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The Teen Titans are young superheroes fighting crime under leadership of Robin,
Unknown to the other Titans, Their team leader Robin was abducted by Slade, one of their most dangerous enemies
After restraining him, Slade take a syringe and inject something into Robins veins accompanied by a cryptic message.
By the creator of Four Elements Trainer.

2D Game, 2DCG, Animated, Fantasy, Male Protagonist, Oral Sex, Parody, Turn Based Combat, Vaginal Sex
1. Extract and run.

Spoiler log! gonna keep this vague as always-
There’s a new scene with StarFire, which has some front and back penetration plus rubbing going on. You’ll be locked out of this new scene pretty quickly for story reasons!
There’s a scene with Raven, the backdoor will be taken in this scene as well as the front door. Red Raven will no longer be the only Raven who has had butt fun.
Bumblebee will have a vaginal scene, will give you a hand, body and micro job! They’re basically different parts of the same one scene with her.
Blackfire’s bum will be slapped, by possibly just you or you and Pantha! Pantha can also lower herself over Blackfire. Whether Pantha will help with the spanking also depends on whether you’ve already seen some scenes with Blackfire in the holding cell.
You’ll fight a new enemy. I got a little genderbendy and turned him into a her(unlike the cartoon), but it’s not like you get to do anything except fight him/her so it doesn’t really matter yet.
You will NOT be able to get Pantha a communicator in this build, but I added the option to call her anyway for the shared Blackfire spanking scene. I might take this out in the early access version.
Cyborg will NOT be able to build/finish the spaceship. Just one of those things I didn’t have enough time for.



v1.1.9 – Bughunt

Summary of additions to this build (spoilers)
Cyborg will finally crack the info you got from the Sladebot. This part will end on a very big cliffhanger. The end is very clear so unlike the last time you won’t wonder whether it continues in this build.
You can take Terra on a second date. That date won’t end without problems. Problems which will have you decided whether you’re going to take jinx with you afterwards to Teen Tower. There will be a simple tickle scene with her if you do.
There will be a scene with Terra and Starfire with part of you in between them. Beast Girl can play along when some conditions are met.
You can catch Terra and Starfire in the bathroom washing each others’ back after you choose to come outside during the previous scene.
Beast Girl will have a reverse cowgirl scene and a small beejay as part of the cowgirl scene… just to be clear no, she won’t turn into a cow
The other parts of Raven’s psyche in the hand mirror will want some attention from you after you’ve met and gave some to Red Raven.
Cyborg will finally find a place to park his third leg with Bumblebee’s help!
You can replay the Bumblebee scene where she goes “spelunking”.
You can find a pornmag but it’s not actually there yet to see. I haven’t even started sketching it so all you can do is find it. Either by winning a fight or snooping around someone else’s room.
Red Raven will have a pussy scene, but that’s pretty much the same as the other differently colored Ravens.
And I think that’s about it.


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