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Sep 14, 2022
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0.87.1 (Ongoing)
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Feb 23, 2021
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In the dystopian future year of 2023 the sexbot market boomed. Their numbers quickly surpassed the entire motor vehicle industry, and a golden age of peace seemed closer than ever before. Alas, a month later, an international scandal between the United States and China resulted in a world wide ban on sexbots. Life would never be the same.
Countrywide riots ensued, countless militias and terrorist groups formed, most notably the Benign Bionist Coalition and the Incontinent Cell, both fighting for control over what remains of the sexbots. Once a widely available item, the few remaining sexbots can now only be seen in the deepest corners of the dark web black market. These days it's technically impossible to get one in good shape as all the sexbot factories were burned to the ground following the ban.
You are a young Anon living in a white ghetto. Once again you are left penniless after losing a job. One night you see a military truck swerve and nearly crash in front of your apartment. Some of its cargo falls out and into a nearby ditch, and the truck drives off. You decide to investigate. As you get closer, the mystery cargo takes shape.
It's a sexbot.
Will anon sell the sexbot and life long and happy life? Will he be able to pay his rent or will he die, freezing to death in the lonely streets of a megacity?
Your actions will decide it all.

2DCG, Anal Sex, Animated, Creampie, Dystopian Setting, Internal View, Male Protagonist, Mobile Game, Multiple Endings, Sci-Fi, Simulator, Vaginal Sex
1. Extract and run.


Personality modules for example:
Femcel Personality Module
Yandere Personality Module
Catgirl Personality Module
And 6 more
New cuddle/sleep together with bot scene(Warning: She needs to like you a lot)
A bunch of new story:
Unrest in the city
New cashier is suspicious?
Hang out with friends
And others
Bot will now surprise you at night if she likes you and is very horny.
Game now supports AGUI onahole as an input device

New items:
4 versions of tails
Multiple new T-shirt, hoodie and panties designs.
Hypercamo experimental arms and legs
Hypercamo sharp teeth
Other minor items
Handholding in the interaction scene(and cuddle scene)
There is more dialogues for headpats and during sex
More dialogues when starting the interact scene
Cum on bot’s body now is consistent between different scenes. For example if you cum on a boob in missionary it will still be there in doggy or cowgirl.
More places to cum on outside
You can now try on clothes in Annalie’s clothing shop
New art for Annalie in casual clothes
New character: Melissa
Slight bulge on her tummy if you cum inside a lot
You can now change bot’s name and how she addresses you later on. There are unique responses for some names
More music
Made bot cumming a bit more expressive with visible leg and inside xray twitching
Bot cumming can now make you cum
Bot will no longer stop being horny once she cums once. She will now only get more horny!
New, better save menu. Auto saves are now obviously visible.
You can now right click on items instead of having to click the buttons on the left.
bang.ic/email got a refresh with a button to remove opened spam emails and more readable email list.
You can now press “Tab” to switch between tools(Hand, Mouth, Remove)
Code handing emotions was modified. Characters have more expressions in the new events.
Bot will now automatically switch between blowjob or cowgirl when in charge.
Made some buttons slightly bigger and more consistent
New easter eggs
Saves and mods are now moved back to appdata(blame the people playing the game without extracting the zip and then complaining they lost saves)
All T-shirts now consistently say “T-Shirt” (In english)
Exit button is now hidden in webgl version
Food now unlocks a bit earlier and anon will not ask for food before it unlocks
Increased length of “cumming imminent” state making it easier to cum outside
The cumbar now shines red when you are about to cum
Accent next to the name now has a color!
Other things I forgot about

Better performance for live2d models by fixing batching
Optimized localization of static text
Optimized some string stuff
Significantly decreased the amount of memory allocations
Significantly decreased ram usage thanks to using(and reusing) RenderTextures for holding the texture data, as opposed to copying data to a Texture2D(which because of unity is also held in ram). This should also increase the speed of changing clothes because there is no need for a slow copy operation.
Updated live2d
Optimized mod extraction speed by reusing the buffer
Optimized some other shit

Fixed a bug that caused item quality to not be visible(Scratches etc.)
Fixed a bug with blackjack hand value for the dealer not updating sometimes
Fixed a bug that caused cum in mouth to not show
Fixed a bug that caused normal teeth to show under sharp teeth
Fixed nun’s left arm missing(Nobody noticed)
Fixed a bug that caused some events to disappear if they got supressed for over 24 hours.
Fixed a bug that showed a wrong dialogue in one of the endings
Other minor bug fixes

Added a way to change item quality to the debug button.
Fixed a bug that caused debug button to not work when item had no textures
Fixed a bug that caused ModdableHair to appear under the bangs in the blowjob scene
Debug mod is no longer required for the debug features. Just click the version number in main menu multiple times.
You can now extract bounds for items in mod creator window. You no longer will have to guess how much space is left!
Registered couple new classes in lua. For example Item and Result
Items will now say what mod they are from next to their name when inspected in game
Hair from mods can now not include the “Hair” element to make the vanilla hair disappear.
In the Advanced mod Creator you can now export lua documentation that gives you a pretty detailed list of values, methods etc accessible from lua.



Made game limit fps to 30 when minimised/unfocused.
Added a check to warn players when game cannot save files internally

Fixed a bug that caused some of the contracts to be impossible to finish.
Fixed a bug that let you move panties with pants on in cowgirl scene.
Fixed a bug that caused mc to get stuck when manualy thrusting in cowgirl scene.
Fixed a bug that caused heart eyes to switch on and off in cowgirl scene.

Changed automatically generated mod to name second variable “itemid” instead of “item”
Made automatically generated mods use a lua “do end” scope instead of awkwardly setting variables to nil
You can now use “ItemPrefabManager.GetItemById()” to access items already in the game to for example copy them and use them in the mods.

v0.86.0 v2


Reworked most of the game’s UI. New, fresh look. This also gives a couple quality of life feature. For example:
Narration log. You can now read back conversations that happened in case you missed something.
Skip button. You can now skip conversations you aren’t interested in.
New scene: Cowgirl
A lot of new items:
Baggy Hoodie
Baggy Pants
Multiple variations of shirts, hoodies and panties(Different logos and such)
Other items
New part of the game. Contracts. Basically quests, but for streaming.
New story:
Continuation of church’s story after good ending. Nun will be able to help you fix bad condition items you come across.
New storyline related to bigdaddyhurt

New website for the deliveries. You can now track deliveries there and speed them up.
New main menu with cool paralax effect
10 new songs in game’s ost
Two new date events
A lot of progress in game’s translation to different languages.


- -

Mac (0.86.3)

- -​

Android (0.86.3)

- -​

Linux (0.86.3)




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