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Sep 14, 2022
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4.4.4 (Ongoing)
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Feb 14, 2024
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Oct 12, 2022
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The game follows a young virgin, a daughter of a powerful duke. The land gets invaded and the family is splitted. Your task is to find a way to reunite with your family.

3DCG, Ahegao, Anal Sex, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, Corruption, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Futa/trans, Group Sex, Interracial, Male Domination, Monster, Oral Sex, Prostitution, Rape, Spanking, Vaginal Sex
1. Extract and run.
Bugfix 4.4.4

Fixed Blake image was displayed over the animation.
Made innkeeper animation with lucy blowjob skip-able.
Made innkeeper animation with lucy anal skip-able.
Changed 1 innkeeper double blowjob scenes added 1 new animations instead swapping between 2 pictures with wait command between each picture.
1 new animation (Total: 872)
Fixed Sophie bad end would play every night if Victoria ignored the saving quest.
Fixed the quest won’t open bug on Android.


Added a second floor to the gallery, no scenes yet.
Fixed teleporting back from the gallery should get you to the same map as you traveled from.
Attempt to fix the save bug on Android. FROM NOW ON YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO LOAD OLD SAVES!!! Starting with 4.3.5 and newer releases!


Scenes (6)

A new scene BE Victoria and Enrique cowgirl (4 animations)
A new variation scene BE Victoria and Enrique cowgirl (4 animations)
A new scene pregnant Victoria and Enrique cowgirl (4 animations)
A new variation scene pregnant Victoria and Enrique cowgirl (4 animations)
A new scene Priapra and Anne throat fuck and sex (8 animations)
A new variation scene Priapra and Anne throat fuck and sex (8 animations)
Shorter scenes

Dreams (3)

A new dream (Enrique’s wife)
A new dream (Enrique’s wife)
A new dream (Enrique’s wife)

Added 7 new pictures (Total: 1860)
Added 16 new animations (Total: 835)
A new item teleportation, allows player to teleport to the slum (Use with caution)
A new quest Dignity or silver
A new event, if Sophie or Amanda is working in the brothel or Powerful exchange quest is completed or all three.
Talk with Miss Debbie to start the event
Victoria can now get free silver everyday in the brothel if she accepts the event above.
Priapra will now visit the brothel every other day when the succubus is defeated and Victoria has either
made Amanda Sophie or Sarah visit the brothel.
Victoria can now enter the second floor of the brothel if Priapra is visiting even when Debbie is at the counter.
Victoria can now talk to Priapra at the second floor everyother day. She will give “Powerful exchange”
and “Dignity or silver” quests.
Added 4 images to Victoria cooking as Enrique’s wife event and changed some text. (2 BE and 2 Pregnant)
Changed the requirments to be able to accepts being Enrique’s wife. (Need to see all dreams and had sex with him twice.)
After seeing all dreams with Enrique he will give Victoria tea which will give her 3 new dreams.
After the third dream she can decide to become his wife or not.
Leaving the house before seeing all 3 dreams will break the effect and reset the dream counter.
Added new series of events in the jerk house before becoming his wife. Victoria can choose to leave the house or
stay completing the tasks which will lead to the decision to become his wife the next day.
Changed the conversation of becoming Enrique’s wife to something more suiting.
Fixed Victoria working as wench naked showed the wrong picture when serving bottom right table.
Fixed watersport/golden shower would still happen even if the player selected no. (Tuhrag’s office)

Bugfix 4.0.4

Fixed sleeping with Priapra could lead to never fade in the screen.
Fixed going to the orc camp on a day Victoria shouldn’t be there allow her to enter the camp.
Fixed watching the scene in the pub first night made it impossible for Sophie to start working in the brothel.
Added a new plugin which allows the player to hide the text and the textbox by right clicking.
Right clicking again will show the text and the textbox again.
Fixed Emma Innkeeper and Victoria scene didn’t play.
Fixed Emma Innkeeper and Victoria scene second time didn’t play.

Bugfix 4.0.3

Fixed Amanda the bunny girl could not start if Sarah was a bimbo
Fixed if Victoria considered betraying her friends she would get stuck
Changed the wagon fast travel will show sign in the city
Skull code: 20005981
Skip scene code: 4532


- - -

Mac (4.4.3)


Android (4.4.3)


Linux (4.4.3)




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Sep 8, 2023
A New Dawn [v4.2.4] [WhiteRaven]


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