in between chapters, but never significantly more than a week.

Make sure to file detailed bug reports so Geeseki knows what to fix!

1) Living room (Friday night)
2) "Head to bed"(stuck and map locked, waking up automatically locks the map again.) Skip by 1

2.5) In version 0.32, going to sleep sends to chapter 2.5, where you are then stuck. Warning: Using timemachine.exe will send you to 3.5, which does not exist. Instead, use timemachine.exe before going to sleep, which advances the route from 2→3. (Or manually set the route to chapter 3 if you have cheats enabled.) Edit2: Fixed in 0.33.

3) Parents’ bedroom (night)
4) Hint stuck at "head into the hallway" Skip by 1.
5) After napping and sleeping a few days: Bathroom (triggered Monday morning).
6) Head to bed at night.
7) Wake up in the morning
8) No hint by hint system. Triggered several days after completing the Jane route on a Thursday or Friday (kitchen morning)
9) Enter and then leave the cellar. (locks map)
10) Bedroom (evening)
11) Go to bed. Stuck instead. Skip by 1. (Should trigger scene upon waking up if it works.)
12) Hint "head out into the hallway". Couldn’t trigger anything. Skip by 1.
13) Parents’ bedroom (night)
14) Doesn’t exist? (The game automatically skipped from 13 to 15, no extra input necessary.)
15) No hint. End of route?

6) I’m stuck on a route: Known Bugs and Gamebreaking issues

Some of the routes require waiting a few days even if they don’t say so.
Sometimes, the times mentioned in the hint are imprecise. For example, the hint may say "on a weekday", but the event only triggers on one specific day.

New issues as of v0.39:

+ The proofreading minigame at the office breaks the save file system. Afterwards, every attempt to load any save file dumps the player into the minigame.

New issues as of v0.38b:

1) While asking around the Sex World, the game sends you home much too early. You still need to talk to several more people.
2) Beware: After successfully talking and returning home, time will progress. After that you need to go to the kitchen and then enter the dining room via the square button in the bottom left.
3) There is a softlock if you start coffee run without Effie at the coffee shop.

Prominent old bugs that weren’t fixed:
- 0.36: hint system constantly displays wrong hints for the Lashley route in addition to the correct hint. Only the part of the hint that changes every step is the real hint.
Known issues as of 30c:
1) Cannot enter basement. "I’ll leave them be" message if you try going down. Solution: See MomxSis route above.
2) Lashley scenes do not trigger despite following the hint. Solution: Try running around the school at different times over a few days, it will trigger eventually.
3) Lailah doesn’t always unlock despite talking to her. May need to try several times.
4) In version 0.30a - 0.30d the MomxSis route is known to be busted (see above).

Known bugs as of v0.32:
- The MomxSis route is generally fucked. Check the extra section on how to play it at all. Additionally, some people cannot even trigger the first scene or a later scene sends them to the beach, breaking the scene.
- Getting Lailah’s contact info is needed to enter the sex world, but sometimes you don’t get it despite talking to her. I managed to get her contact info on a Monday afternoon, maybe that works for you, maybe it doesn’t.
- The Hitomi route has a hint on how to start her route despite not having an actual route.
- The threesome scene with Effie and Allaway triggers if you wait for them at Effie’s house, but not if you do something else first.
- Some of the sex scene options may lead to an uncaught exception. (MomxSis threesome as one example)
- I’m pretty sure the Sexworld!Threegans at the mall should have dialogue at this point, but they don’t say anything. (May just not be implemented.)
- You can mess up the sex world by napping until late night, then sleeping.
- Buying white lilies as a gift may break the game. (Apparently the code mixes up "lilies" and "lillies".)

Known bugs as of v0.33b:
- Entering the hallway of John’s home almost always causes a bug. Game continues if you click "ignore".
- (old bug:) In the Sexworld, the Threegans at the mall have dialogue written but not properly implemented. (Still says it’s incomplete.)

Known bugs as of v0.36a:
- Renpy brings up error pages several times. Clicking "ignore" worked for all of them.
- The MomxSis route continues to be broken.
- The last Lashley scene does not trigger.
- In v0.36a, the hint system constantly displays wrong hints for the Lashley route in addition to the correct hint. Only the part of the hint that changes every step is the real hint.
Old bugs may still appear in later versions.


7) How to unlock the gallery.
Unlock the (incomplete) gallery:
1) Talk to Edward about Virtual Reality. (In front of school; not available during the main story quest that involves Edward.)
2) Purchase the VR Headset in the mall.
3) Talk to Edward again, wait a few days, talk to him again.
4) Click the chest under the window in the bedroom. (Exit the chest by clicking the edge of the chest.)
4) Click the VR Headset.

