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Hustle Town - An Aussie Abroad
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You are a Private Detective, you scored the easiest case in the world. All you have to do is sit in
a sleepy town and wait.
On your first day of what you believe is doing nothing and getting paid for it, you get roped into doing a little bit of private detecting for someone, which should only take a few days. Hence the name of the game.
Once word gets around that there is a Private Detective in town, a few people start showing up with their petty small-town problems, none of them can afford to actually pay what a Private Detective normally charges, but one by one you keep getting sucked into it, realizing slowly that all is not what it seems.
3DCG, Male protagonist, Virgin, Animated, Small tits, Vaginal sex, MILF, Anal sex, FFM, Sandbox, Point & Click, Urination, Multiple penetration
Extract and run.

Nearly 300 images
Shit ton of animations
Three sexy scenes, it will prompt you to save before each
There is animation glitch before the court scene, don’t shoot me, I tried seven ways from Sunday to remove it
I hope you all decide to stick around, I have already laid the foundations for a another game.

Final Part 1

The ending part one, the final numero uno, the first of the last........
327 images, heaps of animations, aint going to tell you much cos of spoilers, go forth and play you deviant little bastards,.
BTW - there is cheat link on the map page in case i fucked up, if all the maps are blanked out and you are stuck click on it,
There will be one more ep, possibly short, an epilogue so to speak, it will contain different endings so its up to you where the MC goes and who with.

Episode 13

There is little story here, a bit yeah, but is fuck fest towards the end. You get random chance in the middle you can even do it or not, then at the the end you can either fuck one girl or call another and fuck two, in case two girls doing stuff to each other gives you cooties or something.
305 images I think
Like 20 fucking animations (literally fucking ones.)
There will be one more episode, could be two depends if I can finish it in one, I wont know until I have nearly finished the last one or not nearly finished it, whatever the case maybe.
I will fill everyone one in on what is happening next when I have half of the next EP done. I only really have a few girls I have made, some locations picked out and 15 half ideas, so there is fuck all to really say about it right now.
In a day or 3 or 4 I will make the worlds slowest dev blog on my next idea, as some feedback would be great.

Episode 12

What should happen
It is one day around town, but you do it twice, how long it takes you the first time is up to you, the second time its up to me. If you see Dale/Sue first the map options will change, if not they will change as soon as you do. See him/her last, you might see some cameos along the way.
The second round you will run into Dale last, no matter what you do.
The maps are on a random, they can and will appear in different orders.
There is a second day, not in town........
There are bout 320 images and 8 animations.

Episode 11

I dont know how long this ep is, shorter than I think it is, but I have been doing a lot of learning this time round.
I know of an image issue on some of the first day locations, don't shoot me over, I am unsure why it happens, does not affect the game.
There are 344 images and 24 (yes 24) animations.

Episode 10

Ep 10 aka Holiday special
Its only has 200 images and for the most part linear except towards the end where I do a few things to annoy you.
Its all about Charlie - It involves the story, it involves Charlie and doesn't involve Christmas or any holidays.
A couple of known things
I personally may have made some typos after it was proof read.
And there is at least one image of his shirt I forgot to fix.

Episode 9

329 images and 14 animations
I have not updated the Gallery (it may even break if you click on it.) The gallery is taking more and more work/time, the more sex scenes, the more coding I have to do as it is not as simple as one would think. I don.t know what to do it about it at the moment.
THERE IS NO ACTION WITH CHARLIE (insert evil laugh) in fact she is not even in it that much. To get another full fledged EP out before Xmas I would really have to put my skates on so it aint going to happen, also over the holidays I sort of like a bit of time off. Soooooo, not a full fledged EP, would like to get something done before Xmas, Charlie???? I got me an idea. P
On the first day you need to go to various places, it does not matter in which order.
Now I have done it in this order -
Always the park first - there are 4 different locations there, they can be done in any order.
Then I have done the other locations in random orders and it seems fine.
NOTE - I have only ever done the park first, in theory it shouldn't matter.
I would appreciate people going a different route and letting me know if it fucks up.

Episode 8.1

Major bugfix
-If you didn't see the scene followed by Sue and Charlie telling you about the painting (The first you have heard of it) its back in episode 6
If you play through the game you will get that scene now, if you didn't get the scene and have finished ep 8, if download this new version, right at the end you will be asked about it and taken there before the game ends.
- Fixed the scene to pick what girl to go to the island with, after returning, finding the camera then telling Casey about it there was nothing can do.

