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  1. LittleRookie93

    Babysitter Life - How big a Dick can this Loli handle?

    What size dick do you like you male protagonist to have? Babysitter Life is still being developed and one of the most important aspects to get right is the player characters dick. Either going for a more grounded/realistic size or going crazy big, or just somewhere in between. The one who will...
  2. LittleRookie93

    Babysitter Life - 3D Loli Visual Novel **POSITION FILLED**

    **POSITION FILLED** Hey guys, I’m Little Rook and I’m developing Babysitter Life Here's a DEMOI’m currently searching for a writer for the game. It would be a revenue share structure through Subscribestar The Subscribestar is already approved, you can find it HERETo give you an idea of the...
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