As of 30c, many scenes not featured in the gallery are repeatable by talking to people.
As of v0.38, the the above Edward route exists. The gallery is still very incomplete.
The gallery on the computer does not work.

8) (partial) Scene Guide: Repeatable, Optional, Variable, Deleted, Floating…

This is a very rough work in progress.

-school: Enter female bathroom on Friday.
- Mall: Work a double shift on Saturday. (May work on Mondays and some other days.)
- Beach: Change out of clothes on Saturday.
- Go jogging (rare random encounter?).
- Beach: Find Violetta in the changing room at night.
- Beach: Drunk girl at beach at night. (random chance) (requires luck of ~14 to "get lucky".)
- Beach: glory hole encounters are: Nurse Holly, Drunk Girl, Violetta, Effi, Jane, Lillian, Allaway
-- (There is a Mrs. Smith encounter, but it may require having advanced her route far enough.)

- Home: Enter shower with Jane.
- School: Ask Principal Lashley to have fun after completing most of her route.
-After Allaway route: Ask Effie at the Cafe for some fun on a Saturday. Wait for Effie at her house instead of going there at night. (Threesome)
- You can invite Allaway to your home after completing her route.
-Jane: Join her in the shower when spying on her in the bathroom.
- Mc x Jane eating Effie out (H-scene, talk to Jane in the morning on a weekend)
- Lashley: Enter kitchen if day = 6 and date of month >= 21.

- Sexworld: Complain about pain, swelling, lack of sex to the nurse.
- Beat up father and take mother to John’s room after walking in on them. (Requires high stats, high relationship when going downstairs again.)
- After returning home and worrying Mrs Smith, she shows herself in the hallway. (Requires high relationship/maybe having completed her route)
- During the movie night with Jane and Mrs Smith, there are different outcomes depending on whether you have enough relationship points with one or both of them. (Mrs Smith scene, Jane scene, threesome scene)

There are patreon voted scenes which are not (yet) integrated into the story. They can be triggered by talking to the characters if you have enough relationship points:
- Ask Violetta to sit on lifeguard chair. (beach)
- Invite Hitomi home. (comic book store)
- Talk to Officer Mina. (police station)
- Talk to Luna. (school)

Deleted scenes:
- Hitomi used to have a ~3 step route back around v0.22-v0.24. It’s just a few bits of dialogue, .
- Allaway’s route used to contain explicit reference to giving Jack blowjobs due to the blackmail for a few days, as far as I can tell. This was quickly removed due to backlash. (included in 0.23a, removed in 0.23c) . (Includes .rpy files in case you want to mod it back into the game.)

9) How do gifts work? Which gift for which character?

Gifts increase your relationship with a character. It took 3 gifts to gain 1 point when I tried it.

1) Buy gifts in the mall.
2) Go to character you want to give it to.
3) In your inventory, click on the item you want to give them. (It should then be "selected".)
4) Click on the character to talk to them, there should be a new option to hand over the item.
Jane: All three kinds of socks and the lollipop.
Effie: Premium choc & nuts mix
Hitomi: Strawberry Pepper-o, chocolate Pepper-o, Peanut butter Pepper-o
Lashley: Bibles
Mrs Smith: Flowers

(Thanks for testing the gifts, Ottoeight)
I didn’t work out any other combos so far. If you want to know more, try it yourself and send me your results. I’ll add them to the list.
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Apr 23, 2022
Cheat Enabler (Works for all versions) made by Rayminator

: Rayminator
Mod Version: v2
Game Version: All Versions...
OS: Windows Only
Language: English

One button rules them all
All it does is enable the cheats menu in the phone
games <--- cheatenable.rpyc to this folder only
lid < --- not this one
renpy <--- not this one
Information what's inside of the rpyc file
init 999 python:
config.overlay_screens.append( "cheat" )

init 1:

$ mod_show = False
$ mod_dev = False
$ mod_button_show = True

screen cheat:

if mod_button_show:
if not renpy.loadable("cheatmod.rpy"):
xalign 1.0 ypos 0.01
if mod_show == False:
textbutton _("CHEATS OFF"):
text_size 22
text_style "ds_mod_style_red"
action [SetVariable("mod_show", True), SetVariable("cheat_on", 1)]
textbutton _("CHEATS ON"):
text_size 22
text_style "ds_mod_style"
if mod_show == True:
action [SetVariable("mod_show", False), SetVariable("cheat_on", 0)]

style show_mod_button:
size 42

color "#1DDB16"
hover_color "#d94c3a"
outlines [(3, "#222222", 0, 0)]