Episode 8

280 images
2 H-scenes with too many animations to remember (9 or something stupid)
Rewrote part of the chapter 7 after some feedback, you can pick which girl to take on the boat, so if you want to skip through the last ep to do so you can.
There is a very important scene at the beginning with the MC, Charlie, and Casey. What they discuss is not something I made up, on the notes screen after that scene there is a link to a youtube video of where I got the idea from.
I was asked to provide more than one H-scene, I have put two in this one, both are in evening and you can say no to them if you want, it won’t affect the game.
Because of the above, there a few locations you go to just to be told “Hey come and fuck one night”
It's not as long (well not as big anyway) because of a few factors. One being rewriting some of chapter 7, the sex scenes and I am on those stop smoking pills which sometimes space me out (in a good way).
If you don’t get reference of a bloke with a can of paint (you need your sound on) google the opening of Saturday Night Fever.
I think that is all.
I played through the whole game and found an old bug, I don’t know why, so if anyone is playing from the start and it should all go smoothly, if not I fucked it, which is possible.
A few old typo bugs was reported to me in discord which I have fixed.

Episode 7 is done and it's massive........

............for me anyway.
427 images
7 animations
3 different paths
In this episode three different paths emerge, they all revolve around Arthur Knight. They all lead to the same outcome, it itself will differ though, so will parts of the story that lead you there. There will be no differences in the overall story or any of the important bits.
On the credits screen is a link for script files if you want to look at the other paths, read the readme in the folder. If you are just here for the ride you will not miss anything important by not looking, nor will miss any romance, its purely there for anyone who is invested in the storyline and will just wind up using a save or playing it again.

Episode 6

-Hey all, there are a couple of things I am not happy with, nothing major. There is question thing with Lynda where I wanted to add more questions, and a scene with Di I wanted to add some more pics. However the last 10 days I have been sick (its winter here) and am still feeling like shit so I never got around to it.
-There is a scene with Liz which relates the one of three questions you asked Casey a while back, they will branch and fold back on each other.
-I have also re done some Charlie and Malena images.
-315 pics
-2 Sex scenes (one minor and missable)
-6 Animations

Episode 5

Sorry bout the delay but its finally here.
At the start of this EP Elle needs a hand with something, when she asks there is a little cut scene, if you click you will miss it. If you get in front of her and didn't see it, go back if you want.
A report of a save file not showing up but the auto saves did, and it worked, so I dunno.
335 images
2 click arounds (or fuck arounds) 1 has a little reward.
5 animation's in the H scene

Episode 4

300 images
4 Animations
Whiteboard law and order style for lolz
I had a bit of trouble with the code for this one, took me three times to get it right, hence the delay.
The whiteboard in the game is only for you to mess about with and add depth, you cannot break anything with, nor is it important.
There is one bit where you may or may not run into someone where the game asks if you have met them. This will only happen if you use the save from the last ep. It was a fuck up by me not putting a variable in.
You also get to ask Casey one of three questions, the next ep is going to go down three different paths that all converge, don't ask me how yet, I only thought of it when I did the scene. (It's kinda how I flow.)


300 images
3 animations, the last one is a bit dodgy
The last animation is a bit wonky, I mucked it up three times as it is. But its now holiday season and summertime here, my pc is in the lounge cos I am soft and need the aircon, and I have people in my house. It takes me 4 or 5 hours just to make a animation in DAZ much less render it and get it ready for renpy, and that's if it all goes right the first time. So there is nothing I can do about it.
This one is a bit simpler than the last one, I got more ideas just working out how to implement them.


260 images
One H scene with 5 animations
There are two search puzzles, both have a cheat icon, this easy won't be the norm
There was meant to be one more but it kept breaking
The first EP has been re done to match this (saves should work)
I have added a map with multiple daily locations, does not matter which order you go
Added a task list
Removed the stats and the time, they are irrelevant
Added a gallery
Update the UI a bit
There are case notes at the end to summarise
It's been tested and broken and fixed 8 times by a group a beta testers
It's been spell checked
H scenes are my versions of boss fights, save the girl, get the girl :D


There are 193 images and one animation.
There is one sexual event with more or less the town tart.
Known issues
Sues mouth looks funny when she talks
Someone reported cannot find image bar.png but it is there
It’s a fully functioning intro more or less and a proof of concept.
Planned features/updates
The way you navigate will change. Plan is in every episode there is a list of things you need to achieve. I hope to make it so it doesn't really matter in what order, except on occasions where B cannot be done until A is.
All these need to be finished to end the episode, but Charlie is your built in walkthrough. You can go and see her at the start and she will tell you where to go to start looking, but remember, don’t act too dumb.
I also have a couple scenes where you need to search for stuff. I will update that to make it easier to see what is going on.
I also plan to make a proper stats page.

: - -

Mac: -

Android: - -



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