style hide_mod_button:
size 42

color "#E60000"
hover_color "#d94c3a"
outlines [(3, "#222222", 0, 0)]

style ds_mod_style_close_button:
size 40

color "#00589E"
hover_color "#E60000"
outlines [(3, "#000", 0,0)]

style hover_color_buttons:
size 35
hover_color "#d94c3a"

style ds_mod_style:
bold True
color "#00589E"
hover_color "#c184ff"
outlines [(3, "#000", 0,0)]

style ds_mod_style_red:
bold True
color "#E60000"
hover_color "#c184ff"
outlines [(3, "#000", 0,0)]

has you can see it doesn't touch those labels

Based on this error it's not cause by my cheat enabler just press reload button
I'm sorry, but errors were detected in your script. Please correct the
errors listed below, and try again.

The label lbl_mall_day_chieghan is defined twice, at
File "scenes/mall/main/day/main/mall_day.rpyc", line 123 and
File "scenes/mall/main/day/story/throwaway_chieghan/throwaway_chieghan_mall_day.rpyc", line 2.

The label lbl_mall_day_teghan is defined twice, at
File "scenes/mall/main/day/main/mall_day.rpyc", line 77 and
File "scenes/mall/main/day/story/throwaway_teghan/throwaway_teghan_mall_day.rpyc", line 2.

The label lbl_town_day_chieghan_end is defined twice, at
File "scenes/mall/main/day/story/throwaway_chieghan/throwaway_chieghan_mall_day.rpyc", line 166 and
File "scenes/school/bathroomfemale/day/story/throwaway_chieghan/throwaway_chieghan_schoolbathroomfemale_day.rpyc", line 332.

Ren'Py Version: Ren'Py
Wed Jul 15 18:15:16 2020
if anyone has problem using it on new versions above v0.38b please report it

How to enable cheats with my cheat enabler
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Modern Linux support supplied by BupoTiling03-Retired

Someone asked me to add modern Linux support (both x86 and x64). Just grab the Windows version, the attached 7z, extract and copy over. (It's small too, easily referenced.) It should work for future versions too (most likely) and the original users that asked me to put this together have confirmed it runs for them with 0.31a. OP can use it to keep Linux at same version of Windows version.


    You don't have permission to view attachments. Attachments are hidden.
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Guide to Jane questions supplied by jailman

1:"Do you sexually fantasize about mom?"

2:"Have you ever touched another dude's dick?"
"Yes." (-1 if sis' rp is less than 3)

3: "Are you happy with your dick size?"

4:"Do you jack off in the shower?"

5:"Have you gotten laid in the past 24 hours?"

6:"Is your addiction to porn excessive?"
"Yes." (no points)
"No." (+1 if you don't have porn mag, else -1)

7:"Have you ever changed that nasty bedsheet of yours since we've moved here?"

8:"Did you know what you were doing when you poked me in the face with your dick when were in the tub as kids?"
"Yes." (+1 if your int is 13 or above)
"No." (+1 if your int is 6 or above)

9:"Do you consider yourself good with your tongue?"

10:"Have you ever sexually fantasized about me?"

11:"Is it uncomfortable having that thing between your legs when you walk?"

12:"Do you think we'll make it through this year alive?"
-doesn't matter-

13:"Have you purposely searched for incest porn before?"
"Yes." (+1 if sis's rp is 4 or above)

14:"Why are you such a cuck? Yes or no?"
-Doesn't matter-

15:"Do you want to have kids in the future?"
-Doesn't matter-

16:"Have you decided what you want to do with your life?"

17:"Are you going to keep in touch with me after all this is over?"
-Doesn't matter-

18:"Do you even want to be an adult?"
"Yes." (+1 if your int is 11 and above)
"No." (+1 if your int is 4 or below)

19:"Have you ever fantasize about dad?"
-Doesn't matter-

20:"Is it a curse that I'm your sister?"
"Yes." (-1 if sis' rp is 4 or below)
"No." (-1 if sis' rp is 2 or below)


Sep 9, 2022

A Town Uncovered [v0.41b] [GeeSeki]​

Taked D-Link from another site:

The newest cheat code is: shovelshow

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Torrent 0.45 Alpha Made by bitsybobs3
rpdl torrents are unaffiliated with the game developer.
Please note that we do not provide support for games.
For torrent-related issues join us on !
, .


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May 15, 2023
Is there a way to change your name? The name reverts to player after visiting the theater


Sep 8, 2023
A Town Uncovered [v0.47 Alpha] [GeeSeki] Compressed By Exoplast

PC (353MB) : -
MAC (367MB) :
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